>No, because you consume whatever YOU want to consume.
And you want to consume what you're told to want to consume.
>You produce what YOU want to produce.
You produce whatever will generate profit for your employer.

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/popular music/[1] as opposed to serious music[2] not "pop" or "music that is popular", you fucking illiterates

[1] referred to by adorno as "jazz"
[2] referred to by plebs as "classical music"

I don't know about but I'm fine with him.
His supporters on the other hand need to eat a bullet.


>>ignoring that early tribal society was effectively communist
There was no means of production in tribal society you fucking retard.

>can i get you some fucking protein shake or something

>not /clit/
you had one job hiro

Wrong. The poor consume what is readily available to them and their communities. They have as little say as a corporation allows them. Are members of their own commnities allowed to produce what they want? No, they get stiff-armed by the mogul with five subsidiaries under his belt. Shut your ignorant mouth. Small business are out-competed and bought out when they show promise.

Or what about how brand names get so big that they build what is essentially a trade empire, dotting every country with their restaurants, every pocket with their products, etc.

What abot how agricultural corporations that "dabble" in gene maniplation have patents on SEEDS, and when these seeds propagate in independent land-owning farmers, the corp suddenly has the right to lay claim to his land?

Shut your ignorant fucking mouth. This society is centered around consumption. Frivolities like music taste or what kind of videogame you just so happen to CHOOSE over another don't mean shit.

Are you admitting that you can't fucking read?

Fuck off lumpenproletariat

Material communism is pointless nowadays my man. I work a brainless dildo job and I can literally buy anything I want.

What is necessary for the 21st century is sexual communism. Seize the means of reproduction!

congrats on pointing out flaws in a system, such things will always exist. Pretending a far more flawed ideology like communism is the solution is moronic.

fuck off gains goblin

>Seize the means of reproduction!
This user knows whats going on.

nah dude it'll work out this time just let us try this benevolent socialist dictatorship once more buddy I swear it'll dissolve into communism for sure

As soon as you have domesticated animals, you have capitalism.

Enjoy playing grabeeass in the woods with your Paleolithic manlet buddies. Pastoral bros will raze ur mudhuts and enslave you lol.

>Pretending a far more flawed ideology like communism is the solution is moronic.

Where in my post did I claim such. I'm not some dichotimizing faggot like you.

Where in my post did I say anything about human nature retard
Not to mention tribal societies have absolutely no means of production and a tribal leader wasn't always as kind as the native Americans that got wiped out because of how shitty their dumb system was

>brainlet thinks liberals and Leftists are the same thing
/pol/ has brainwashed you. The people you hate actually CENTRISTS. They pretend to Leftist as a marketing tactic. The United States does not have ANY Leftists political parties with any real presence.

QUALITY post. Just as Veeky Forums exercises the body and Veeky Forums exercises the mind, the /proletariat/ exercise the means of production.

Reminder that real Commies are not SJW and Veeky Forums are brainlet retards

Liberals are into trannies
Leftists are into trannies and pedos.

Now you know the difference.

capitalism and communism are degrees of centralized control over the means of production. It literally is a dichotomy you moron.

Reminder that Veeky Forums is a left wing board, like most of the boards on Veeky Forums. It's only /pol/ that gives us a bad name. We stand for economic fairness, compassion, scientific truth and equality.

>centralized control

>scientific equality


>Veeky Forums is right-wing
Veeky Forums isn't anything politically, although at times ot can be tediously egalitarian
>we're all gonna make it

Real commies are much worse than liberals.

Liberals are misguided idealists.

Commies want to violently dismantle society.

I'd take a pink-haired faggot any day over a psychopath with an AK47.

Scientific truth




Lmao scientific my ass. Only facts you guys are right about is climate change.

Anarcho Communist Kurds with AK 47s are defending Western freedom right now while you moan about Hillary and Trump ad nauseum.

>Anarcho Communist

Are you functionally retarded?

Dude, you're the burgoise just by knowing how to spell it

>Climate change

>confirmed for having never read any leftist scholar, economist, or philosopher and just goes by what his favorite youtubers and /pol/memes say :^)

okay MAYBE you read the wikipedia pages, maybe.

