Milan thread

Milan thread

Has anyone visited before? Right now I'm about 5 hours by train from Milano Centrale and I thought I might as well pay a visit. Does anyone have good advice before I go?

Don't by anything at the mall which is the the left of the cathedral in the picture. The cathedral is breathtaking, there's a nice park in between the train station and the square.
The ray ban store is pretty cool.
the McDonalds across from the church is always crowded

pic related. people i found in Milan back in January

Go to tricky Ricky, Ask to sit on the meme seat.

Honestly I was disappointed when I went, the high fashion is all stuff like Louis, Gucci etc. excelsior near the duomo is slightly better, they have off white and raf adidas.

Somebody help me and OP find the good places in Milano

Don't forget to go to antonioni! I hear it's the best but I didn't get the chance to go last time

Extremely overrated and bland city in most aspects, certainly in terms of nightlife, sights, fashion, food etc.

Also very crowded, the whole place is a one big tourist trap.

Desu there are many more interesting places in Italy and even very nearby (Bergamo for example), just avoid Milan unless you're a smelly Louis Vuitton shopping Arab.

get pizza at spontini

fucking love them

spent 3 weeks living there last summer,

google ostello bello, its an amazing hostel 4/5mins from the massive church ting, lots of people there willing to have a drink/chat, very cool spot

then i'd recommend going to the canals to the south(?) navigli or something, massive long canal at night, loads and loads of bars, people at night, kids riding around playing football until 2am etc


theres also a massive middle finger statue near the business/finance district, maybe 5/10 mins from the cathedral if thats your thing

the best ice cream shop is NOT ON THE MAIN STREET between the cathedral then the castle, but behind it to the north on a main road

absolutely next level pistachio my god, but dont eat the standard shitty stuff you find in the highstreet

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also, Milan = fashion?

lived here for a year, have melon + prosciutto best thing in the fucking world, grab a pizza at spontinis which is near duomo (the cathedral in pic)

antonioli, slam jam socialism


Did you mean ~Brescia~?

bumping for interest

Some nice stores are :

-La Rinascente
-Rick Owens

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Also I might add, you should go to the Brera, it's an art gallery about 10m away from the Duomo and has paintings from Raphiel, Carravagio, tatain and Montaigne

funny story
i was in Milan for about 6 hours
got there (holiday) , had lunch next to the duomo
got into an argument with my dad
drove me right back to the fucking airport and flew me home on the next plane.
fucking 6 hours

fucking hell

i'm from Milan, so heres some cool spots, just google them
Fonderie milanesi
California bakery
Slam jam
Hangar bicocca
Fondazione Prada
Museo del 900
Palazzo reale

Have fun user

I live in Milano too
The coolest church is San Satiro, near the Duomo
Keep off the main streets, it's tourist stuff
For eating, go to Eataly (and bring something back home)
For drinking Birreria Lambrate makes local craft beer
For shopping, go to 10 Corso Como
For nightlife the Navigli district
For art there's a fuckton of stuff, depends what you like

>hangar bicocca
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2 years ago, family vacation across EU by car, car window gets broken in Barcelona, needs a fix, we arrive in Milan late, we can stay only 1 day (more like half), family decides to go and see the San Siro on foot, because it's fairly close to the hotel, that's all i saw from Milan kek

look for Antonioli and Inner, they are a couple of shops near Porta Genova (navigli ), they are the only places i know that sell actual Veeky Forums clothing

There is also some nice stuff like margela, y3 in Corso Como (M2 Garibaldi)

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Milan is among the shittiest Italian cities.
Next time try Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, or even Turin.