He thinks the way you look matter to girls

>he thinks the way you look matter to girls

Did you ever actually talk to girls?

>dressing for girls
>giving a shit what girls think
the best girls can do is dress in polka dots and pretend to be zooey deschanel why would i care about if they think i dress well

girls are fucking gay

No, it clearly doesn't matter, when I hit a party and have an objective 9/10 tell other people that I obviously work out then after getting drunk end up with her asleep on me and holding hands, it's because I got so much game as someone who almost never goes out and talks to people!

Appearance matters. A LOT. It's just the way the world works.

>talking to girls
>not just getting your dick wet as quickly as possible without torturing your patience

You know what girls like talking alot? fat tumblrinas

i love how its gotta be the same 10 or so people in these threads every time

because clothes aren't part of appearance, right?

Girls are fucking boring, jesus christ. Swear on me mum (xdd) i've never talked to a girl that has said anything remotely interesting, like ever.

desu clothes don't matter that much. grooming and physical fitness are more important. dressing well is a plus. dressing badly however, is kinda like a handicap

ye, so why not dress well?
It's like when you're fat - it negates almost everything else about you when it comes to attractiveness, dressing like a mongoloid isn't going to help you

I just dress for fun and because it makes me feel good. Also I've complimented on how I dress by girls so take that as you will.

I'm saying they are important. Along with your body and face.

the first thing a girl will notice about you is your appearance

psychologically speaking, it will set up the basis for any attraction they might have towards you

yeah, I had sex 2 days ago and regret it, it's a pain, I always forget until the next time I do it and remember it's not worth it

also I don't dress in shit girls normally care for so it doesn't matter

Girls have complimented me enough at uni for me to think that it does matter.

No I don't talk to girls, where do you think you are

Girls are douchebags.

I only get off by leading them on and making them feel ugly. Sex is icky.


>caring about fashion
>being straight

pick one and stop lying to yourself xox

i never said you shouldn't dress well. i just stated that it doesn't have as much of an influence as some might hope.

why not both