Cop or Not?

Been wondering if I should cop these bad boys for $50

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ffs no. just get some gazelles or sambas.

Shameless self-bump

Op here. You really think so? I'm a brown skinned guy and the Gazelles have a girly look to it and I don't know why but the Sambas have a bowling shoe feel, but if someone can post some good Sambas or Gazella I might reconsider. If I ever did bought Adidas it would be something from the Adi Ease collection. Pic related next shoe I was thinking of buying.



i got some black and white gazelles just today and theyre so cash

pic related only with gold lettering

damn son w2c? and how much did you get it for?

im in vegas right now so i got em in some mall at one of the resorts, im sure you can get them online though. i got them for 80 though, a little high but worth

Should I cop? are GATs a meme or do they look better when they're on feet? Not too expensive

i like these

>do they look better when they're on feet
m8 don't get shit internet tells you to get if you don't personally like how they look

Should I cop these for 100€? I know the shoes and the hype are a bit old but I'd use those mostly in school when I got long days and my feet get fucked up when I wear Jordans the whole day.

i can attest to their comfort

don't that colorway though, i have it and its shit

Yeah I was thinking about throwing some white or black laces to them if I cop em'


If you can keep them fresh and clean -- why not

cant decide they're only 60 on sale and made in uk do i pull the trigger

I'm a massive poorfag, but I saw some old ass Orients for sale. Any reason to skip them?

(Poor like, can't spend more than 50 bucks on a watch)

should i cop af1s?


Just use your phone, save the money for something you need or a nicer watch.

will Air Max 90 ever come back into fashion. Found some old ones in my attic

I'm about to pull the trigger on these but I want feedback. Does anyone have these who's a dude?

dont have but monochrome shoes are goat u should cop

I'm a girl and I want to step my sneaker game up. So far I have Puma Vikky, Puma Suede Mono Iced+ in red, would this be a good addition?

shits fresh cop matey

w2c did the restock on opening ceremony?

nvm there on the vans website wtf they must be new and 1000000000000000% cop


which color should I get these in boys

Cop or not?
And if not these, are any foams Veeky Forums approved?

Your first choice looks better
That's one of the better New Balances I've seen but I hate New Balance so it's hard for me to say cop.
Cop them if you like.
Hell yeah

Your red ones are nice, Vikkys aren't too great though. But your pic is good, cop those.

i would get the regular black and white superstars they look rly hot on girls imo

If you only wear em to the gym or to play basketball I would, unless they fit your asthetic well

Cop nike roshe one?

Wtf is this thread? people seriously asking if foams are Veeky Forums?? People saying that basicstars look nice on girls??? People in 2016 asking if they should buy roshes????

mos def cop

Would these be better with black pants or blue jeans?

lol ikr

nigger shoe if ur white and not on a basketball court kys

roshes dead for years bud


Opinions fampais?

>that retarded pink section
way to fuck up a good shoe

i think leather is a better option for black Chelsea but those are fine, personal preference

r/streetwear is more ur style i think you're going to get some mean answers here

What functional running shoe should i cop? Was looking at flyknits but I don't know if they are actually good for actually running in the actual world


Which? I found both for 15,000 yen.

The trainer looks amazing

no "fashion running" shoe is actually good for running
just go to a fleet feet or something and try some out

cop ?

I copped Radials last weekend and they're great. Do it.

The Rombaut on the right? I'll go back to the store this weekend, see if they still have it.

fuck no foams are ass

Y/N? I can pick them up for $50 tonight.

c/n? been thinking about them for a while, I'm simply not sure how to colour-match/style them properly, although I'm sure they go with most things

either, depends on your shirt desu

the colours just don't work unless you're buying these shoes for a very specific wardrobe.

help me out bros, I want a white shoe, but dont want meme smiths


Cop or not

I have these, v comfy and pretty fresh, much better than Stan's

Anyone? I just want to know how they break in and look worn.

>v comfy
all I needed to hear senpai

Just remember the toebox is nylon and a lil bit shiny. Try them on at a store first and see how you like em

eh, I have 574s with a reflective N on the side, I think the reeboks should be fine, I was gon try em out for sizing anyway. Would I have to go to a reebok store to try them?

Yeah I got mine at an outlet, I meant try them on to see how you like the nylon toebox, though being miles better than Stan's, they're not as versatile

fo sho, thanks user-kun

they absolutely look better on feet

i have all white
they are comfy af, while look fresh af

cop or not, wanna wear this with all black fits

yes. NMDs are fucking sick.
memers on Veeky Forums will say otherwise since they don't want you to dress better than them.
crab mentality.

those are like the only good looking nmds because you can't see those ugly ass lego blocks so well
the xr1s seem better, I'd wait for those

Those are alright. Nice

1, 2 or neither?

1 if any but I still think reeboks look like nurse shoes

Oh yeah those are fire!!

The one on the right looks nice! COP


garbage taste

red October wanna-bes. step your shoe game up gaddamn

Should I cop? They have a decent price

Yes or no?

those look nice af, w2c?

1 for slim fits, 2 for loose fits (the classics are quite bulky)

W2C? They look great




stumbled across this company while learning more about my sewing machine

wow that picture sucks; my bad

what does dnc mean? sticky didnt explain

definitely, now cop


50% off, c/n.?

court vantage, did i make a mistake


Really need some neutral black shoes, cop?