Is long hair Veeky Forums or nay?

Is long hair Veeky Forums or nay?

Are any of you Veeky Forumsggots growing it out?

its only Veeky Forums if you know it's Veeky Forums and you generally dress Veeky Forums. If you're some school shooter looking kid it's not Veeky Forums.

What does a school shooter looking kid look like?

We don't really have those in my country

I'm currently growing it out to get that femboy aesthetic going. Had it a year ago but bleached my hair too badly and it was all dead.

post more dylann pls

>Is long hair Veeky Forums or nay?
I would say generally it does not look good at all

Im currently 7 months from a buzzcut and my goal is about shoulder length. I have wavy hair and ive never grown it out so im not sure how it will look.

yes but i cut recently , was too hard and bad

Growing mine out, my hairs pretty curly (3a/3b). It grows really fast but because it curls it negates that. Hoping for shoulder length. Keeping it hydrated and not all rat-nest is a bitch but worth it

Definitely a do

Mine's exactly like this guy's (), but less rebellious and with golden reflections.

I've received many compliments on it and the pain of growing it out is totally worth it.

How am I doing?

I'm growing my hair out. Now also bought argon oil for supple hair, moisturized and not so fruffy.

I like it, the bun is far back on the head which is a lot nicer than normal manbuns

>I've received many compliments on it and the pain of growing it out is totally worth it.

its like someone photoshopped a stronger brow onto cara delevingne


I'm growing my hair out for that godly Zachary Cole Smith slacker aesthetic. Just entered that awkward stage where literally nothing I do with my hair looks good.

Just kill me now, release me from this suffering.

>that picture
Thank you for reminding of that song, user.


Nice ! I like it

>femboy aesthetic

tell that to the native americans, retard

3-4 months away from that length, but my hair's straighter. and it's been 9 months since my last trim, so i really need some thinning out (super thick hair) and shaping. keep putting it off though.

mirin those curls though, user.

wow perfekt

How to do bun? I watched a youtuve video but still can't get it.