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first for ribs

Anyone have any tips for maintaining?

calculate your TDEE and eat at that level for forever

have the same few breakfasts every day
dont snack
dont eat more than you have to
eat 2-3 meals a day

/thinspo/ pls help
I'm relatively thin (BMI 17ish) but have been super bloated for a few days, especially after I eat. I just finished my period so it's not that. I have important shit coming up that I don't want to look skinnyfat for. What do

Yeah, I did that, but, just wondering if while maintaining you still put everything in MFP or LoseIt or if you can kind of ballpark if watching the scale.

Okay, that's what I've been doing. Sounds good. Certainly going to watch the scale but also just want to live a bit more normal now. I'm hoping I'm better at gauging my food by eye now.

dont eat any foods that will cause you to bloat (dairy, soda, anything too salty, google the rest), drink plenty of water, and do some cardio in between now and then if you can

post progress?

>height/gender/time spent
>starting weight
>goal weight/bmi

171 cm/F/2 months
~80 kg
69.9 kg
47 kg/16.1

have a nice fasting week

>saw less than 150# on the scale for the first time in years
long way to go but a good feel tbqh

the longer you've been eating at a certain level, the easier it will be to eyeball the numbers, but if you notice you start gaining more than 2-3lbs, you should go back to tracking

good luck friend (:


19/M/6 months on and off
70-75 depending off how shitty i ate
whatever looks nice, 58 or so would look decent i guess

Does anyone have tips for staying motivated and disciplined? I'm usually disciplined for about half of the week but then my dad will offer to get McDonald's or I'll meet up with a friend or I get really hungry suddenly and I go over my calorie budget.

helo fwamile daly remindar to stey hidhratted luv u soo muhch tanks bye

helo yes u shold dwink mor watar. watar halp wit bwoating. watar alto has no calores, keps skin gud, halp mood, halp enargi, kep u cool, halp u digist fod an poo poo, an halp contral ur apatight. luv u tanks bye

Thank you. Yes I feel like I've gotten very good at eyeballing calories, and doing it by feel. I'll continue to weigh myself in the mornings like I do now. It goes to an app and takes no time so I can see if my average is raising quickly.

ty froggo

>hydration froge replied to me

watch this thread, keep it on a tab on your phone. fat hate threads are helpful for me also, whenever I find those.

I find mcdonalds easy to get out of without eating much of anything since I see how disgusting their customers are


Topkek. It's a sign it's going to be a good weekend for you

if you can't avoid going to mcdonalds you need to like only order a chicken salad. same thing if you go out with friends, you have to eat well. if you don't enjoy the food, like oh well. you'll either grow to like it or you'll eat out less

between 2 and 3 liters a day familamb

a gr8 way to lose water weight/bloating is to go into ketosis. just make sure you get enough water/salt, and avoid stuff that cause bloating (dairy, grains, legumes and so on). check out this list if you're unsure:



who's this?

which should i eat right now /thinspo/? i have an apple and a banana that are both around 110 calories based on their size.

5'4 femanon
SW, August 2015: 120ish, idk exactly, didnt have a scale
CW: 85lbs
GW: 80lbs

helo yes it depand on were u liv, temparter, an ur actevity leval. somewher arond 3/4 to won ounce par pownd. mak sur pee pee is cwear. luv u tanks bye.

Will do, thanks



180/m/few moths
~60 and a bit more toned

tek frug

that's wonderful keep it up

mcdonald's has yummy coffee. just have a cup or two of those instead!

bananas are more nutritious, i vote that.

Is it okay to add a sip's worth of 3% milk to my cup of coffee? I have a maximum of three cups everyday and I'm on a low calorie strict keto.

Does fasting help or hurt bloating?

It's okay to eat faggot, and not ok to have mental illness like yours

I add a full cup because i am getting into otter mode and i'm not afraid of fat or protein. carbs and sugar are worse, granted there is a bit in milk.

Are you serious? These threads need to be insta-deleted for spreading autism/mental illness.

Instead of starving yourself come track your calories and join the group for a more effective way to lose weight

how thin do i have to be to be flat chested

If girl you can be really thin and still have tits, genetics. and if you're a guy lose some weight you swine

Not him but I'm male 5'7 and 115 lbs and have some fat on my chest and belly I want to get rid of. How low do you think I need to go?
My plan is to lose all fat so I'm comfortable in clothing and then start eating and working out more.

ur a gud frog

ty family!!! lov u :333333

>My plan is to lose all fat so I'm comfortable in clothing and then start eating and working out more.
Well be a bit accurate like say you want to have a 10% fat that's a bit healthier & I would say just start working out now. But are you trying to go for otter mode or?

I am 210lbs and 6"0. Borderly obese. I don't think so.

post pic the height and weight dont add up to man boobs
you might have body dysphoria

Was thinking the same thing

You sound really skinny user :c
I'm sure you look fine and shouldn't lose any weight

Yeah I posted it and realised the wording. Of course I meant the fat that makes me uncomfortable. Also I'm doing bodyweight execises already so I'd probably just up the calories a bit when I'm happy with my body.

My number one priority right now is to lose the skinny fat look so I need to lose the fat. After that I'll see how happy I am with my body. I don't necessarily want ottermode but something between skeleton and it.

