C r i n g e

cringe thread ?


You cringe you lose


Jersey shore

he shirt too big for he damn body

that looks cool though

This person is okay with me.

Their appearance/body language screams "why are you taking a picture of me right now?". Why did you or why did you point out this photo? Asshole, they clearly are just in a house so whatever.


I like this one 2bh

If the sweater was a little smaller it would be good

someones getting bullied

this isn't cringe, he's just wearing clothes

clearly doesn't care about fashion or whatever


light up shoes are fucking sicc


decent t b h


nope he posted it in a waywt thread and was claiming hes on some next level shit or something

Muh niggas straight outta Thailand

Looks like the kid from Stranger Things.

why are you even here?

inb4 from the back

quality cringe

Just found this on Twitter

how is this cringe?? he probably gets more girls than you user

i agree, i dont see how this is cringe

No, that's pretty bad desu. Not the worst tbf but still.

Does anybody have the picture of that guy wearing the suit jacket with a gigantic tie knot and huge shoes?

Yung Weej??

His fit is nothing special nor something to mock at, yet you're probably some neckbeard, basement dwelling faggot that buys Rick to feel like his self-worth means something

The single erect nipple

looks like a normal black guy to me

maybe a little bit of a poof but w/e