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which common books you have readed that piss off you the most?

crossfit is meme shit, if you have anywhere where you ca do pullups you can stay in good shape with bodyweight exercise and cardio.


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how do i book ?

got problem nerd?

*corrects glasses*
Get away from me, brute.

Books are for losers. I am glad I can bench 2 pl8 and fuck whoever I want anywhere. Books suck.

*leaps on you*
got problem with me pal?

Does working out increase penis size?

I'm dead serious here.

paper books or ebooks?
what do you use to read your ebooks

Nope... unless you do kegels.

if you have bad cardiovascular health, I suppose it can make your erections stronger

but increasing the actual size of the tissue, no

If you're fat, then getting skinny will make your penis bigger or at least look bigger

yes it does


even 8 sek between death in overwatch are long enough to tab out,
also i play in window mode and watch stuff like documentaries.

reading is kind of tedious because you mostly can only read and do nothing else at the same time. so it's hard to not get distracted or bored. though reading while on the cross machine or stationary bike is fine but limits time.

podcasts /audio books tend to spoil you a lot too.

I knew it

I don't use YouTube, which text sources do you have?

Also, why are you checking depression symptoms and advices on getting women?

Thanks a lot. I'll check all three of them. What is a floor press?

You must train your attention. Try to study on a desk without a computer. Shut off any screen thirty minutes before, and don't play music. I read that noise—white noise or brown noise—might help, but I've never tried. You need to leave out everything that could break your concentration. Attention is trained this way. Reading more and more increase your attention span and your retention rate. Getting used to vocabulary and syntax could also make it easier to stick with a textbook. Read challenging articles, identify words you're unfamiliar with and look it up in a physical dictionary whenever it's possible. Library is a good place to focus.

Have someone to teach what you've learned, impart the wisdom onto for. Your unborn son perhaps.

modafinil will help you to concetrate

Get planet fitness for a few months, it's the cheapest option and you can start your first workout routine there.

Whats the best way to lose the small amount of chubb I've gained around my waist? I've been skinny all my life and now I'm turnning skinnyfat, help.

Eat less
Exert yourself more
Spot reduction is a MYTH

I have no access to such a place.

I eat almost nothing. I've never been a big eater.

What sort of exertion?

there is no way target weight loss (aside from liposuction) so just lose weight in general.
read the sticky

Any kind of physical exercise, walking, running, swimming, lifting weights, etc

i fall asleep when reading, what do

>Are you distracted by other thoughts?

Also, sometimes i forget what i read completely
it's like i didn't even read

Youre probably just bored on the material, reading is easy af. We read what we like to read, I read about cars all the time and I have laser focus on that and school. Read books about your hobbies. I'm Veeky Forums BTW lol

I used to be able to spend hours reading, but now I get distracted much more easily than before. Is it because of the new books I've been reading or what?

yes but nothing crazy, if your cardiovascular health improves it might get a tiny bit bigger. as the penis is kind of a sponge for blood, pumped into shape.

also if you lose fat in general a part of the lost fat will come from the subcutaneous fat tissue. fat gets stored everywhere not only belly and butt, fat people have often even fatty fingers. just like you abbs get covered by a few cm your penis will too. so if you lose the fat a bigger part of it will be visible even though the size might be the same.

>What is a floor press?
You lie on the floor with dumbells and do some of the movement of a real bench press. It's a little like a box squat in that the movement is constrained.

I personally would recommend just doing weighted dips and pushup variations though. Strictly speaking the push up is superior to bench due to not having the shoulderblades stuck against a surface, but it's harder to add weight to easily.

>Also, why are you checking depression symptoms and advices on getting women?
everyone on Veeky Forums is dead inside

Veeky Forums, how many books do you read at the same time? I am currently reading about 5 different books and it isn't working at all

Sticky says lifting weights is better for losing fat than cardio, huh. I thought it was the other way around.

Can I do this stuff without going to the gym. I've got a pull-up bar in my room but that's about it, but fuck going to a gym in this town, not worth it for what I want.

One at a time out of fiction/non fiction, so a maximum of two. Any more and you're not really focusing/losing yourself in the book.

How do I lose crotch fat?

