Veeky Forums running shoes

What are some Veeky Forums running shoes? I've been looking for shoes similar to Nike Roshe's (because they look nice but they're awful for running) and haven't been able to find a good minimalistic design running shoe. Help?

ughhhh, bump

Energy boosts, ultra boost, Air max 2015/16 not really minimalist tho.

any boost shoe really, upvote for ultraboost

people sleeping on the adizero boost prime

Flyknit racer or ultra boosts like mentioned earlier

Nike free flyknit

The Kaishi Runs are the Roshe's that actually hold up. I used these as running sneakers until i put a hole in the upper from skating in them too much.

Also the Flyknit 3's are amazing.

backed hard, made going back to other shoes difficult because of how comfortable they are

running shoes that look good are shit for your feet


I've actually heard good things about pic related, but I wouldn't need a trail shoe in the first place

fuck forgot pic

unfortunately true

>wear nikes
>crippling shin splints
>look Veeky Forums

Which models are you talking about specifically? I find it hard to accept the notion that just because a shoe looks good, it suddenly loses all of its functionality.

either those or a very smilar shoe got very shit reviews as runners

just copped these online after i saw them in this thread, fucking mint shoes

old i-support-police-white-dad asics

those are p neat



what is this shade of black called



kaishis are gross