Alright Veeky Forums, I came here from Veeky Forums a few months back. Slowly building out my wardrobe. How's my fit?

Alright Veeky Forums, I came here from Veeky Forums a few months back. Slowly building out my wardrobe. How's my fit?

I stopped working out my legs, and just do upper body for the ottermode / athletic look.

>this posture
>these shoes
Yeah, you're Veeky Forums alright.

Also, I plan on getting my jeans hemmed. I don't think I look good with cuffs. I'm trying to keep my style simple with single color elements.

Need new shoes and yeah new jeans will help alot but overall its fine

hem your own jeans man, its nice to learn for the future and someone has a seeingg machine in a house that nice.

The jacket and shirt is fine

I am, pic related.
I just bought these jeans.... but I've got other pantaloons.
>someone has a seeingg machine in a house that nice.
Thanks dude! I like diy, so I might give it a try.

wtf is wrong with your upper legs

jesus christ

Veeky Forums really is autistic if they think this looks good

holy shit this is reddit 2013

jfc, I stopped working legs.
don't use leddit, so I wouldn't know.

whats your routine now that you dont do legs?

It's PPL without the L. PPxPPxx
Also trying to run twice a week for 20mins.

Give me some effay advice, I don't wanna dress like a pleb.

Someone fell for this meme

lolol mind if i can get a detailed version ive been searching for a PPL without legs for a while

I'm just wondering how the fuck he found killshots without really looking. They were the ultimate meme on reddit around that time but got discontinued iirc

Ok OP, if you actually want some clothing related advice, I dig your jacket, your shoes are ok, your pants are horrendous. They are way too long for your legs. The cuff is too thick and too wide, indicating you need shorter pants.

Also, based on your other post it looks like you have massive thighs, so all memes aside, you NEED a taper.

he doesn't look at all like either expectation or reality pics, you need to get out more

Sure, here's my routine


>Butterflys 3x8
>Weighted Dips 2x8
>Shoulder Press 3x8
>Upright Rows 2x8
>Skull Crushers 3x8
>Dragon Flags 3x5


>Pull Ups 3x8
>Seated Row 3x12
>Close Grip Pull Downs 2x12
>Bar Curls 3x12

I don't do stuff I don't enjoy. Don't like deadlifting or benching.

Had them since 2013 lol, got them as a gift. Never followed the memes on reddit. Are they meme tier? I have other shoes like Adidas white mountaineering, Nike flyknit lunarons.
Appreciate the advice. I'm hemming the jeans. It took a while to find jeans with a taper, but these do taper and it's a nice snug fit. Here's hoping for sick fades.

bumping one last time. help a brotha out.

Killshots were meme tier on reddit a while back but were discontinued

Jeans look horrendous, jacket is one size too big or so. Otherwise the fit is fine.

>jeans look horrendous
Is it the length or the overall fit?
>jacket is one size too big
Eh, can do much about that.
Are they still meme tier today? Don't wanna look like redditor...


killshots + cuffed selvedge denim = reddit

You have a really shit posture and knock knees, which no amount of working out can fix unfortunately, you're just going to have to deal with that.

As far as your fit goes, the top half is fine. Nothing really goin on, safe. Those jeans are utter shit. You can try to hem them to a good length, but I really don't see anything else

Why are your jeans so fucking long?

should I throw out the kill shots or what? I'm getting the jeans hemmed.

theyre fine outside of this board because people are only going to call you reddit here

nigga i just bought them. Rag & Bone fit 2 raw

someone's been skipping their deadlifts

length of the jeans is #1. they're like 5 inches too long at least. you shouldn't have to cuff your jeans to make them fit. and throw out those shoes

mirin really hard bro
don't listen to these Veeky Forumsggots

get your jeans tailored and hemmed first, the cuffing looks bad
with that fit I'd go for a much lighter blue on the jeans as well
and I don't like the shoes but that's just personal preference
top half is alright other than the jacket being a size too big

wtf is going on with your legs O_O

no traps which I don't understand how you look like that and lack traps. but good everything else any gril would melt bro

I can see you dont browse Veeky Forums

jeans ruin it

Traps get depleted when you cut, I've only seen roiders with good traps while cutting.
I have, refer to this post for more detail

w2c jacket?

W2c jacket ?

Good fit on jeans too, w2c

Mirin everything bar traps gj bro
also w2c jacket as others have said?

miring legs, miring overall proportions desu


You look bad especially the bends

Also, legs are the same as yours senpai and they look sweet

Ignore others

nigger your pants are like four sizes too long

i have no idea whats going on with that hoodie, just get a normal one

i mean just read the sticky m8