I'm 5"8' Veeky Forums. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Besides kill myself

I'm 5"8' Veeky Forums. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Besides kill myself.

dude it could be way worse, you should be thankful. If youre a QT at 5'8" and dress well then youre perfectly fine.

Just don't fucking wear sagging pants and too long t-shirts and you'll be fine

Bones is probably a about 5'8", and he fits pretty well.

im also 5'8 and it sucks butttttt there are plenty of girls that are around 5'6-5'7 who are extremely hot. get yourself one of them and a nice pair of trainers and youll be good.

im 5'8 and i notice that im shorter than most men. therers also alot of guys who are shorter than me and that makes me feel better

the majority of girls are under 5'7"

bro 5 8 is slightly shit but you could be waaaaay shorter my man,I see guys insanely shorter than me.I was born with half pinoy genetics which means I'm doomed to be a manlet, but with good nutrition when I was younger I managed to get 5 9. I wouldn't worry about it unless you were dwarf tier.

5'8 bros general :-:

you're fine bro, you can still be effay

5'6+ and youll be fine m8


Be glad you're not 5'.

Be happy.

>Grow some muscle
>Get everything tailored to perfection

Or just accept yourself as you are. Personally, I'm going for the above. Much easier.

Try near death sotuations so you surprise yourself when you actually die. Also your family could get big bucks for a death that looks like an accident.

Nigga, I'm 5'4". It also doesn't help that I'm Hispanic. I'll never be truly effay. Tfw will never have qt white /thinspo/ gf.

tfw 5'5 but where i live everyone else is basic bitch
also bretty good face

be happy that you are not 5'4 like me

what can you do? just do you faggot

ive seen plenty of short mexican girls who are hot as fuck

tfw I'm a 6'3 Hispanic with a white thinspo bae

5'9 asian, which isn't bad but I still feel like a manlet.