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w2c thread

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jeans like these UO x calvin klein

another pic
also please dont say levis

Saw this in another thread
w2c pants on right

Trying to upgrade a bit from my 511 rigid dragons. Want some better quality but can't afford to pay over 190-200. What are some reasonable options similar in fit with a mid rise and are either raw or very deep indigo?

w2c some kind of shirt with stripes ATTACHED

pic related, based richie

w2c also

W2C these pants?


Is lacoste the new polo? People can pull it off ironically? '

I cant imagine it.
Are you wearing lacoste earnestly?

Hey boys. Sorry for the long post but I've been on this board about a year and I've figured out by now that this board tends to not be very helpful for memes sake but I could really use help. My gfs birthday is this month and she said she really wanted this one dress but it's sold out and I'm pretty much hopeless because all women's fast fashion kind of looks the same to me. W2C something similar to pic related? I know it's really normie I'm not super fond of her style but her birthday isn't about what I like so help me out guys

W2C similar but more affordable trousers

>fast fashion

You should ask someone on Reddit

I don't wanna go there :-/

I second this

This entire outfit. any feature is appreciated

Guys please help me out, im looking for a Selected slim cargos in black, i had a pair of them but they are destroyed now. Need to buy that again. I remember that the tag said selected indigo. help a brother out.

ID on these reeboks??

loose pants?

w2c comfy heavyweight hoodie in white

What do you want at waist and ankle

where can i get a jacket like this that isnt saint laurent. i checked ebay and etsy but didnt find anything


Reebok Classic Leather 2214

these are beautiful

hopefully someone has an answer

relaxed, and comfy looking.

this or nah? need a coat and not sure what style I want yet so just something that works I guess

what kaws stuff to cop? like it all but can only afford a couple



These two are my favorite and what I bought

looks like that type of carpet painters use

olive or white? color select doesnt work when linking I think.

w2c Jacket, thank you for your time.

here is his fit since you asked nicely friend.

jcf gingham shirt
jcf shit jacket
levi's pants (I forget what model)
llbean blucher mocs

post your favorite richie scenes


where can i get an olive drab jacket that i see so commonly in military inspo albums

W2C high fashion nazi-wear? I also need some boots or shoes that pairs well with niggerblood.

W2c shorts like these, but cheaper?

nothing wrong with that

jil sander

Rick Owens


Military jackets are a huge trend right now, look at any college girl's facebook page. They look pretty good but are rapidly approaching/have hit meme territory.

Anyway, alpha industries m65, idk i hate myself

w2c everything?

I know you don't want Levi's but I have vintage Levi's that look just like this

Bags that look similar to these.

dunno if the one on the right is a herschel bag but they have bags just like that

w2c these or something very similar?

w2c sweatshirt that looks like this?
the one in the picture is from 08sircus via havenshop but is sold out in all but the largest size

arent these underground creepers? I havent seen them with these soles though

get an oversized hoodie and cut the sleeves

what's the source of the pic, where did you get it

id already seen the shoes on hifi fnk but someone made a thread with a cropped photo so i just used that

>tfw ano will never be ur gf

thanks user, i love you
sadly theyre not in stock anywhere


w2c generic but solid ma1

w2c IRA sweatshirt

those look like they've been tapered and hemmed. Just buy regular wool trousers and bring them to a tailor and show him this picture.

Would someone kindly ID the jacket?

This is the sweetest post to ever be posted on Veeky Forums.

Where to score that kind of stuff? What is this type of thing called?

just search for wooly pullys, its pretty common surplus

urban outifitters and brandy melville definitely. good luck

Thank you

W2C fake Owens?
not feeling like spending 300$+ on memes

bump, plz help


you don't wan to spend $300 to look like a meme?

nu senpai

W2C an Veeky Forums windbreaker for hiking and day-to-day use? Hard to find good colors besides black.

been in the same situation and here are the replacements i'm considering (raw selvedge) :
APC New Standard
Edwin ED-55
Naked & Famous Weird Guy
Nudie Grim Tim
Acne Van (might be over budget)

this greenjacket?

wtc jacket?

these, or similar sunglasses

I've been considering the PNS and the Skinnyguys but I might need to fix the taper a bit. My inseams need to be a hair under 30" to have no breaks in my trousers, and from what I'm aware of the PNS have a 32" inseam which is fine I can just cuff them twice and forget about it. It is at the upper range of my budget though to the point where it's going to be tough to cop


this work?

W2C knit cardigan thing this lonng

The detailing on the front fucks it up just a bit too much for me, and a bit darker than I'd like. Thanks though

'Don't stop believing' in the beginning FUCK

I missed the panic attacks, they could have put some in the last seasons

not 100% like yours, but you might like one of these



we kept hearing Tony's difficult, angry breath, through the last seasons

you might have more luck searching for knit bathrobes

trying here bc y not


i like the look of this but im 6'2' and a man

being a huge eva fan (also rei is bestgirl) i would buy it in a heartbeat

prob too embarrassed to wear tho...


It's a rough life being a closet weab.

anyone know w2c these in the us????


jacket id


w2c decent quality patterned sweaters, like this one from Howlin'?

love this so much

please boys.
I need them

long shot, but what shoes are they? are they stans? archy is Veeky Forums i wish to imitate him

Obviously stans. How old is this picture

w2c cool velcros or slip ons with a black upper and a white sole?

besides rick owens

vans desu

Or similar

werkstatt munchen

w2c this grail. circa 2004, limited edition available in certain coles and woolworths retailers