Phone thread? I'm new to android and was hoping to get some feedback and inspo

Phone thread? I'm new to android and was hoping to get some feedback and inspo.

Looks pretty ok, desu~
I am personally not a fan of dark stuff but well if it suits you.

Please rate my screen Veeky Forumsmilia... didn't put much effort in it tbqh but I want to switch it and would need some advice on how to make a cute, effay, Cat-related Screen without it looking like it belongs to a 14 years old

I dig it. Its a pretty swanky icon pack imo

i bet u play green outside of BUG/RUG u shitter

Get the fuck out of my face with that pleb ass blend real hitters play GUW

Pretty damn cute, not my style but I love it.

This nigga knows what's up

Had to get a new phone, so currently going through redesigns, not 100% happy with this one so far.

I've already changed my mind, decided to go B&W since it looks better with my white phone.


The notification thingy is usually hidden btw

Everyone always hates mine. Need to remake it.


the UI is #goals but I'd consider a new wallpaper, this one feels a bit default


What's the widget on the left please?

post pape

It's just the Gmail widget la xx

Bruh that card won me so many games. The fact that you can run it in anything is just so cash

Boy we all know BWG is the best combo fuck outa here with that gay shit

Just got a new phone that's way bigger than my old one and my theme looked shit spaced out
So this is just limbo while I install new fonts

Mine r8 please

I couldn't stand androids native lock screen.
Just made the change anyone got any fa walls?


post wallpaper


shit im here

which launcher or app for the box thng

nice dream-pop album cover ya got there, user


A E S T H E T I C etc

Give me advice please?

This is mine right now. I might darken the pape a bit for better visibility. Any advice?