/wfa/ - wearable fashion

post unique but wearable fashion...for people to shamelessly copy.

For those that are only a little into fashion and don't want to dress in full rick, or for new poopsies.


haha i was told to fuck off for this exact comment and image on the other thread. irony bruh

yeah i stole it from u, i thought it was a nice idea



it's different from what "normies" wear, thats unique enough for this thread.


That fit for some reason makes me want to puke

Just because normies at your area doesn't wear it does not imply that it's unique.
You can find what he wear everywhere.
>leather jacket
>red tshirt
Shades are kind of unique tho.

>shitty chino joggers
>elongated tees
>stan smiths
baka none of yall understand thats the new zealand autistic pleb uniform

>pink oxford
>vans slip ons
>black pants rolled up
>white tee
how is this even remotely interesting or unique

what is this thread even supposed to be

unique fits and combinations that arent done in meme amount... not every piece has to be fucking a rare pickup. just different than the few memes of:

>black jeans and w/b tee

just different than normal Veeky Forums shit yo


ugh. not this faggot. please

I think the biggest thing is to find interesting silhouettes and ideas and incorporate them into the style overall.
Everyone and their grandma are wearing joggers. Go for leggings, throw in a large tee and a cotton cap. You're on your way
But wait, what are thooose?!? Stans? Vans? too normie. Burkinstocks? nice teenage grill tier shit. You better have something Veeky Forums like, throw on some PF flyers or purcells

And then you got something.

.... So normcore?

youve been spending way too long on the internet mate

the dog is pretty interesting
are chihuahuas and their mixes effay?

perhaps but in good taste
>have opinion
>must be a basement dweller


This guy looks like he's cosplaying a character that got written out of a Wes Anderson screenplay.



don't you have to be a math major to wear that many stripes
please don't post the scissor sisters tour photos

Where can I get pants like this?

where can I get similar pants?

google trousers
google harem pants m8