Plebeian fashion

basically a thread on how to not be effay.

ill shitpost a bit...



Done shitposting

welcome to Maryland

Are these supposed to be 6s?

i hope not...

I actually think this isn't a bad look.


Tfw just bought that exact shirt at goodwill :(

kinda just not fashion.
i appreciate these people for their pragmatism.
mets all the way, tho

giant faggot


no, these are hare 7s

I love the prep look. So much nicer then drop crotch sweatpants and basketball sneakers. These fellas look like adults.

this makes me so uncomfortable

I like this idea

Holy shit, I hate people who look like this dickhead. His fucking face itself is revolting.

What's so bad about this though?

he's a black

How old are you

Goddamn he autistic

to be fair, it isnt bad.



Don't have pics but

>those fucking fake distressed jeans with the two holes perfectly on the knees
>cargo shorts with white socks and vans
>patagonia fleeces (unfortunately huge in seattle)
>crew neck sweatshirts
>general rehashed 90s sportswear
>meme tumblr sad brands
>boat shoes
>long sleeve white tee shirts
>ray bans
>supreme graphic tees/sweats
>jeans that fit tight on the thighs and loose on the calves
>wearing blue jeans in a business casual fit
>brand new Levi's truckers
>acne studios
>anything that's sold in a shit mall

For women
>anything brandy
>stan smiths / superstars
>Jean booty shorts
>crop tops
>long sweaters
>green faux military jackets
>leggings that are black
>coloured leggings
>'mom' jeans
>tumble core goth
>joy division merch

I could go on for pages

What do you like? Rick Owens?


nike is cool if you aren't a white and basic

>live in maryland
>see 4+ of this on the daily
>go to downtown annapolis
>see 400 of these
You wouldnt like it if it was all people wore in your part of the state.

- only looks ok bc she her face is extremely qt

i'm not prep but this look is good. it's sxc and conveys you have money. does not belong in this thread.

this ain't that bad, i'd see this in melbourne. the choker needs to die tho.

>this isn't bad

This isn't fucking prep, that's poorly fitted frat. There's nothing good or adult about these fits desu. What fucking shitty Slav shithole or flyover state must you live in to think that's good? Probably the same people browsing "prep general" with no idea how to dress - they also get extremely triggered when you call them out for being the fuccbois they are.

holy fucking shit
these kind of people ACTUALLY post on Veeky Forums

are you all from fucking Cornfieldtown, Missouri or something? how the fuck does that look "adult" to you in any way?

you're an idiot lmao

why do any of you come here

>Everyone wearing and owning all the exact same ill fitting clothing but in different bright washed out colors is effay
The fuck?

SIck af fit senpai. Whats wrong with it?

lmao does he wear size 4?

>Crew neck sweatshirts

As apposed to v neck? I don't understand

This is photoshopped, right?

don't wear sweatshirts


nigga u gay

Nigger are you homosexual? XD

>Plebeian fashion