Tfw you can't buy Levi 511 jeans online because it seems like even for the same sizes they can be cut and fit...

>tfw you can't buy Levi 511 jeans online because it seems like even for the same sizes they can be cut and fit completely different

That's because Levi's a shit. Don't get any of they're cuts. They're all like that


I swear to god I've purchased the same exact fit, size and color at one time before, and they fucking fit differently. What the fuck?

Levi's just has terrible quality control. I think it's because they already have a huge loyal customer base, so they know people will buy whatever they shit out anyway.

Can confirm that if you want to buy levi you really need to try them on first. I tell that to all my customers

Levi makes its cash on brand recognition. Most people wouldn't be able to name any other brand of jeans. That's why they just buy Levi's, since they're old af and still culturally, and fashionably relevant. Unfortunately.

what is another pair of jeans similar to levi 511s that have consistent cuts and arent expensive, because im sure the jeans that Veeky Forums wears are 100+ a pair?

You could try American Eagle. One of my friends still gets all his pants from there, but they do fit decently well, and they arnt very expensive. Also try wrangler. Very comfy


i need slim jeans not dad jeans

Just got decent quality ones at River Island for 5 brexits.

My problem with AEO was the waistband stretching too much. Even after drying, they would stretch almost two inches after wearing for a little while.

I think 1969 jeans from Gap are a bit better.

Gustin makes good jeans for under $100.

So buy another brand of jeans?

I'll never understand you burgers and your obsession with this trash brand.

If you check grailed often enough you're bound to find a pair of mainline bbs for a reasonable price. P13/P14/P11's are all great. After years I finally got XTFP'13's and they're the best pants I've ever owned

american eagle has pretty dope jeans

The quality is solid? I haven't done this kickstarter style purchase before. Does it always go smoothly?

Salty European loving cuck detected

Brand loyalty and the belief that they still make good quality jeans. If you see and feel a pair of levis from say 30-40 years ago they were pretty superb.

>buying the shittiest levi's model
>people in this thread recommending american eagle and gap
no wonder you guys dress so poorly

then buy the slim wrangler jeans...

Nice contribution troglodyte

There are much worse styles that levis makes

i was looking for levi 511s and they make this model called "line 8" which is like a shiny jean

apparently they look amazing at fist but after one wash they turnto ashit

Just ask for an exchange and complain about the issue.

Gap has some decent Japanese denim.

>My problem with AEO was the waistband stretching

This 100%.
Also I'd like the rise to be a tad higher. It's too low.

You guys might have seen me give a little review of the Levis x Pendleton jacket I bought.

It's cut like arse. Between the buttons the material hangs out. I considered going to the store to see if all of them are like but didn't bother because I figure they are.

Almost 200 and no fucking pockets to put your hands in. Disgraceful.