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ive got elf ears and can't wear normal iphone earphones. post some inspo

>buying any audio equipment with words like "urban", "street", "ghetto" as part of the product name
if you need industrial chic at least get grado or akg

Aren't all of Grado's stuff Open back?

It would suck for outdoor use.

el bumpo

yes, that's why I mentioned akg

Only logical thing to do is post a pic of elf ears.

Le bumpe

I have been using the Jabra Move for some time
They are low-profile yet Veeky Forums
I can easily recommend them

Koss Porta Pro.

I use these, but mostly at home.

I use Sennheiser momentum in ear on the go

What do you all think of the Sony h.ear on? I like the green one.

iirc these are fucking dope
clas ohlsen mislabelled them as £5 a few years back so I bought a pair of each colour.


had a pair of these, quality is surprisingly good, the only thing i didnt like bout em was sound leaked a bit too much and the headstrap will yank the fuck out of your hair if you dont open it up before you put it on


These Ai Ai's are pretty nice.

didn't mean to reply to anyone with this

Are you looking for home use or in public?


are there any effay earbuds

Make sure you buy closed back headphones
If you get open back, you'll hear everything around you, and everyone around you will hear what you're listening to

Do you care about sound quality? Price range?

Audio Technica ATH-IM02

Also, the IM02 and only the IM02
The others are actually quite ugly in comparison, when it comes to size and shape

Headphones in public are never effay

use IEMs/earbuds

Not the one who asked but how much would I have to spend for good quality earbuds? Have any in mind?

Jay a Jays Five. Love that linguine cord.

Without regards to being effay or anything, not much

A pair of Panasonic ergo fits costs like 10 bucks and are actually very good. I was surprised. Best bang for your buck.

If you want to spend a little more (like $50-100 on amazon), two good options are Shure se215 or maybe momentum in ears as a cheaper alt.

There are a couple of other good options under $100. I just speak from personal exp

Unless you're a nigger and you want to wear beats has the cord not even plugged in the headphones

>Best bang for your buck.
Idiot detected. Get some Aliexpress IEMs. KZ ATE are pretty much the very best

>stop liking what I don't like reeeeeeeee
This is you

>I just speak from personal exp

Also cannot read at all. kek

>This is you
No, you literally failed to understand that you are ***wrong***.

These are mine. Apparently I look like a person that wants to be talked to.

But im anti-social. I wear pic related.

>being this butthurt about budget earbuds. lel

>something subjective is objective

user can buy both and literally throw them away if he does not like one or both. It's not even a big deal and I'm giving him suggestions based off personal purchases

why you heff to be mad?

I am not mad. Just told you that your opinion was objectively wrong.

anything /g/ recommends

>Just told you that your opinion was objectively wrong.

>still making a big deal about $10 earbuds

Okay. Let me rephrase since your massive ego seems to be in the way

"Panasonic ergo fits are great budget earphones in my experience. They are a good choice under $10"

Okay. Let me rephrase since your massive ego seems to be in the way.

"Best bang for you buck"
This is wrong. And you can't say that I am wrong because "this is subjective", like you did before, because that also means that your own statement is wrong.

>best bang for your buck

>I just speak from personal exp

You lack reading comprehension, m8. Maybe the KZs fried your brain. And you're still making a big deal out of it

>I just speak from personal exp
I did not even say that. You are quoting someone else there.

>You are quoting someone else there.



Well in that case you proved me right once again. Why are you so desperate?

Fantastic phones, but make sure you get ultra-comfy XL cushions.

Xiaomi pistons masterrace here
Been using mine for 2+ years and not had one issue.

purely on aesthetics, i like the all black grados.

these look embarrassing. teenage razer tier.


aren't beats wireless

additionally, these two are superior.


wearing headphones outside not effa

impedance too high for portable use but these are pretty good, bass response sucks dick though

>these look embarrassing. teenage razer tier.

I actually own the VMODAs and they aren't as bright/shiny as in that pic. Purely for show.

Mainly got em for sound and durability. Don't know why you'd buy headphones mainly for style imo. Wearing headphones while walking makes you look like a douche no matter what you're wearing really

I feel sorry for people who consider these hi fi

Audio technica ath-m50x. Very effay senpai

Agree that they're not for walking around in. Only speaking about personal use. While aesthetics shouldn't be the sole consideration, they shouldn't be ignored either. I would rather have earphones with "very good" sound I love the look and feel of than some immaculate audiophile headphones I hate looking at every day.

If you like the angles and tech look of those earphones, that's fine. I'm not into tech fashion as a whole, so maybe it's a personal bias.

I feel sorry for people who miss the point.

I own these. I can confirm they are both sexy and functional.

cant really wear them out

i'm on my third pair of aiaiai tma-1's (without the branding black on black) they look cool when ur not wearing them but stick out kinda funny if you have a big head
why am i on my third pair? because the headband snaps way too easily but they give you a lifetime warranty
sound is gud esp w/ a dac

fa and have a great clear sound
>tfw i lost mine along with my fiio x1
whoever found them has good taste now

I bet you couldn't tell the difference in a blind a b x comparison between your aftermarket DAC and your computers one, with equal gain of course, especially since you consider TMA headphones good

You don't really need an amp though, like it's not required I use my phone all the time

>No mention of msr7
Effay as fuck and it's easily the best sounding

Wearing these right now. Really nice.

The workout in ears are
But not the over ear headphones

after owning owning both the momentum in ears and the shure se215s

buy the se215s, detachable cables are a god send srs

my momentum pair was better for super bassy kind of music mainly, somewhat less accurate than i would like. also the cable disintegrated after about 7 months of constant usage rendering it useless.

Whereas my se215s have been going 10 months strong, same cable, better sound quality imo + the option to replace the cable, or a bud if one is ever to fail

why does everyone post shitty ears for use at home fappin to hentai

post pics for public use

akg k240