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>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


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helo famile daly remindar to stey hidhratted luv u tanks bye

>thursday weight: new low!
>feeling: ecstatic!
>friday weight: pound heavier
>feeling: okay, natural fluctuations, that's life
>saturday weight: another pound heavier
>feeling: suicidal

diet has been on point this month.

must keep going.

it's probably water weight! your body retains water for all kinds of retarded reasons. don't lose hope!

thank fregg

Weigh yourself once a week at the same point in your day.

You be well hydrated gurl


shit, i'm not weighing myself until august.

>not weighing yourself once a day and taking a weekly average every Sunday.



Who /anorexic/ here?

Just kidding

That shit ain't no joke, familia

Not mee. I ate 1500kcal today, only losing pound a week.

That's... a good idea. I'm going to start doing that.
thank you froggy

I just wanna be comfy

Kill me

you'll get there

>implying i'm mentally stable enough to deal with the daily ups and downs
well kekked my dear, well kekked.

it could be worse, user. much worse. keep going.

I think i became /anorexic/

Male,178cm 57kg here

While my bmi isn't really low i just started finding food very hard to eat,especially fatty food and shit

All i eat is fruit and very low calorie food like turkey slices or liquids,my stomach just feels so full it's painful after eating a slice of whole wheat bread,a slice of turkey,a slice of cheese,lettuce and tomato

While i was happy when not hungry i'm seriously concerned right now because i can't touch food and i'm feeling full even at 600-700kcal daily to the point i can't eat more

Why are russian girls so perfect sempais?

The higher days get me worried also, but those days I'm just extra discipline. The problem with weighing in every week is that you might weigh in on a high day, or you might on a low day, it doesn't really give you an accurate picture.

How do you know she is Russian? Who is she? I just saved it from another user posting it.

Russia does have lots of qts, never been though.

There was a russian user there posting russian girls and I remember her being one of them.

You are literally me, mane

Stay strong, bro

Don't let the anorexia get a hold of you

I don't look anorexic desu but the fact that i eat very low calories with feeling completely full started bothering me

I might be exaggerating but who knows

Today i ate like 1200kcal and i feel like throwing up

>i ate like 1200kcal and i feel like throwing up

That's how it starts

It started like that for me. I begin purging for a week straight.

Take control before it controls you

that's true...

maybe i should wait a year.

It's been three weeks since my last late night binge where i ate so much that like acidpuke came up my throat while i was sleeping!

Happy anniversary, me!

I get so mad at myself whenever I gain these days


thats p comfy t b h

Is this you? Do you want a White Internet BF?

I like that kind of diversity desu.

Ate half a pizza today and still stayed under my hard budget of 1500. Feels good man.

I'm just imagining the grease that's coating your insides right now.
I guess I won't use those last 500 calories tonight

Enjoy yourself, man

I don't get why some people here think they need to starve themselves to be skinny

One half pizza won't hurt

It was a light cheese veggie pizza eaten throughout the day but what ever keeps you inspired! I'm glad to have helped :)

Is it Veeky Forums if my dick is thicker than my wrist?

same stats here user, i feel u

>One half pizza won't hurt
I'm all for enjoying food but the last time I had pizza it shreked me.
I really appreciate it tbqh

I have such low impulse control I literally cannot have food in the house or I will eat it.
Eating fucking stale white bread rn I'm just never full

uh... stop buying white bread in the first place and like.. idk chew on ice?
snack on your least favorite foods so you don't eat that much? idk dude, maybe seek therapy

Does anyone have any opinions on Phentermine?

Thinking about getting it for my girlfriend who wants to lose weight.

uhh don't
instant gratification shit like that will only have a temporary effect shell gain it back

Don't live on my own so I don't have complete control over what food is in the house.
Stale white bread is not topping the list of my favorite snacks, doesn't stop me from eating all of it.
should still prob seek help tho thanks man

Anyone else feel a little too stimulated and buzzed when fasting. Shit stops me from sleeping

shit AINT no joke. u dont think it's gonna hit u but now i cant fckin eat more than 800 calories in a day without wanting 2 cry

what do you guys do when your progress has plateaued? i usually eat about 600-800 calories i day and can't make it through the day on less most of the time. i'm scared to go up to 1000+ even if i compensate with more exercise

I do the same thing. Eat tons of whetever, even if it's not stuff I enjoy eating. Going keto and never touching anything that spikes blood sugar is the only thing that worked.

any of you fuck with 3 ballerina tea?

