That guy who reads between the sets

>that guy who reads between the sets

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>some asshole actually took a picture of this guy because he was reading

Not really a fan of this century

Well, it's not the most appropriate place to lay down and open a book.

photo looks like it's from the previous century

>that guy that doesn't rerack their books

so he's asshole for taking a picture??

Yes. Also maybe work on your English before posting on an English website

>no punctuation at the end of the sentence


There was perfect punctuation.

no thanks I'm fine as long as people understand what I'm saying
I have better things to invest my time into

>that guy that wears basketball shorts to the library

>that guy who clean jerks in the library

>that guy that drinks between chapters

>that guy that who never does readlifts

This type of comments are the only bad thing that came out from the merge. Garbage people being haughty. Don't post here if you are going to act passive aggressively

>This type of comments are


I tried so hard, mate

It's fine. I'm just messing with you.

Still mad that someone took a pic of that guy tho

>that guy who rests between chapters

this is an American website dumbass

but why? what's so bad about it
does it hurt him in any way whatsoever?

I was that guy once. I was going to play some ball on the court near my middle school and the library was at 3 minute walk distance.
I like combining multiple things to do on a single act of going out of the house, but now I have to say that a game and visit to the library aren't perfectly Veeky Forums for each other.

Some people like me really don't want their picture taken. It's an intrusion of privacy like if someone walked up to you and touched you when you didn't want to be touched.

Holy, 1994. I bet that nerd ties his plaid sweater around his waist too, r-right guys?

>that guy who reads the Bible in a preacher curl

I read books on my phone between sets, so what. I also study Japanese during cardio.

yeah I get that because my little brother is like that, but that's just because he has low self esteem
you don't have to project your insecurities onto that guy
or the dude who took the pic, most people don't have these issues and that doesn't make them assholes

>most people don't have these issues

Where's your sample size for this study? I doubt that most people would be happy with having their picture randomly taken.

Also, here's footage of how people react when they're being captured on camera without their consent:

All 8 episodes of Surveillance Camera Man for your viewing pleasure!

> that guy who yawns between chapters

>that guy who starts lifting the table you were reading on

people with healthy self-esteem wouldn't give a fuck unless they have some good and rational reason rather than emotional reaction, people who are confident being themselves and don't care what others think about them assume the same about the others
I'm not going to look up for studies for you because that wasn't my argument, even if this wasn't a majority, it still wouldn't make them assholes
that's a completely different situation, I would react in a similar manner desu

>that's a completely different situation

Nah, not really.

what a dirty book

>that guy who reads ebooks at the library

Isn't that porn? Lol.

yeah it is, I know because I would react in completely different way to these two situations
you don't know what to expect of him, his intentions are unclear and he's shoving the camera right into their face and he's objectively being an ass because it upsets those people as he does it

>you don't know what to expect of him, his intentions are unclear and he's shoving the camera right into their face and he's objectively being an ass because it upsets those people as he does it

Sounds the exact same as someone taking a random picture of you.

Thanks for this user, I know how I'm spending my next hour. Its actually really hard to watch.

now you're just pretending to be retarded

>surveillance camera man
what the fuck is this? and where has it been my entire life?

I'm being truthful.

Unless you plan on continuing your former sentence then no.
You. Need. Punctuation. For. Me. To. Know. When. Your. Sentence. Has. Finished.

either the guy on the bench is being indifferent or the photographer is being discrete and guy doesn't know someone's taking his pic
even if he noticed his intentions are somewhat comprehensible because you don't see a dude reading a book between sets every day
and you don't know whether he would apologize if that guy got visibly upset or delete the pic if he was asked to
so yeah it was different in all of those aspects I listed
yet it sounds exactly the same to you
so now tell me, how exactly are you not pretending to be retarded? could it be that you're actually retarded?