Daily reminder there is one single autistic longwinded marxist on this board constantly trying to shill his shit ideology and attempting to spread his cancer at any opportunity he can. He's also the guy who tries to shill his version of the Veeky Forums guide to philosophy. Don't fall for his marxist commie tricks.

communism is slavery of the individual

Kill yourself commie scum

Liberals aren't idealists, they're fucking spineless cucks who think that preserving the status quo is the most important thing, despite the fact that it's blatantly failing. They're morons who think that real equality is paying Jennifer Lawrence more because she doesn't earn enough millions compared to Christian Bale, who see Lena Dunham and fucking Oprah endorse their presidential candidate and can't understand why no one voted for her outside of the coastal states.

>Max Stirner
Ayn Rand on steriods

Capitalism is the process by which all productive activity becomes totally alienated to foreign imperatives and subject to alien forces... in lower stages of independent petty-commodity production this is obviously blurred by a high degree of competition amongst independent producers but the later development of large scale corporate share-capital is the beginnings of the objective development of socialism in actual history. I suppose "monoculture" just means "globalism" but capitalistic rationality applied to say agricultural production obviously leads to monocultural results and drops in crop diversity ( e.g. youtube.com/watch?v=Uwl012o8P7I )
"The motivation to produce" under communism would require a serious theory of production of a communistic sort that you would have to be posit within actual history (e.g. it would be different before the emergence of class society as a result of the emergence of agriculture and the collapse of early primitive hunter gather tribes or some form of techno-futurist end result of capitalistic development). Communist production would mean total dealienation of the productive imperatives.
Anyways that's besides the point... any deep concern about "muh individuality" should lead to some sort of Stirnian egoism instead of support for liberalism and capitalism.


>wants communism
>doesn't support global depopulation of the vast majority of people alive today

>Early human culture was communist
Dogmatic Marxist twat detected

>I kill deer
>Someone tries to steal deer
>I protect my property from whoever is trying to take it from me

Collectivism, communal ownership, communism's basic tenets BTFO


>everything I don't like is a spook

but this is wrong. only morons who don't know what a spook is would do shit like that

Spooks are not necessarily a negative thing either. Stirner was simply commenting on the nature of social constructs such as governments and borders. He did however, discourage the fact that people tend to see these things as concrete, external existences when in fact they only exist in the minds of mankind.

morality for example. is simply a group of opinions that one forms over the course of their life. People like to think that there is somehow some sort of objective, concrete, moral system when the very nature of morality is subjective.

The only good commie is a dead commie

Still confusing liberalism (capitalism) and its identity politics with anti-capitalist leftism whew stop doing this to yourself

Identity politics and all liberalism of today is just a soft form of communism.

also this

communism doesn't work on even the most basic of levels

property will always exist and people will always act in there own self interest.

If you want to cut off your dick go for it

Most profits today wouldn't even exist before taxation. Businesses like Lockheed Martin and Wal-Mart can only realize profits thanks to government transfer payments. Remember all state policy is just different means to counteract the tendency of the rate of profit to fall.

Good, expose yourself as a full stormdurp schooled in 19th century race science and Pioneer Fund published pseudo-Science instead of serious modern peer-reviewed science based on modern genomics

What I this /pol/ you speak of?
I've heard old stories about it, but I've never seen it myself.
I heard it's what used to be, but I'm not so sure...

Not him but not being SJW doesn't mean your ideology isn't fucking stupid on every possible level

That's some real clear insight into palaeolithic tribal societies right there, you'll make a great ethnologist

Humans have always been 100% collectivist. The difference is that when early modern humans did things like hunted (and they did so in groups) they didn't have illusions about the necessity of their community in carrying out that activity, whereas in the present they are so deluded into thinking that they stand alone within this incredible circulation of commodities called our global economy that they spend their lives on the internet trying and failing to convince themselves it's true. Even though it's against their own interests.

>all capitalism is just a soft form of communism

What a retarded post

Yes your post was retarded


>>telling people who depend on the market to buy proteins and steroids to adopt an ideology that will lead to mass shortages

Nothing wrong with that. Production should be geared towards more useful, necessary items and distribution should be rationed.

Why don't you move to Venezuela and live according to your ideals?

You have access to google bud, use it.

This is sarcasm right?

>Government should control how much shit I can have

I can't speak Spanish, don't have the money or luxury of moving abroad, and Venezuela will likely suffer a US coup or invasion in the near future.

Better a socialist government controlling people's lives than the whims of capitalists and the market.

They did manage to fuck the US for a few decades, despite being poor af.

Where they got fucked was not having the market options of China.

Ok can someone explain what "means of production" actually is? Would a gym facility actually be considered a means of production? Along with weights? Clothes? When communists say they want to "take back the means of production", what do they actually want to take?