Senna is shit, literally you will just shit your guts out and get dehydrated.
Don't waste your money, don't hurt your bowels.

once is a while is ok r-right?
already bought the stuff.
A friend used it thought it suppressed hunger then read about it and learned.

I mean.. it's your butt, just make sure you don't have plans because when it hits you,
You've been warned, just like gift it to someone. Or use it, but make sure to stay hydrated like fregg saz

discord! join it discord.gg/SeMWYm9

i ate 1000 kcal today and feel like shit about it. i burned 700 at the gym, am i gonna be ok?

you look lovely, user!

do you know how many hours afterdrinking is the typical danger zone?
yeah I wouldn't dream of using it and needing to not be near my personal private toilet

honestly you're probably at your right weight, then. if you decide to exercise more, make sure you don't cut out cals! 1000 is really the lowest you should go if you're exercising regularly

please dont join the discord if youre annoying

i don't know about 3 ballerina. but i use senna tea maybe once every 3 or 4 months if i'm constipated (like if it's been >48 hours since my last movement). i wouldn't use it for anything else...

ymmv, but generally drinking it before bed is the move. it hits for me after 8-10 hours. then after i go, i usually have to go another 2 or 3 times during the day (though increasingly less urgent).

so basically, i wouldn't have anything planned until the afternoon/evening after you drink it. you kind of need like 16-18 hours just in case.

i use to never get diarrhea until i started calorie restricting.
i eat balanced healthy meals and drink plenty of water i dont deserve this. what do friends?

doing a fast today senpai.

Water fasting? yay drink up!!

If you're eating new things or have changed what you've eaten in the past It may take time to adjust. I typically get constipated when starting to restrict, then it goes very loose for a bit, and eventually settled down and is normal.

Also, artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols will cause this, and they're found in a lot of low/no cal shit.

wow this is me right now as well :( i try and force myself to eat three meals but my stomach always feels full


now that I'm thin, what's the next step to getting a gf?

Go out, mane. Socialize

Being skinny should give you some confidence

Hang out with other skinnies though

going to post some thinspo to motivate myself to go to the gym

Do you know what the problem has been so far?

>Being skinny should give you some confidence


Being skinny is destroying my confidence, even thin women weight more than me...


Why did you become skinny if it's bad for your confidence?


>to motivate myself to go to the gym

>tfw legs too weak to go to the gym today

I've been working out hard all week

Skinny ain't easy


Person who couldn't stop eating the bread from before here.
Didn't stop at the bread.
Scale jumped from 145.4 to 150.2 and I can feel full up to my throat I feel so gross ugh Why is my stomach an bottomless pit

I didn't become skinny, I've always been skinny.

I'm working on gaining weight now, but I've been sick for 2 weeks and already lost a lot of progress, which is really disheartening.

Okay I'm leaving now!

Run some laps, bro

who /heartburn/ here

>bottomless pit


How do you all deal with going down pants sizes?
Most of my clothing is in size small now which will probably still be fine as I lose weight, but my waist has gone down from like a 36 to a 30. Most of my pants are 30 w 32 L now but im worried that Ill go down another few sizes and have to completely rebuy everything? will tailoring work? is there another solution? ahhh why did I go to the j crew sale :(

sw: 185 cw: 150 gw: 130
18 male 6'

pls excuse my delay in responding.

>Go out, mane. Socialize
I know I need to do this. I get so tired at night I tend to just want to sit at home. I don't have any friends but I'd like to meet some. Work makes that hard.

I have one friend but now he has a kid and it's hard for him to do anything.

