Where can i order these in Europe?

Where can i order these in Europe?

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Small hearts are sold out everywhere and aren't being restocked as they were last seasons CDG x Converse. The big hearts were available at END for cheap and are in stock in a few other stores but if you only want the small heart cons then you'll have to search Grailed, Ebay or fb groups

Thank you m9. Is it true that the big heart ones are more white than off-white?

if you live in Germany you could order them from the cdg shop in berlin senpai

Oh nice? Where is it located. I will be in Berlin for 2 days in august.

Nope, I live in Belgium

its at Linienstrasse 115
10115 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 2809 5880
[email protected]

really recommend it anyways, its a very nice store even if you don't buy anything

w2c in australia?

Does the small heart look objectively better than the big heart?
Because I like that, in photos at least, it looks like the small heart is offwhite. But the big heart seems more effay since it shows of the CDG Play logo more prominently
Does it just come down to personal preference?

I ordered from DSM NY to uk

>Small hearts are sold out everywhere
I found them in stock on a website in 5 min my man

>logo more prominent
>more effay

pick one

The big heart is cut off so it looks shit. Plus the big heart model uses a newer, lower quality converse base.

So... get the small heart? Or is converse shit in general and should just save for something more worthwhile.
The only reason to buy these instead of normal converse is because of the CDG Play heart, so IMO the bigger the better. But I know what you mean.

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kys for still falling for this

just a bit, the heart on the sides is pretty huge and makes the whole contrast look different. but i like them

Literally everywhere

Do they run large or small? I have EU size 42, should i pick 8 or 9? Talking about the small heart ones

>The only reason to buy these instead of normal converse is because of the CDG Play heart

not him but whats makes these better than regular converse

The admiration of tweens.