I'm currently into three history books, one of them already read. I also slowly progress in a Roman law textbook. It depends on what you expect. Do you read a non-fiction work, and want to retain as much as possible? It certainly is a good bet to focus on a single reading, then.

eat less move more, spot reduction isnt real

just do both on different days, or if you have to do it the same day, lift before cardio.
Also i dont knwo your diet but you probably should eat less refined carbs and more proteins

Give it to me straight Veeky Forums, as someone with mild scoliosis, just what kind of exercises should I stay away from?

Do you have this picture in higher resolution? I'm interested.

You should rather consult a physician.

>spot reduction isnt real

wtf i hate exercise now

Thats a great image thanks user, but yeah do you have a version not for ants? Looks like exactly what I need.

I read mostly fiction. Now that I think about it I almost never 'quit' reading a book that I have difficulty getting through, so I end up with a pile of books I don't even enjoy that much. Should probably stop doing that.

you can probably do everything, just practise your form a lot. You should still consult your doctor, expecially If you notice strange pains (sharp, not soreness)

you need to lose overall body fat,
there is no real spot reduction,
only thing that might help with looks (not fat) is work on the adonis belt / Apollo's Belt, also known as Iliac Furrow.

yeah there is no magic bullet. it's not about trendy diets. permanent lifestyle change is the goal.

I haven't read anything in a long time and have just become a vidyatard because of my chronic pain but it might be alleviated soon

I've been learning some french and am quite good with languages, who are some essential french authors other than camus/cioran/dumas

I'm not autistic and can't picture everything happening user

this post annoyed me a lot, but jasper jones is called "the australian 'to kill a mocking bird'" yet it's awful. I never really liked the harry potter series nor do i go that much on the hunger games.

Concentrating while reading is a meme. Read at your own pace. If your reading is boring you, then find something else to read.

A number of reasons. Due to their amazing popularity, some fags decided to try and look at them as actual literature, which they are not - you can even get adult editions with moody looking covers and not colourful drawings.

The other reason is grumpy people who grew up reading different children's books who feel that Harry Potter doesn't deserve a place next to those "classics". That's silly too, considering how many people Harry Potter got into reading,and how good the books are at igniting the imaginations of kids. Yeah the prose is pretty bad and the plot isn't that good, but it's full of little interesting ideas and fun things and has some nice morals to take out too. It's not my favourite children's series but I wouldn't feel bad giving it to my kids.

Veeky Forums people, I have a kink in my neck, is that from bad form or bad general posture? The most I do is benchpress and deadlift.
Also read Faust you swine.

Replace water with whole milk.
Eat more.
Lift weights for added mass.

Planking and other core exercises plus stomach vacuums won't get rid of fat but might help you suck the gut in naturally and improve posture, lordosis often results in a protruding belly.

Also cut out high sodium food, as the weight might be water retention.

Bad form.
Keep your neck and head still while squatting and deadlifting. Looking to the left or right or even up or down can result in a serious injury

His literary value is controversial. He has been accused of plagiarism when publishing “The Map and the Territory”, which he ended up to recognize and assume. I think he was a worthless author. His style has been described as “vulgar”, but I'd rather say he writes in a dull, talentless way. It is nothing like Louis-Ferdinand Céline who deftly worked and managed to erase the action of writing in his novel. Michel Houellebecq just couldn't write properly and it read like an administrative form. I recommend Marc-Édouard Nabe's infamous “Au régal des vermines”, which is jazzesque, living, brilliantly arrogant, and equally horrible. He got accused of antisemitism because he was delightly rude and rough—“LICRA [a Jewish organization], do you know what it is? People who just use bunch of Auschwitz corpses like a manure heap to get their fortune to grow quicker”—and has been forbidden from appearing on television for a long time. Note that, the last book by Michel Houellebecq, his controversial “Soumission” is really a decent novel. It describes what would happen to a society deprived of spiritualism, and how an authoritarian theocracy would fill people with simple happiness, the ease of fixing his life with rules. It got accused of racism but it really wasn't the point. It's a nice book.

Thanks a lot, I'll check it out.

I'm glad to hear it, he's my favourite writer. I prefer “Terre des hommes”, though.

