ITT: We post our favorite song, and anons guess what outfits we wear, and if we are M or F. Go wild

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You probably dress like a spic, complete with the Morrissey quiff, drop-crotch chinos, Nikes, and a hoodie with a diamond on it.
ur prolly a nice guy tho

can we exterminate brits yet

I doubt anyone will guess right.

something very internet/new millennium/black culture influenced and trendy. "dark" streetwear possibly. or just boring old monochrome.

Animal Collective- Winter's Love

When you sleep-My Bloody Valentine

The Doors - The End

The Strokes- Last Nite

The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps



Fresh & catchy

>anything that isnt basic /mu/-core is shit

Daniel Johnson and Fishmans aren't really /mu/core. The Beatles, Doors, AnCo, and Pink Floyd are, however.

yea sorry wrong term m8
>anything that isnt frequently circlejerked on /mu/ is shit

>having a favourite song

You mean like The Beatles, Doors, AnCo, or Pink Floyd?

You can have a favorite song atm, heres mine. Love the lyrics


DOOM's dope yo. You heard The implications of eating anything at all is very non-effay but it's pretty good.

mm food is my fav album

Good shit my man

Again, DOOM probably isn't effay, but dope as hell.

Bored Nothing - Let Down

Really suggest you watch the video for it though, really puts the icing on the cake

Xtal - Aphex Twin

inb4 techwear
What do you reckon fa?

Sounds amazing in vinyl. ;)

love them, empty room is my favorite song.

you probably wear dickies or jeans and nothing else, cool windbrakers, or you just dress like mac demarco



love that song

Favorite song? That's a little hard to pick.

I'll just go with the song I like most from my favorite album:

Method Man

>a rap song is his favorite song

Kill yourself

da mysteries of chessboxin'

every outfit has a snapback



>every outfit has a snapback
Very wrong

love this shit

pretty eyes - silver jews

this, millennials are the worst