Do it

Do it.

Jap cars are trash

RWD does not immediately make something better

OP is a faggot

I want a Corolla T Sport and i don't care who knows it

Leave new car owners alone.

>Veeky Forums was better with the tripfags

>toyobarus are plenty fast enough and pretty comfy too

>DR30's are utter trash and and a complete failure to the Skyline name

>regular milk over chocolate milk any day

>>Veeky Forums was better with the tripfags
SR here, should I start tripping up again?

>>Veeky Forums was better with the tripfags
Newfag here. Was it really?

>DR30's are utter trash and and a complete failure to the Skyline name

care to explain why?

I bought coilovers today

>>DR30's are utter trash and and a complete failure to the Skyline name
then why did they equip them with more reliable engines compared to shitty RB in post R30

Listen, just because you keep crashing them doesn't make them bad. Learn to drive, fag.

Fucking rekt.

FWD understeer isn't that bad

Depends on the car.

Tesla's 2.3s 0-60 impresses me more than lap times.

I'm tired of being disregarded as a car enthusiast because I drive a Honda
I'm tired of people quoting horsepower numbers without putting the weight it's supposed to push/pull into the equation.

i dont even know how to drive

I like to ride the bus if I can avoid taking my car out


I love Honda.
I'm going to school to be a Toyota specific tech and I work for them currently.
But I fell in love with Honda.

Yeah user I never understood why people are that retarded.
Like horsepower immediately voids the laws of physics and acceleration.

maybe its because they weren't the ones who ok'd this monstrosity

>ugly hybrid is ugly
This is nothing new

nice thumbnail

My 72 vw bug failed emissions yesterday and it has me super bummed. Fuck you maricopa county.

Every single 6-cylinder muscle car that's not a Grand National is trash, no exceptions.

I like the Dodge Caliber, especially the AWD R/T

I totally look down on my co workers who buy super expensive sports cars but I have over 100k in my camper van so far and no end in sight.
I still manage to feel superior though.

>Regular milk over chocolate milk
and now everything you said goes right into the trash

I think 2001 Volvo S60's are pretty cool

nice argument

quit slamming my damn door.

>when someone kicks the door shut

Strawberry banana milk > everything else

Chocolate milk is a meme.

>When someone closes frameless door by the glass

>Murr, I

every god damn time

>when someone slams your frameless door by the glass

Electrification immediately makes something better.

Okay fine faggot
>Hydrogen Bomb Nagasaki Cell
The prius is just as ugly.

>When someone opens frameless door faster than the window can drop so it goes *THUDUDUD*

when someone reffers to my Vespa as a bike or a moped


and NO i do not want a "real" bike

A super/turbocharged S2000 will forever be the greatest sports car EVER made of our generation

only second to a TVR or an RX-7

in my opinion , yes.
you knew who drove what and its was far easier to rip the pish on daily basis, now you need to guess who's driving what.

>being this butthurt


Have a

>>Veeky Forums was better with the tripfags


I would like to believe in the memes but batteries currently a shit
hoping chinese engies didnt lie about the salt battery

I prefer "Faggio".

>Tripfag attacking himself

I don't understand

audis fucking suck and everyone who owns it should fucking walk outside and burn it immediately and buy a car with pedigree and history

yeah i play gta5 too.
it'll be renamed in gta6 though, bunch of hardcore scottish scooterists appeared at rockstars hq in edinburgh, frightened the shite out of the corporate types there.

The Volt is the best car for $15,000.

Whenever I visit this board all I see is cheap, shitty cars with even shittier mods, Americans have no taste.

There, I said it.

>bunch of hardcore scottish scooterists appeared at rockstars hq in edinburgh, frightened the shite out of the corporate types there.

Really? I never knew of that happening before now.

>it'll be renamed in gta6 though

Maybe they'll make a high performance version called the Faggio PP (Performance Package).


ie s-tronic, DSG, PDK, ZF's 8spd in BMW

>72 vw bug failed emissions

Are pre 75 vehicles not exempt where you live ?

