Veeky Forums, what about male earrings? What are some good ones?

Veeky Forums, what about male earrings? What are some good ones?

Listen, in fashion there are always what I like to call "downgrade accessories". These are for when you're so attractive, downgrading your social attractiveness is in your best interest to make people around you less intimidated. Male earrings are one of these.

What you need to as yourself is this: are you already so attractive that you need to downgrade a bit to make people around you more comfortable? If not, don't fucking wear male earrings. If so, then good on you mate. Thanks for coming down to earth a bit for the rest of us :)

In my opinion, there are 2 types of guys who wear earrings.

1. Ghetto
They wear it cause they think it makes them look badass.
Often latinos, often buff/fat/bulky.
They wear it on the lobe and are usually either very outgoing and/or annoying.

2. Hipsterish
They wear it purely to look like a rebel, often on the high part of the ear instead of the lobe and often more than just 1, albeit almost never on both ears.

It's a similar issue as with most things in fashion, an earring can give you a different vibe, but if you're unattractive you'll still be unattractive while if you're attractive you can basically rock whatever the fuck you want as long as you don't look ridiculous.

Unless youre from southern europe where many guys have earings. Mostly just one ear and mostly teenage boys. Its like snapbacks in california

wtc male dangley earrings? idk what theyre called but you know what im talking about

do you mean hoop earrings
google it :)

neckbeard/child detected

nahh man, like when they have feathers and shit and they dangle vertically

pretty unattractive imo

desu dont cop dangly earrings
Only do it if youre like a perfect 10/10

pretentious dweebs

if it fits your style rock an earring. Fashion is doing what makes you comfortable, and wearing things you enjoy.

Trendy is caring what people think about your outfit.

just a small stud, nothing else looks good.

but im tan and cute i need to know :(

What about something like this but only 1 pierced ear?

None. They look like shit.

I think small hoop earrings (smaller than OP's) can look pretty cool.

Depends how big they are. I prefer circles or spheres over squares as well.

I was thinking about getting studs. One ear or both ears senpai? I think one ear looks gayer.


lenny kravitz has some dope one sbut in general they look like shit

why is it rainbow coloured? is it for children?

maybe user supports gay pride and LGBT rights or something. personally i wouldnt wear rainbow shit because people might mistake you for a queer unless you´re a cute asian girl

I wouldn't wear that shit even if I were gay

yh it doesnt work with anything + looks stupid as fuck