“Harry Potter” has been described as getting people into reading, yes, but into reading similar or worse series. To be honest I wouldn't give it to my children. I know too much better books to let them used to average prose and weak, oriented plots.

Bunch of bullshit, the first time I was in the library I read lmao2books

Sounds like you're autistic, then.

eat more than your TDEE, low carb/ fat & high protein but it would require a certain level of exercise, you cant just gain muscle mass through diet

I read one of houellebecq's books translated (extension du domain de la lutte) and I got that impression as well about his prose seeming rather prosaic (lol) and mundane, but I assumed it was the translation at fault.

Thank you for the recommendations mon ami. Much appreciated.

Are you a frenchman yourself or a francophile?

so when i read in bed i usually prop myself up on some pillows so that i can read properly. however after some period of time, i lose track of how long it is really. i get a painful ache in my left shoulder. is there any form of exercise or stretch that could relive the pain or avoid it altogether?

You're welcome. I'm a native French speaker, but I come from Luxembourg.

I'd recommend strengthening your rotator cuffs, try using resistance bands and doing pull aparts and internal rotations- in addition to strengthening your deltoids

You are discounting what makes the books great: they offer a really vibrant, funny and interesting world of magic for kids to get into. There is so much packed into the first book alone it's insane. Also full of really good values. Obviously you'd want them to move onto something better like His Dark Materials, but Harry Potter is a great series for getting kids hooked on just losing yourself in a book.

sardines and any other small boney fish are great for calcium, just remember to eat the small bones.

k2 supplementation is used in acute dosages for osteoporosis (the mk-4 form) and anecdotally it has improved the teeth and bones of people without osteoporosis you can buy an mk-4 and mk-7 form, I believe mk-4 has the greatest evidence for efficacy iirc.

Also avoid whitening toothpaste it contains rough particles and avoid acidic food, they will degrade your enamel even more, go for protective toothpaste like pro-namel and brush before you eat to form a protective coating.

I am assuming you are also a native german speaker as well? Are you rich? Isn't the luxembourgish dialect of german quite different from any other?

Yeah, I know that exercise is necessary, unfortunately right now I'm on medication and working out (straining my muscles and joints) is not recommended. When I finish though in around 2 months I think about starting to hit the gym.
Any recommendations on the type of exercise or just lifting?

backing up vitamin k2, but make sure it's the mk4 form and not mk7

Anything that updates, be it something on the internet, on your PC or something in reality like something in the oven if absolute cancer for concentration. Just remove everything that can evoke interest trough changing its own state and charging your novelty with it.

To those who say they can't concentrate: I recommend reading "The Shallows" and/or "Deep Work". Yes, they're both pop books and as such they are rambly and tedious reads, but they have an important message: we should not let the internet take control of our lives and weaken our attention spans.

Ultimately, the concentration issue is about intolerance to perceived boredom that has been built up and reinforced through bad habits. The use of the internet to curb boredom is a major example of such habits. If you get frustrated at the first sign of boredom, or if you feel you always have to be doing two things at once, then you need to make some changes if you want to be able to concentrate on reading.

I was a skellington in high school, I've since worked out and filled out a bunch of areas, but my forearms are still disproportionately small. Is that just the bone structure and there's nothing I can do, or are there specific exercises for that?

i've got to ask. are you reverse popeye?


That makes the experience great, but that's still a poor book. It doesn't lead to better material. Furthermore there are countless stories with excellent prose and still a catching plot so I don't feel the need to indulge in a weaker series. According to a source I stepped on, “Harry Potter” has 3,407 pages, all tomes put together. It's insane I would allocate such an amount of time to an average book which is simply there to hook up. I've been fed with tales, in books roughly 250-pages long, from all over the world and usually published circa 1960. They are exciting, attractive, open the mind—it's euphemism to say Russian or Japanese tales are foreign to our culture—and I assure you that, translators back then weren't keen on spoon-feeding children so it was equally a great challenge. I just don't see any reason to opt for lesser.

Yes, and yes. I don't speak the latter fluently, but it's mostly German framework with French vocabulary. Very unpleasant to listen to.

start with reading the sticky, after that, arguably the quickest way to gain muscle mass with the right diet is push/pull

>That makes the experience great, but that's still a poor book

You sound like you'd be an amazing parent.