>Do you know what the problem has been so far?
I had a lot of mental illness when I was younger (sort of like The Supreme Gentlemen but less hateful and entitled), I've gotten over most of it except for social anxiety. I feel I've lost nearly all my ego and now seem to speak to people much more "real." I used to be full of stories and be full of shit. I've humbled out now. I'm scared to be around women a lot simply because of experience and not being sure what to do with them - or even how to meet them. I guess just no practice.

You can get pants taken it a bit, so that's always an option. I just wore stuff big for a while during my weight loss. I also would buy like one pair of pants that fit well and wear those when I wanted to look my best, rather than getting 4-5. Then the rest of the days I'd just wear stuff that was a bit big. This seemed to work out well. I looked goofy some days but it was certainly better than buying clothing at each size.

pls don't go ._.

>tfw potluck family reunion today

Wish me luck senpai

I should add that I have wide hips and want to build my ass up a bit

middle: what i am now
left: what i want to be
right: the antithesis of my being

I want the body on the left but the confidence to wear slutty outfits like the one on the right. Also, why is the skinny girl wearing Timbs and the other two Docs? Shouldn't Docs be an upgrade from Timbs? I'm surprised the fat girl doesn't have dyed leg hair.

Good luck! Stay disciplined but if you don't, it's just one night, it's not the end of the world.

>pls don't go ._.
I'm back bebe

>I had a lot of mental illness when I was younger (sort of like The Supreme Gentlemen but less hateful and entitled), I've gotten over most of it except for social anxiety. I feel I've lost nearly all my ego and now seem to speak to people much more "real." I used to be full of stories and be full of shit. I've humbled out now. I'm scared to be around women a lot simply because of experience and not being sure what to do with them - or even how to meet them. I guess just no practice.
Are you in therapy? I also have anxiety and I've always been extremely shy which is probably why I have few friends and no qt skelly bf.

I actually forgot my goddamn running shoes so I just went in the sauna. I guess I probably weigh less now. I'm going back tomorrow morning though.

I feel like at 6'5 177 lbs I could be thinner. What should my total caloric intake be?

I already only eat once a day.

Is there any downside to eating pickles? Little shits are like 5 calories and reasonable filling

PSA!!! Don't use the word "fat". The correct topographical terminology is "person of size". Thanks!!!

post your collarbones!

Read the FAQ.

>Are you in therapy? I also have anxiety and I've always been extremely shy which is probably why I have few friends and no qt skelly bf.
I went to therapy for a long time - a few different ones. When I was little I went because of a court order (my family fought a lot, courts said kids living in that type of environment needed therapy/I think that therapist also reported to the courts), later in life went to two different ones on my own. I feel like I learned a lot about myself during that time, but, it didn't change me for the better. I'm more aware of what my problems are, which might help me be better suited to fix them, but ultimately I never made real changes in therapy. I've tried both traditional and CBT type therapies. It also pushed me into a long period of time where I was on psychiatric medications which was not helpful at all. I'm left anxious and shy, similar to you. Do guys ever hit on you? Or are you home so much never get out? Are you considering therapy?

I had to talk to a social worker and a psychologist once because my parents fought a lot as well but I just lied and said I was fine. I am home most of the time and I usually avoid talking to people when I'm out so pretty much the only male attention I get is dirty looks and vulgar gestures and every once in a while a really brave guy will tell me I look cute but I get really awkward and say I need to go. I would like to try therapy but I'm a bit scared of calling and making an appointment. I really hate talking on the phone.

took this back at my dorm. i can't wait for school to start again, it's so much easier for me to lose weight while eating at dining halls because there are soo many options

I was anorexic when I was about 11 and 12. I realized I was fat for the first time in my life and skipped all meals except dinner that my parents cooked for about a year. In the meanwhile I drank water obsessively and played DDR nonstop. TWAS A GOOD SUMMER. I became a boss at DDR and I'm still good to this day, about 10 years later. I also used to starve myself because I didn't want to grow any taller.

1 in 5 men died during WWII and men continue to die at a high rate because of drug abuse and suicide. That means that competition among women for men in Russia is extremely competitive.

This will give you a pretty good idea of the dynamic and also show you local designers if you can find the full episode: youtu.be/xmx5S4oblLM

what are your stats now?