Autos are comfier than manuals.


yeah, that's not how it works.

I bought an old Focus beater to learn wrenching.
Tried to replace spark plugs, but couldn't get a single one out, then I broke my shitty little tool.
Now my car sits there, mocking me.

Liking traps is gay

>Liking femininity is gay


My daily is a Prius.

i miss my automatic daily

>i miss my b6 s4 moneypit

I'm literally everything wrong with this board and my generation.

Why do not you kill you are self?

Because even the smallest chance of me being able to actually get my shit together is better than ending up as a complete waste of everyone's time and effort with 100% certainty.

literally the
>my generation

Stop it. Get some help.

Inspections were invented by the jews to empty my pockets even more. I don't even bother with trying legitimate shops anymore, if you don't know someone who will pass it for you, your dream machine won't be road legal in states that require inspection. Meanwhile some posh cunt in her oversized "crossover" will drive on the spare for months untill it pops and causes an accident that isn't her fault according to her

I'm a busrider.


this is some wierd kikery

>someone tugs your door handle really hard and fast so it makes a loud *CHUNK* sound
>visualize your door handle completely ripping out of it's almost completely plastic socket

worst threads on Veeky Forums at the moment:

>Thread roleplaying the "what car would you buy if you had [insert insane amount of money]"
>Thread about women driving men and those dudes lil insecurites
>Thread about women pretending to like cars as if none of those dudes are pretending themselves.
>Thread about doing terrible shit to other people's cars
>/OSG/, no explanation needed

All these are cancerous as fuck and if you posted in any of them, you are the reason why this board is shit.

not an argument

This is correct

Fuck off voltfag

You're in good company here.

South Korean cars haven't gotten any better, people just take care of their shit better than they did in the 90's.

Every time with this shitty post.

I agree with the milk though. I'm not 6 anymore.

Miatas are for girls.

Oh god the horror. Not everyone is whoring for attention.

If you want to track people then go to a forum.

Fucking kek

Maricopa county tests clear the fuck back to 67s.

I hate the NA Miata because of the gay fascia/pop-ups.

I like buying faded luxury cars and fixing them instead of spending half the money on a new car.

I'd trade all my cars for a 100% GF.

I have to resist the urge to make a rat rod/Mad Max Rolls Royce and I suspect I'll lose.

The best car to have sex in is a hearse.

Even though I can, I would never buy the GTR because it's not a V8.

Nice bait

actual truth

>the best car to have sex in is a hearse
Is it currently being used as a hearse? This distinction matters.

if you own a 2005-2010 mustang you're retarded

The awd eurowagon is the ideal car.

It's been called so since Vice City

I'm a guy and I like the Fiat 500. I have a fiat 500 Sport and next will be abarth 500.

The woman was alive; you'd never want to do anything with a dead body in the hearse.

>I hate the NA Miata because of the gay fascia/pop-ups.
Just the NA specifically, or do you dislike all pop-ups?

I dislike all popups; I like the ones that rotate in the grille, but I can't stand popups.

I want to sell my car cause i'm bored of it, it's a decent car albeit of having higher mileage.

What's stopping me is these cars (G35) have hit a major price correction recently and there is absolutely no way I could replace it with anything similar for what I would get back for the car. I have done a lot of the maintenance to keep the car reliable, it only needs some minor mechanical and cosmetic work. It looks like it only has half the mileage that it actually does.

I just want to get back into something MT, if I had room for two cars I would buy a E30 or a old Honda and swap in one of the DOHC motors for a lightweight, fun, auto-x car.

Unfortunately I need a reliable vehicle with some room to carry around tools with me and I rather not drive a stripped out Civic as a DD

desu lol it actually may have been, I forget most of the trips who posted when I used to frequent this board around 2012-2014 but I always loved seeing some of the bashing and whatnot. Who was that guy that crashed his WRB WRX into the tree and more or less got turned into a meme

>the first thing i disagree with dracula on
It's okay, I still respect you though. Can't agree with someone 100% on everything I suppose.