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My daughter's a fatass, Veeky Forums, and she's been asking me what kind of clothes she can wear to look better. My knowledge of fashion is negligible so can someone help me out? Pic related - not her, but of a similar age and build.

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If this isn't bait, you're a shitty parent, both for allowing your child to get this fat and for insulting her for what is partly your own fault.

You shouldn't be a father.

Fuck off. I see her two days a week; I could feed her only celery and water and she'd still get fat off the junk she eats the rest of the time.

>I see her two days a week
>separated parents

lol at the number of mistakes you've made already

To answer your question seriously:

If she's concerned about looking better, you should educate her about fitness and diet, not clothing. A new outfit is going to be a short-term bandaid-like fix on a bigger problem, which is her weight. While a little bit of fat is pretty normal for some preteen/early teen girls, that sort of body shape is the beginning of permanent long-term issues for her which will plague her for the rest of her life. Looks are really ancillary to such health concerns.

On those two days a week, go exercise with her, and really get her motivated to eat well. Engage with her mom re: diet and make it clear you find it unacceptable that she's getting so chubby. If her mom persists, consider going to the domestic relations courts and getting a modification of the custody order (yes, you can do this, I've seen fucking modifications regarding whether kids can ride hoverboards)

good god
teach her how to take care of herself, my sister in law is obese but my brother managed to instill good eating habits into the kid, and, yes, they're separated

>bigger problem


give your daughter anonymous letters on how she looks like a fucking ball

Tell her to wear a gym membership

>your brother marrying an obese woman

disown him desu senpai

Stop calling your daughter a fatass you piece of shit.

Thanks for the genuine advice mate.
Trust me when I say I am trying to slim her down, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Her mother feeds her junk by the boatload, and she's so used to eating seconds, thirds, and fourths that sensible-sized portions are hardly even snacks to her.
Anyway, this is Veeky Forums, I'm here for fashion advice. I'm trying to do that all that stuff - there's no reason she can't look cute in the meantime, right?

he's separated (actually divorced now AFAIK)

also he's dating a 9/10 now, not really sure how he pulled that one off but some chicks dig a guy with kids, for reasons I don't really understand

Go see a tailor specifically for "big girls"
get measurements. Dress in clothes that fit, if not stylish enough, have them tailored to fit her right
>I took the b8 & l0v3d it.

kill her and give birth to a new one


"This male is proficient at providing and caring for offspring,as well as available to me"

can i date your daughter?

Not legally you can't.

fat shaming works:

real answer from another dad on Veeky Forums (srsly tho. what are we doing here? anyway...)
I was fat most of my life until I got my shit together and I was always worried that my kids would get my shitty habits or genes or whatever
My son was always a skelly but my daughter had a thicker build (nothing like OP's pic but not exactly thinspo either)

get your daughter interested in sports. I recommend swimming or track. cultivate a competitive attitude. try to get her to join a local track/swim team (she's not too young. I did a 10k with my 6 year old last year and it was fine)

Go out jogging with your daughter when you see her. At first it's rough but after a while it's a legitimate bonding experience to do something other than veg in front of the TV or whatever.
Ask your daughter if she is happy with how she looks and feels (this is the part where some parents might not agree but my parents sugar-coated shit for me too long and I don't feel like it did me any favors). Gently explain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in terms of quality of life and social activity.

Work on nutrition. There are healthy foods that taste great. Cook together. Take your daughter out for daddy-daughter dates and get sushi (no tempura!). When/if your daughter asks for unhealthy foods, ask her if she really wants to eat that sort of thing again. Ask her to factor in how she looks to her answer. Offer alternatives.

Explain to your daughter that you'll love her no matter what and that you just want her to be happy and that in your experience, being overweight can be a serious impedimenta to happiness.

I have done all these things with my kid. Intelligently. With finesse. I'm happy with the results. She's very sporty which adds to her self confidence. I've seen her turn down unhealthy foods at social events and select more appropriate choices. She still has candy from time to time and still gets to be a kid but has learned moderation.

Good luck OP. Dunno if your post was bait tho.

If your daughter is as fat as OP pic then no clothes are going to make her look good

Wear a sauna suit

No idea why, but your advice to OP made me start tearing up.
Anyway, this is perfect advice for your situation OP.


Mostly good advice but kids that age don't need to be concerned about how they look. My uncle criticises my cousin about her food choices like that and now she eats her feelings because what's the point, her dad thinks she's fat and ug so she must be. when guiding kids toward better eating habits, emphasize how the food makes them feel. Like does junk food make them feel icky or grumpy or tired? Praise good food as tasty and something that makes you feel good, and make healthy treats visually appealing.

I feel what you are saying but I don't see the point of lying to my kids about the importance of appearance.
It's this huge cognitive gap to go from "mummy thinks I'm beautiful" to what the real world perceives and how it acts according to that perception.
I totally emphasize how different foods affect energy levels and mood but I'm not going to lie to my kids about the other benefits of being in shape.
I think maybe we'd be on safer footing if we defined what "kids that age" is.
I'm assuming OP's daughter is ~7
At 7 I remember having noticing appearances and having crushes. My kid has some really fat kids at her school and she is polite but she feels sorry for them. I feel obliged to explain the forces at play here.
To be clear. I don't feel like I overly focus on the appearance aspect but I don't underplay it either. It's one vector out of many.


get her a nice collar(or harness when she gets older)

Sorry for the delay on this.

That's absolutely true, but you're running some risks re: fashion. At a size like that, you're talking about trudging into some plus-sized childrens' clothing, and that won't be a fun shopping experience for either of you.

As for the mom thing, definitely talk to a local lawyer. I don't do family law (thank fucking god), but there's a growing trend developing of family law giving a shit about childrens' weight and diet, especially as it relates to custody arrangements:


Hell, assuming you're well-spoken and keep your temper in check (this is the MOST IMPORTANT THING), you could possibly just represent yourself in a quickie proceeding before a local judge asking for a modification based upon your concerns re: her weight. I've seen people do that sort of thing here in DC successfully - I saw a guy successfully get the court to order that his ex-wife not allow their children to buy/use hoverboards because of the fire risks.

holy shit. I live in the same city as Pat!?
Did I just become a few degrees more effay by association?

became less if anything

>square state pls go

She gets to raise kiddos, the guy is probably not a creep since the court gave him custody, she doesn't have to become a balloon, etc

>had one kid with a shitty mom -> (kid is an accident) (too stupid to use a condom)
>split from mother early-on
>doesn't care enough to help his daughter with her weight, or he'll be the Uncool Parent

>thinking he wants to pay a nickel to a lawyer

Why would you come to a male designer fashion board for help with your fat kid? Fuck off.

>swimming or track
This. Those sports produce arguably the best bodies
>tfw no qt distance runner gf

If her mom wont be responsible try and get her put on ADD meds they cause most people to lose their appetite

Running shoes

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