Backpacks backpacks backpacks.

Post your backpacks.

I just found this, but in black at a thrift store yesterday for $5. Made in USA. Is it Veeky Forums or not?

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Gud job

Looks like a regular eastpak

>made in USA

Pick one


I want this bag =(

made in usa eddie bauer is a gem, worth way more than $5

keep in mind: most thrift stores bring in hundreds of pounds of clothes a WEEK
they have to keep prices low to move product
you can get lucky if you shop slowly and read all tags on an item

Bought this a few weeks ago.
>inb4 basic
Nobody wears them here and I like the way it looks.

I just found a nearly new sweatshirt made in USA for $3, USA made stuff slips through the cracks fairly often I've found


Gonna get a Muji backpack. Want one in white, but only off white are available at my nearest store

Got the backpack a while ago, might get the duffel bag for gym gear too. Thoughts?

these things are cheap flimsy garbage

better off getting a debranded jansport/eastpak

What do you guys think? Since I have a 17" laptop to carry everyday

literally cannot walk a block in nyc without seeing like 4 of these

Would this with a patch covering the logo be Veeky Forums? Also, recommendations for patches please.

W2C? Price?

NASA patch would be cool.

Every girl has this bag now, saddens me.


For what reason user?

thinking about copping. opinions?

damn, forgot the attachement.

Just like big screens (even though its impractical iknow)

Wow my parents actually have that backpack too.

Yo guys I'm starting college soon and need a new backpack, what do I go with?

rush 12

Regular black jansport because I'm not a fag

>to carry everyday
there's a problem with this line of thinking

goruck gr1 with a pin towards the bottom of it

apologies for the accidental sideways pic

The massive influx of made in China/Taobaoshit backpacks with paid reviews on Amazon is really annoying. I have some credit and thought I'd get something there but it's pointless.

it was a gift

man that sucks

eh, its pretty big and i like the look and colour.
things i dont like is that the leather isnt authentic and, hershel

it would look fine with brown nylon webbing straps / plastic buckles but the leather looks bad lol
the bag is clearly made of cheap polyester why try and dress it up with fake leather


How's the Fjallraven 28L?
I don't really want to spent too much on a backpack that I'll only be using for a year and it seems decent enough.

grey World Industries suede shoes
light grey Levi 510's
black Guinness tee
red tinted Ray Band knock offs

is that rope

Cop or not? I need a new backpack. Needs to fit a 15.6" lapop

Cop. I also have a burton and i like the quality. I want to change mine to one like that.

not shilling cuz I've heard the bag quality isn't great
but they're having a huge sale right now; definitely the time to buy a s/s 16 Burton bag

Yea actually you are right. Mine has also got a problem so im gonna return them. Hopefully i can pick a new one.

I live in the middle of nowhere and have never seen someone wear one of these. Should I still cop?

do I cop this one?

I use it everyday

get whatever you want, don't worry what people think.

>no topo
c'mon man, are you even trying?

they even have some all-black bags now so they'd fit perfectly on that list

and Hudson Sutler just released their first backpacks; might pick one up


What i mean is that others may find it impractical but I don't mind it.

kinda looks like a purse to me

but to answer the question if u dont ride bikes then the bag makes u look stupid

I use a MW messenger for my 17" laptop, and I feel you on the ambivalence towards the so-called impracticality. I love having the extra screen real estate when I'm working, and the weight of this laptop is actually less than my old one. Honestly, I have nothing but good things to say about these bags, and the notion that you need to be hardcore into bikes to wear one is ridiculous..

Pic related is something that I want to pick up. Is it sick or naww?

Can anyone post some effay messenger bags?
Preferably mil inspired canvas or something.

I can't decide if I want a small versatile bag or a basic backpack that would be more practical to carry items in.

looks Coach inspired
I will if you will not

Incoming College Freshman here, any recommendations for brand/color? I'm thinking of buying a Herschel bag, but I'm not sure about which color.

cop or not

Good proportions. Love the black flag and little pin.

It looks like paracord. Dude is tactical.

Seriously thinking about copping it myself.

I just ordered pick related
Did I make a mistake?

stop posting here kevin

the text intriguing and the shape is fine but that brown bit on the bottom fucks it
its not a nice bag
it is what it is. nice design, classic obviously, blends into the crowd: good or bad thing? who knows. i hope you have fun
they are nice, they are plain, wahoo there ya go. lost mine. dont see em in the shop any more.
texture colour and shape scream 'uncool uni student'
too goofy for how bland it is, travel onwards, go further with what u are willing to express with a bag. be less "Veeky Forums"
dont do that its contrived.nasa logo would honestly not be cool at all
this list is for boring people who dont have eyes, although that ludicrously expensive undercover bag is very nice.
i am undecided on these.
real bad
this would have a lot of charm if it was kinda dirty lol, dont know why. less streetwear, more CEX
hmmmm okay
juvenile. u wont look cool but you will maybe make friends with 14 year olds. you could 14 i have no idea desu
diagonal bullshit looks like the worst asos shit
quite nice
the green bag is cute, what is it?
lmaoooooo absolutely lame and a very embarrassing,
i personally think that you did make a mistake

What backpack do you use user?

Rate me fa/gs
>Pic related recent purchase.


Thinking of getting this one. Rate?

basic af

Just copped on kickstarter

I have this bag, I've gotten a few compliments on it. I just wanted a basic backpack that had a water-bottle holder, was not disappointed with what I got. Good call user.

What does it mean for a backpack to be slashed?

with a knife

lucky you, living in a first world country and all that

Rush 24 is good for school

recently cop

are you femanon

5'8" is 173 cm



how small are you that it doesn't look tiny and female on you?

my white mountaineering backpack.

useless post. contribute to the thread with constructive advice and criticisms next time.

good for schoolshootercore

they won't reply. they're a mindless user giving shit judgements without saying anything worthwhile

just copped this for uni

How about this one?
>inb4 Homer Simpson face

I know its off topic but there is no patch thread around. Should I patch these?

Dont patch them all, choose one that you like. Nip on lower right would be cool desu.

agreed with on choosing just one. Lower left for me, but right could do the trick as well

I looked up the file name and apparently its a exclusive bag from a Microsoft event.

Just copped this bag a couple days ago.


5.8' (ie 5'9.5") not 5'8"


anything similar to this but with 2 large compartments and some organizer stuff? preferably not anymore tactilame than this one


looks like a big battery for robodude

Odd future cop for uni?