I'm just afraid that I might get too skinny because right now I don't really have any muscle and I think I'm pretty high in body fat for my weight. What is the absolute minimum to go and still stay healthy?

Rate me.

kinda scared/10
demon trips too

youre at a good weight
as long as you're happy user.

I know it's really weird but I've had the same skinny fat body for around 3 years now and I've been 115-130 lbs the whole time and always had the same manboobs that stick out in a t-shirt and make me really uncomfortable.

I admit I might have some body dysmorphia but it's really making me crazy I just want to look thin.. I'll maybe post some pick later but right now I can't.

pls date me user damnn


It quite depends on how low you had gone before. A BMI of 14 is actually mortal on women, and requires hospitalization, and everything below 15.5 is playing death with your organs, and the chemestry of your brain. I will say that from 15.5-16.9 is acceptable (if you take your vitamin supplements and have your veggies); most of models have those BMI and still ovulate.
I will recommend you to measure all the mood changes in your brain and your quality of performance in certain tasks (like reading in other language) to see your performance. That's how i did it, and I know for sure that 15.1 is not okay in anyone.

I'm male btw. My plan is probably to go minimum around 105 which would be bmi of 16.5 or something and if by then somehow I still am not happy I'll just eat more and gain more muscle I guess.


seriously SL 5x5 with pull ups and you'll lose those titties and have pecs

Yea, consider that men look less fat with more muscle on that women. Besides, gaining some muscle will enforce your masculine aesthetics. But never forget yout vitamins.

it's fine, but using heavy cream is a better option.

>tfw 17 bmi even tho I eat like shit and drink everyday

>It's a "I can eat whatever I want and not get fat" poster who doesn't count calories and overestimates the amount he eats.

>172 cm/5'8ish f . 2nd year
>274 lbs
>168 lbs
>at least 130 lbs

ilu frof

discord.gg/SeMWYm9 join the discord. mrs greaso is in here i swear

It has begun, f.am!
I've been home a week and have lost 2 lbs. I know lots is/will be water weight but it feels so good to see that number falling again.

Hoping to be 110 lbs by October UvU

If you're a guy and you're in this thread, you're a little bitch. Go fucking work out

So, I bought some instant matcha latte recently and poured out into ~1/4 cup popsicle molds.
It works out to

>SL 5x5
not him, but if I have naturally large thighs, won't I get giant ones squatting?
I want slp legs

Forgot to mention that's per popsicle.

>150 pounds
>Goal is 125 pounds
I've fucked up Veeky Forums. Know I'm far too fat, how do I get out of this hell?
Boyfriend likes thin girls, how do you all suppress hunger? I do go to the gym frequently but I eat like a pig.

literally working out makes you hungrier

>lost 5 pounds so far in a little under 2 weeks
>feeling better already
only .. 4 months to go

intermittent fasting
How many more times must I say this.

idk i like to consciously acknowledge when i eat that food is hitting my stomach and then reassure myself that i'm full, or just ate, and that i'm craving food due to emotional needs and that usually keeps me from stuffing my face endlessly
take a doggo for good luck

5'4", 108bs. How much more weight should I lose?

You're asking about a fucking sips worth of milk, man. Your mental illness is preventing you from realizing how retarded that sounds.

Hey Gregg I didn't know you would come to /fa

What does thinspo think of my legs?Been dieting since March 2016,also ama.

>count your calories
>download my fitness pal or lose it
>intermittent fasting is good too.
>go to the gym 3/4 times a week
>drink black coffee in the morning
>drink water before every meal
>keep yourself busy so you don't feel like you are hungry
>stop eating like a pig user it's not worth it

looking good man.

Thanks :)

What's the big deal with IF?

what was your starting weight/current weight?

Not the guy who recommended it but it's great because after 6-7hours of eating your body goes into ketosis mode(burns fat instead of carbs) and if you leave some times between your meals(ideally 24 hours) you will burn more fat.

Starting weight was like 75kg,i'm 57kg now,also 178cm tall

This You move your meal 4-5 hours after you wake up so you don't eat as much calories in the day but yeah its good.

Is there a source on how long it takes to enter ketosis?

Pretty good channel,check it out.


You will get an idea of how you can do it,also as you will see in the video don't fast for more than one and a half week.

Well i actually think that it's better to eat right after you wake up but it doesn't really matter.Just don't eat a long time after you wake up and you'll be fine.Eating in the morning gives me a shit ton of energy.

>one and a half week
Wouldn't you fucking die if you didn't eat for one and a half weeks?
I thought you guys were talking like a few hours.

>Been eating 500-600 calories a day for the last 12 days
>Brother buys a 16 inch pizza for us to share because we just finished something
>Eat half of it to not be rude
>1800 calories in one sitting
>2030 for the day counting a small breakfast
A-at least its just one day

I'm doing 3 day fasts really often,not much of a big deal.One and a half week of not eating is doable and you lose like 4kg(around 8lbs i guess) of pure fat during that time.

To give you a picture,multiply this by 8 to see how much your appearence will change.

Not the guy but no you wouldn't die & I wake up like at 11 am and eat like at 4pm but I also work out. I'm not ready for fasting that long

like, none.

I hear a lot about how losing weight that quickly means you'd put on a lot when you go back to eating normally.
Is that true?

>don't fast for more than one and a half week.
as in, eat food daily?
I can intermittent fast for as long as I can/want, yes?

Thank you!