How does one incorporate reading in a lifting regimen?

How does one incorporate reading in a lifting regimen?

Read between sets obviously.

read starting strength


Track books in goodreads and read linearly. 5 pages between every set is good for rest.

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audio books
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I-Is it okay to bring a book to the gym while lifting?

I read manga between sets. Does that count as reading ?

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just listen to audiobooks

Obviously with Audiobooks you goober

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Read in the leg press, that's what it's there for.

Why audiobooks though? You can read epub files just fine on your phone. You can't focus on listening during a set so it's not like you get through more pages during your workout with an audiobook. And most likely you can read faster than the book is spoken.

Read 10 pages min on rest days.

Kindle on your phone mate, every cunt stares at their phone between sets so it doesn't look weird either

Beats me. I can't even keep the book to one page cause it keeps flipping.