both old ones are at 300


I kinda like this fit but feel like it's kinda boring, like it's missing something but I'm not sure what - some wrist accessories maybe? Suggestions welcome.

lol. fix your acne. you look so tryhard. look guys i'm bob dylan


it's missing a sense of personal identity

all i see is another fuccboi riding the laggard slp/i think i'm a rock star hype train

dom seriously get your shit together, stop buying into these stupid trends.

nothing special :o)

>it's missing a sense of personal identity

Yeah that's kind how I feel about it desu. I feel like I've seen basically this exact outfit so many times and this is just another iteration.

But while it's kinda played out, it still looks GOOD, so I want to find a way of making it my own a bit more.

In fairness tho, asking other people, especially Veeky Forums, for advice on making it more personal does seem kind of contradictory... oh well.

I like the hair...

>oh god where am i
>what the fuck happened last night

Nothing fits bruh

It's not working.

I think the shoes work, but that shirt is about three sizes too big senpai

yeah i was trying to do something w oversized clothes wasn't too sure about it myself. thx for response.

cuckcore coming through

trousers are too tapered to wear cropped

color scheme, texture, fit is maximum boring but i guess thats what you were going for.

also don't understand the addition of an adidas cap when so little of the rest of the outfit is athleisure oriented

overall asos/10

cool cardigan my dude

thanks bro

don't really like shorts, but italy in a few weeks i will have to get used to them

Is the shirt too long? Also, how can I make this fit less shit?


I'm not a fan of the white jeans. This fit makes you look like you smell bad
Bad shirt
Everything works but the pants
Would look much better without the collared shirt, but you've got your own style and I dig that
This fit would look awesome if you changed the shirt, pants, and shoes

i think the shorts would look better if you cut them a bit shorter.

summer? v aidsy though

Got a lot of compliments today

they were laughing at you, not with you


hope that's not you, mate


hahaha I always wonder if your fits are bait. I know it's mostly SLP but the way you pull it off (or don't pull it off, more like) makes you look like a Primark shopping tryhard.


pretty nice but i need to see it from the back





From the back

Converse are so out of place here

ur worst fit yet

This is my Veeky Forumsvorite meme.

here we go

what this guy said
i like the jumper

imagine fucking her and the cheese starts melting and dripping and you both end up covered in the sensuous goo

nice fit. nice dubs. nice workshop. fix posture.

hair routine?

ahahaha that posture

Skateboard Dad

I like this, summery. I also like white jeans.
Get that shirt tailored or get a better shirt but I'm liking the overall Initial D vibes.
Ditch the cap it's super out of place.
I fuck w this. I'd fuck with it more without the distressing on the shorts tho.
Cool concept poor execution. I can't quite put my finger on what it is i dislike tho.

Let's all love Lain.

i can tell what you were going for but 873s really don't suit the whole tucked look

Came in late last time, oops
Practically living in basics lately

you cheeky cunt

Nice kyphosis

>normal fast fashion t shirt and jeans

Don't take geos so seriously lol they're just another shoe, man. You don't gotta deck yourself out in all designer every day

why do people do that ok sign thing? like what does it mean? I used to see it on sufu all the time

>he doesn't know
You owe a lot of people a free punch dude

Where I'm from people used to use it to hit eachother when someone sees their hand like that

where da cardigan from tho?


It was made super popular by Malcom in the Middle

Not sure if it existed beforehand but basipally it's a meme

overall nice aesthetic but as someone else said the crop isn't right. also dont wear thin cotton cardigans that shits grandma-tier.
BUT! what saves the look is the sexy shirt, nice watch, and interesting shoes.
overall most people would think u look good

my dude u look fine. 9/10 would fuck unless your face is mad ugly. the shorts are too long though and u forgot to shave your legs

tuck in the shirt, cuff the jeans, buy not ugly shoes
i actually like the fanny pack but at least in this pic it matches the shirt too much, shorts fit well. buy beter shoes.
nice, maybe cuff pants higher?
i love men in short shorts like my clit is erectt rn. did u shav e ur legs too?
they were lying to you


baggier shirt pls. this looks ridiculous as is 2bqhf

you win /thread
this is boring

slimmer pants and throw on some white socks and then this is nice

boring as fuck. you dress like hel looks circa 2009

I'm fucking tired of all my clothes

>those shoes
put on a pair of casual boots and you have a solid normie fit

German tourist core



Yo waddup Huck, long time no see

No haters pls

close your mouth. fit is basic but not trash. can i get your number?


filippa k

You have horrible legs, please stop trying to show them off.

thanks dude!

pull your jeans down over the back of your boots please. good fit otherwise.

Judging from the necklace, are you from NZ?

Anyone who says this is bad should just fucking off themselves quick.
Great fit man really dont know what else you want, i like it

im bored

dude you're hot if you aren't annoying i'd suck your cock, hopefully ur straight?

Found this big fuck off fur jacket for $5 at an op shop the other day, havin some fun with it
Why aren't u sherpacore yet Veeky Forums?

I like the fit & I disagree with ppl saying that you don't suit the clothes, just pls change your hair it makes me wanna punch you so badly

Huck is straight

get it huck

fuck that looks comfy, I'm jelly

How funky fresh is this senpai?

Just found it on the side of the road and washed it

The story makes it worth wearing, congrats my dude

howdy my online hombres, nothing too crazy today, i was stuck inside studying for too long :(


pls be in Birmingham county
Israelite in hawaii core
shirt too big pham
looks nice, but not effay
w2c sweater? raf?
looks good
p. ugly
hawaii core
dont sue
im so sorry for you
fav in thread
tryhard posture/10
polo + sk8 pants isnt lookin too hot
v v v nice
boy if you dont
sex offender/10
looks p. good
would grab beer wit/10
v. good

Never wear the trench cause I think it looks autistic, how right am I?

that looks more like a mackintosh than a trench

looks autistic with that outfit, try wearing something fresher with it. not more minimalistic per se but just clean up the look with straighter silhouettes.

It's the pants and shoes that make you look autistic

fit is bad, colors are good. but don't bother investing in clothes if you're losing weight. you'll be really hot when you're skinny.

this desu

must be same fag. sweatpants on tree trunk legs is not a good 'fit'

do you think they're bad in the fit, or categorically?

that's why i said the fit is bad but the color scheme is good you retard

categorically. it's walmartcore. stop buying baggy pants that are too long and ugly knockoff shoes. screams "my mom found this on sale for me"