Crop Tops

What's your opinion of them?

Don't really care for them and not really opposed to them. Just like anything as long as they are styled properly and not complete memecore trash they can be stylish.

very hard to pull off for girls without looking like op pic. impossible for men.

>very hard to pull off for girls without looking like op pic
is that a bad thing?

looking like nothing more than a cock sleeve that moves and makes noise is a bad thing.

wtf kind of clothes are you wearing if it makes noise, user?

I'm a man, they aren't particularly attractive. If your stomach isn't great they will look bad, and the main feature of your torso are your breasts anyway.

if u got a nice stomach then it becoms MUH DICK-core

Always makes you look like a slut/cock-easy.

I will be glad to see fits where I am proven wrong

I like it on her because she has an inny

Gf wears them well with high-waisted shorts

they only look good with high waisted pants.



it is very attractive even though it is not the most fashionable thing

only good if you have a really really nice stomach
if you have on ok stomach it looks meh and bad (read big) stomach is looks awful

Good if you're attractive

>impossible for men.


thanks for proving me right

how pleb can you get?

The Icing On My Cupcake



try low fat icing



Not for chubby tummy chummys




terrible reading comprehension


Unless you plan to go running, no.


Unless you plan to go to a gloryhole or gang bang, no.

Great way of showing off your toned body
not sure about the jeans

only people who i see wearing them are 14 y/o jailbait sluts and delusional 20 somethings who think wearing them with high waisted jeans hides how fat they are getting.

why is it when white girls get dreadlocks they do this weird halfassed shit, i mean is that a dreadlock or has she just not bothered brushing her hair for a few weeks, honestly cant tell.

think she's in her 30's KEK