Body thread

post summer bods, tips, rates

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that's very impressive for 6'8

what's wrong with head


It's a condition called ugly


is this a Veeky Forums raid? there are like 5 body-specific threads as of the last few minutes

started the gym at the beginning of summer. Trying to stay slim to look good in clothes while putting on some muscle.

ppl working on their summer bodies want feedback man.

Where should I go from here? Would it be hard to transition into ottermode with my bodyshape? Am I skinnyfat?

you should lift weights

Is it me or the way there's a noticeably big gap between elbows and the stomach looks really good.

damn you're right look at the difference

I'll post here too I guess
My goal is How am I doing?
Will post another pic shortly

Other pic

I think that you're trying to explain a v taper.

Christ lads. Just as I was starting to feel good with myself

Are you retarded? It is literally the most important feature of a males frame. Broad shoulders and chest is what indicates a strong frame and a large lung capacity. It is the first thing that anyone will notice about your body as a male.

Your bone structure is unfourtunate for looks but you look much stronger functionally while they all look weak.

You look like you could snap me in half desu

i dont like my body

Cheers guys. I just wanna have dat good otter mode these fellow above have going. No one fit better into their Yohji or Rick bcuz they "looked strong". Great job with those beach bods

B8 post

How is it not impressive for 6'8"? He looks better than basketball players at that height.

Eat more
>ss + gomad



should i skip leg day if i want otterymode and fit into skinny jeans

no, get defined legs that will fit into slim fit jeans to make them look naturally tight

i would skip it, but i played hockey and have pretty good calf genetics in my family, so mine aren't as thin as some of you low muscle mass skeletons

he's 6'4"

weren't they already working on them for spring break?

feedback anyone?

why are you tryna be a 14 year old bitch and fish for compliments?

Yeah you look like shit you weak cunt

Oh, I now realize that number was probably his wingspan. He has no excuse for that ogre face at 6'4".

i was looking for advices on how to look better, you absolute fucking piece of shit

try to use your motherfucking brain next time

Breddy gud
Lower bodyfat just a little and you're at ottermode



>Tfw my skinny jeans are super tight since I started exercising
I know I should have expected it but damn they're uncomfortable now


gain pec mass and lower body fat percentage a little and youre perfect

Actually I'm planning to buy a bar and some weighs to start doing specs. Will do senpai


whats your routine right now?, i think you look like where i want to be, dont want to be big muscly Veeky Forums tard, cause i cant be bothered to go gym 5 days a week.

Not a lot. 10 minutes of cardio, 20 squats w/dumbbells , 20-25 push-ups and some lower abdominal exercises I saw in a YouTube video with some Chinese guy. The I do some basic arm with dumbbells. Repeat that 4 times. I like to think that cardio counts as leg work.

I'd say that it's mostly just controlling what you eat and live .

gibe validation plx

Would succ.


its body dismorphia senpai the mirror tells us how much further we have to go. (stole that btw)
u husbando mode now senpai

>stop flexing

What's wrong with it

How do I look. Any tips?

>chest gap

someone on Veeky Forums thought this was "reverse progress" baka
can I be Veeky Forums with this body?

what chest?

goal body


>did you start off skelly before liftan?

>what's your diet? do you eat at a surplus or nah?

>d-do you swim?

looked way cuter before 2bh

>t. low test skinnyfat teen

rate please

>did you start off skelly before liftan?
When I was like 10-12 I was a true, visible ribs skelly. I just made an active effort to eat more and start exercising. Most of the fat seems to go to my ass and legs tho.
>what's your diet? do you eat at a surplus or nah?
Normal, healthy diet. Lots of fruit, vegetables and chicken (especially breast ) but I do love me some pork or beef once in a while. Absolutely no candy/sweets since I hate them, and fast/junk food and alcohol only for special occasions (rarely more than once in a month ). Lots of water, almost no soda and nothing too sweet. No supplements since I think it's a bit like cheating, the closest thing is I always drink a glass of vegetable juice after exercising because the saltiness is just so damn good nigga.
>d-do you swim?
Only as a hobby . Used to do it as a sport when I was a kid (5 to 11 yrs old). Would heartily recommend.

Sorry for any broken grammar. I'm on my phone, and English ain't my first language.
Also, my diet is shaped around the constant fear of developing diabetes and getting my legs chopped off so you could probably eat more sweet stuff than me.

Sorry, I read surplus as supplement. And no, I don't either.

Do I count as effay or something?

nice insertions
mirin genetix

no, stop wearing skinny jeans.
even if you can fit into them

nice bicep vein boi.

fuck my genetics, i've been trying so hard to get one and it's just not poppin' sometimes.
I have high(er) body fat on arms and chest, with low body fat on lower body.

Legit I have to wear a LG t shirts for sholder width but have a 30w

6'1 143lbs

trying my hardest to gain weight, was about 130lbs a month ago


You look just like my brother

how you look naked is not of great importance, how many times do you have your top off in public? Maybe if you live somewhere really hot it's more frequent but here in the UK it's pretty rare unless youre a chav.

I just wanna be a nice shape, be well proportioned and look decent in clothes, think i'm getting there

pic related


I live in Phoenix. We have gym culture here on a nearly Australian level.

u ever want to fuck ur brother? cause i do.

Literally get average lifts and drop body fat.

m9 I'm in the UK, and I know that the weather is shit, but I still sometimes wear my stringer gym top, or fill out my sick turtleneck/henleys wit dese muscles.


mega chatot

Almost here.... just another few months... next summer I will be perfect...

More chest.

OHP and push ups are awesome. Go do more, heavier and bigger.

Unless you want flat chest, my pecs are rounder.

It's OK brah I understand. You'll be a mutant one day.
Post routine? I want to be a male stripper because I like being objectified

None of us do. We just have to hope someone else does.

plus chest flies on push days

>mfw im skinny-fat
end me

start working out/keep working out
we're all going to make it brah

My stomach sticks out even though I'm lean, it's like my abs are on the outside of a balloon. So it looks pretty unsightly in t-shirts and so on. Will really focusing on getting strong abs be able to tighten the muscles so my stomach won't stick out as much?

My body.

Get boxer-briefs, wtf


im scared looking at this

serial killer out of 3

20 yo, ~195 just started clean bulking again
Been working out off and on for a few years. I feel like I have pretty good insertions if I keep at it
I'm 6'6 so the gains come slow

can i get any diet tips?
i appreciate that it's pretty obvious but i can't seem to find a substitute for bread, i eat lots of carbs in general and i wont to cut back


what's your height/weight?

6'3" 165lbs

Read up on the slow carb method in the four hour body by Tim Ferris


Please tell me those tattos aren't permanent