Nazi Germany

It's also a poor shithole just like all socialist places
No bueno joto

>A marxist is too poor to live abroad.

Makes sense.


Then why don't we see mass migrations to socialist countries, instead of the opposite?

I mean, what other kind of country had to build a wall to prevent people from leaving?

But if I seize the means of production, don't I become the capitalist?

Those are some crazy mental gymnastics you have to do to believe that. Name one functioning socialist country.

>person disenfranchised under the current system wants to change it

truly stunning

also being the toy of the party isn't anything to be proud of

>tfw the government redistributes your gains

Name literally one single advantage to a communist state that a highly regulated capitalist society wouldn't have.

>But muh wages

Regulation can guarantee inflation adjusted livable wages

>But muh exploitation

Again, regulations can prevent this.


And again, regulations and minimum income can solve this problem.

Not him but being the toy of the party is better than not being at the party
It's not like women are good for anything but being fucktoys anyways


>unironic communistposting

holy fucking kek. I wish it was required for every retard "antifa" shitposter to attach an image of themselves to their posts.

You are children who have no idea how businesses run or how the economy works. t. MBA student

Why do you want to ruin it for the rest of us just because you're poor? I'm doing great under this "evil capitalism."

Get up and work you lazy nigger

In Marx's time shit was being produced in factories. These were objects made by a mix of man and machine, often as machines "improved" this meant the workers had to do insane levels of work to keep up, but without their wages ever rising for that extra production.

For a factory to operate you had to have what we now commonly call the capital: the equipment and land and facilities to produce items. This is typically also the means of production. However, on the other hand you also need people to work the machines. Workers at the time were regularly paid as little as possible due to market competition, with the limit to how low pay could go defined by the price of the food and shelter needed for them to continue living. Seizing the means of production as such is also about gaining a fair price for the work you do. If you produce more value you ought to be paid more.

thats actually not a bad metaphor for communism/socialism. imagine working really hard to get fit and develop some nice muscle, and then someone says "you never would have all this muscle if it weren't for the food/water/tools provided, so we're going to take some of it"

It would obviously seem like bullshit. The concept of re-distributing effort and ownership is blatantly perverse.

>hey guys socialism is awesome!

>what about Venezuela?

>THAT DOESN'T COUNT BECAUSE *autistic screeching*

All the buildings and facilities within the nation owned by private individuals and corporations that contribute to the GDP

So a gym and all the equipment would be appropriated and the profits equally distributed amongst its workers

Shut up, you're probably just a student, not some real proletarian.

The foul disease of communism has been responsible for at very least 100 million human deaths in the last hundred years.

You seek to impose that ideology on others.
You're not a person. You're a fucking rabid animal that needs to be exterminated.

Communism only ends up disenfranchising everyone equally though, except for the party bigwigs. See: Cuba, the Societ Union, etc. Fidel Castro was worth hundreds of millions of dollars when he died.

>be student and a socialist
>get told to grow up
>be a poor worker and a socialist
>get told to work harder

Reactionaries never run out of excuses it seems.

> takes a shitload of "business" and "economics" classes
> "DUH of course communism is the worst idea ever!"

So easily manipulated.

>this slave mentality
I meant the Communist Party/the ruling class but I think it works the same anyway
better to die free than lie a puppet

If they didn't like working in factories owned by capitalists, why didn't they just make their own?

>The foul disease of communism has been responsible for at very least 100 million human deaths in the last hundred years.

Shame it wasn't more.

I thought you were talking about being Veeky Forums


>take a bunch of intersectional heiroglyphic sociology courses
>"DUH Capitalism is evil!"

glass stones shouldn't throw houses and so on

>TFW they upped the prices on the plate dispenser for anyone listening to audiobooks.

Is it time to seize the means of gains, comrades?

They work out net worth by brand/image most of the time. Like how much would coca cola pay him to advertise a drink type shit.

Define hard worker, what do you do

>takes a shitload of "feminism in action" and "how white people are evil and why we must suck migrants dicks" classes
>"Duh of course we need to give everyone money and make drug addicts feel at home!"

Fuck off degenerate.

Students are proletarians.

You realise under our current system, executives making 200k in corporations would still be part of the proletarian mass? Those wageslaves are nothing compared to the actual barons of the 21st century

Your poor work ethic and sub-par intelligence is not the fault of a country where you are free to pursue education and a career of your choice.