"Eliza" just posted this on her Instagram, makes sense...

"Eliza" just posted this on her Instagram, makes sense, thought it was her tripwhoring but they don't act or type like her at all looking back.

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PSA: A lot of the "women" posting with a trip are just men or transsexuals using Veeky Forums as an outlet to pretend to be women. They like the attention they get from desperate fucks


>Wanting to have anything related to Ciara.

Good god Veeky Forums is pathetic


Private Instagram


honestly this looks shooped, can anyone confirm if its legit or not?


The paper is crumbled so it wouldn't look shopped, or so someone can't shop it.


idk seem a little too savvy for someone who isn't on Veeky Forums

is this perhaps an avant garde act of performance art

I don't know why they'd choose Veeky Forums as she has a horrible fashion sense.

Who is she? What's the story?

She posts on Veeky Forums, but apparently not Veeky Forums.

She was an r9k poster and she quit to get her life together. She's probably OP or browsing right now.

>as she has a horrible fashion sense.
>implying that Ciara isn't a semen demon
fuck u m8y

Ciara? Wasn't her name Eliza? What's going on here?

She's just a 5/10 honestly

She's adorable. She's admitted herself that she doesn't care about fashion or put much effort, hence just wearing adidas.

this is honestly a really good fit, post-slavcore af

Tfw this faggot is fucking your waifu ;____;

Makes me want a tracksuit desu

thank you

>tfw people say eliza dresses bad

Holy shit she looks like Tomoko in this picture.


relax man,you need to follow this trend:macdemarcocore

Ciara's boyfriend.


The shitposter that we know as 'Eliza' probably was a fat guy trying to get some attention. And we fell.

I'm not exactly fat but....

hes too good for her

She posted this on her youtube a long time ago.

skinny fat?

wtf reviewbrah is hitting that?

i dont think they actually have sex...i think the most they do is kiss

She also addressed this in a video a little while ago. She said that she's not the person on Veeky Forums with the METS trip

denial is the first step user

this is how it starts. you start out as creepy young men and before you know it you become creepy old men and migrate to /b/ or /r9k/
the blood of numenor is almost spent desu

reminder that this is an imposter

heres the original image i posted

this would have been so much better if she had written it with a grease pencil

fucking kek

>all this people thinking that she's cute

Thank god I wasn't born ugly so I don't have to lower my standars to feel good about my self

Fuck you. Don't talk shit about her ever again.

i'm a dude and this thread is making me hate men

post pic fuccboi

whats her IG?

I don't post here often. Another female trip was just a guy impersonating a IG girl? Like REEEEEEEEEEEE?

seriously though, what would you do if you saw her walking down the street.

who has the video of her nose bleed?

nice photoshop job faggot

Ask her how the detox is going

i'd ask her if she would ride around the city on a garbage truck with me


now thats a name i havent heard in a long time

I still follow "her" on IG.

she has a cute face but looks disgusting

wow wee what a cutie pie know what im saying guys i would totally splunk in her debunk haha

She has that aesthetic and attitude that i really like. Depressed and bitter, but also can be a little creative sometimes..

who gives a shit

my penis gives 3 cents, ciara is a hot lady id give dinner to


>actually finding tripfag attentionwhores on instagram and stalking them there

>can't squat fully
Why do you guys care about this bitch?

she's a female on the internet and this board is just a metrosexual version of r9k

>this board is just a metrosexual version of r9k
God fucking dammit he's right