I really want to cop some yeezys but I'm a broke college student and can't afford legit ones...

I really want to cop some yeezys but I'm a broke college student and can't afford legit ones. Is it worth getting cheap $20 chinese knock offs on ebay? Or all they all shit and a total waste of money?

today i saw a group of middle aged overweight guys covered in tribal tattoos and each one of them wearing different color fake yeezys.
just buy a different shoe if u cant afford it

let me get this straight

you're thinking of buying an even shittier quality version of a stinky plastic chinese shoe because there's a famous rapper's name attached to it

Nigga I just like how they look. I don't care about Kanye's name being attached

If you buy shitty fake ones, they won't be quality and you'll get mocked because they are so obviously fake

Just buy quality sneakers bro, fake shoes are never a good idea

u clearly dont know of the replica yeezy game going on do u

Do it. My friend has a really convincing pair he got for 40 bucks and I'm seriously considering copping a pair too. I want them, I just don't feel like dropping rent money

>$20 fakes
>not realizing people pay $200 for flawed reps

jesus christ i'm glad i have taste and good judgement and don't have to wrestle with these kind of questions.

David's 10th batch is a bearly perfect rep
His 9th and 8th batches are pretty good as well, you won't get called out even by enthusiasts, but all of his reps are around $120 i believe. Any rep below $100 is complete udder shit

There's some decent $75 fakes on ali and taobao. All the $20 ones are shit. The pattern is sideways and they often stink like Chinese chemicals. The $60-$75 ones will look cool to any one not in the game and only an insecure hypebeast faggot would actually call you out.

You know all the 1:1 reps still fall to pieces?

yeah if they didnt then people would know they arent the real thing

>David's 10th batch
Has that released yet?

only cucks buy replicas

11th came recently.


go on r/repsneakers (inb4 hurr durr reddit) and do a bit of research, your safest best is David's 9th batch for $150 on sneakerahead.co with the discount code sneakerahead-dis, or you can wait for the 10th batch which has softer and stretchier primeknit.
tl;dr buy the latest batch at sneakerahead.co

>quality sneakers
>synthetic adidas shoes that cost $2 to manufacture in a smelly vietnamese sweatshop

just get some all black tubulars. i dont know the exact model but they look pretty similar besides the tubulars not having the pattern