Overalls? yah or nay?

overalls? yah or nay?

Oh look it Mac! Goofball xD

Yay if you're confident enough and at an event or something that suits overalls (like a gig or doof or something), I always find it a bit weird seeing a dude wearing overalls just down the street though

yes. stay away from fast fashion overalls.

I'm not really sure about them, honestly. They're cool with a certain aesthetic like norm-core, but that's pretty much it.

what about boiler suits famiglia?

that one looks awful, at least get a real boiler suit

post overall inspo pls

I think jumpsuits are more acceptable than overalls honestly. I really wish I could pull off both though. You have to be really tall and skinny to pull of overalls or just have a certain rape look to pull of a jumpsuit.

>certain rape look

w2c overalls?

dickies, carhartt, wrangler, brands like that




This guy just looks like hes taking a break from working as a janitor


kinda sus but i think it's an okay fit





why even wear overalls if you're gonna do that

cosstores dot com



disgusting trendy basic whoor

Only good ones

God this is awful.

because it looks cool


Fry Cook at McDonalds on his way to work

pretty difficult to wear.

>not yea

At wal-mart if your waist is 40-50"

w2c pewdiepie's overalls

super cute look on girls
bad for guys. jumpsuits look better 2 bee honest


overalls look gr8 on grills
its hard for guys to pull off well tho desu



what the fuck is wrong with her arm?

God No!

based mac

>not enjoying the beauty of the everyday uniform
>also not recognizing the rapist connor

double jointed elbow

yes, I know it's not really a "double joint," but that is what they are called.

o fuck, cannot unsee