Reverse curls, hammer curls, forearm curls, deadlifts, farmers walks, pullups (not chinups) and generally anything that trains grip strength (such as those spring things you squeeze) all work your forearms.

Like this mate

Oh? Thanks, I guess!

>Doesn't understand sarcasm either

Autistics shouldn't breed desu senpai.

>Doesn't understand sarcasm

I guess you should try to be better, then, shouldn't you?

i'd prefer to start them on books like rowan of rin rather than harry potter honestly. something about harry potter being the chosen one irks me for a children's story, as if those who succeed are predetermined by destiny and i would instead love to inspire them with tales of ordinary and even somewhat weaker characters rising to the occasion and inspiring the readers with acts of heroism that come from humanity rather than acts of heroism that are influenced by fate.

Yeah I feel you there. Just as much though you could say Harry Potter is about turning tragedy into something positive and working through hardships.

>implying anyone on /fitlit/ will ever have children.

How does Veeky Forums complete reading books ?
1.I sometimes pick up books but seeing those page numbers for each chapter I tend to get nervous and other times I can't even understand some paragraph I end up rereading it.

2.How much content am I supposed to retain in my first read,how many times do you read the same book.

It may be a matter of concentration, thus refer to the advices I provided above, else simply read without checking the number of pages per chapter. You shouldn't watch over the retention rate—which can be improved as well, with proper concentration, vocabulary and ease with complex syntax—unless you read non-fiction. In such a case, assumed you have to memorize the content, read it straight then read again with notes, synthesis, summaries and common study methods. I usually read a book once, save for the series I like. I have a lengthy history book I'm reading for the third time, just because it caught my interest. Are you French? What are you reading?

Nothing wrong with rereading a paragraph if you get distracted or don't understand it, that's normal.

Look at books in terms of chapters, don't worry about finishing the whole thing, it's just your companion for however long it takes you to read it. There's no hurry.

i just ordered it on ebay, excited for a moment that we shared this. will let you know what i think of it in another thread another day. cheers

>I tend to get nervous
Nothing to be nervous about. It's just a book. It can't hurt you.

>How much content am I supposed to retain in my first read,how many times do you read the same book.
Check out "How to Read a Book" by Adler. Rereading is to be expected if you want to fully understand the book, but not necessarily front-to-back each time. Adler suggests that you 1. Skim the book 2. Read cover-to-cover without concern for understanding and finally 3. Reread, this time with an "analytical eye," making sure you fully understand everything the author is trying to communicate. But you don't necessarily need to follow this strictly, and you especially shouldn't do it with every book. As you read more you'll gain an intuition for which books are worth your time to fully understand, and which ones can just be read once superficially. Also, keep in mind that if you're reading a dense text, expect reading to be very slow. You need time to mull over complicated ideas. Don't think you can "speed read" through that.

Oh, I'm pleased to hear. I hope I'll see it, I don't go on Veeky Forums a lot. See you!

me again. what do you think of john steinbeck?

expury, steinbeck and orwell are probably my favourite 3 writers, but i also love burroughs and oscar wilde - but ive only read dorian gray.

what are your 3 favourite writers user

Is this right? I feel like my ass should be lower and my shoulders would be higher.

When I try to read I zone out. 10 pages later I realize I don't know what I just read. What do?

Try it some more, you'll get the hang of it. Dont think about other things when you are reading, just read.

Unfortunately, they kill your gains.

>taking amphetamines
>becoming hooked on math and philosophy
>regularly spend 3 hours reading at a time
>forget to eat breakfast, forget to eat lunch
>have to force down dinner because it tastes like cardboard
If I was trying to lose weight, this would be ideal.

But I'm not, I'm a skelly. It has made bodyweight lifts a lot easier though. Muscle-ups are fucking easy modu.

I've had both.

Usually I'll be reading the book while thinking about something else. It's a side-effect of a life of multi-tasking. Imagine using each of your eyes to look at something independent of each other.

When I need to focus on a book, I read more and read faster. As in, I "open up" my eyes and instead of reading one sentence at a time, I start reading a chunk of the page at a time (if that makes sense).

My current theory is that I have brain problems and unless I'm consciously using 100% of my concentration on something, it'll wander off.