Why are you lifting for girls when social gains are much more important to them?

Why are you lifting for girls when social gains are much more important to them?

And how am i supposed to pick them up if i dont lift?

>"s-stupid d-douchebags....girls c-care more about INTELLECT and SOCIALIZING..."

HAHAHAHAHHA FUCKING NERD *shoves you into the locker*

Social skills is all what it takes to get girls. You'd be picking up 10s with ease if you put all those gym hours inr eal social gains.

I will lift until I can lift my autism away. Then the world will be mine.

>lifting for something other than the inherent aesthetic value
I didn't know Veeky Forums was such a normie board.

It's not like I read books to attract women. I read books because literature is pretty rad.

And user lifted until he died.

Because nothing says social status than a towering chad that dominates the room and all the guys are subconsciously cowering to and trying to impress.

>girls in charge of knowing what they want
The attention recived from women has trippled since I started lifting.
Also, lifting makes you more confident and girls love confidence.

You can't be a Chad without social skills.

smooth social king > awkward, silent fit guy

I lift for myself. Everything is already my property.

>Also, lifting makes you more confident and girls love confidence.
So does socialising.

That's not entirely true. They can be mysterious. For the most part you are correct, though. However having a nice physique demands respect from males and will give you the confidence to "not give a fuck" and make being a "smooth social king" easier.

Yeah of course. But feeling good about youself + being presentable + having goals and discipline in your day-to-day life makes it easier to get out there and be calm&cool in social situations.

Physical power can increase confidence a lot. It does for me.

>Lifting for girls
Not gunna make it.

oh well I guess I'll just walk outside and start socializing then.
also stop being depressed there is nothing to be sad about.

And the two things are mutually exclusive because...?

You can't form a proper sentence.

Why are lifting and socialising mutually exclusive?

1 hour of social gains > 1 hour of gym gains

>no overhand
so alpha

You don't need to devote every minute of your free time to social life in order to get a few friends and a girlfriend, but even if I did, what am I supposed to do once I reach my goal?

why be so single minded to think that one exudes the other? If you wanna be attractive as fuck be charismatic, fit, and smart dghsiogosehwgoihg you dimwited moron

They really aren't. If you look good and smell good they'll be creaming over you. Girls are the same as men in that regard.

I had this epiphany last night:

It considers the concept of opposites attract:

Girls are pretty so they don't attract pretty. They attract, lets call it a pillar. Something that is strong and supportive.

Men are that pillar so they don't attract pillars; they attract pretty.

This explains why woman can see a beautiful man but it won't be the principle causation of attraction to that person. Furthermore, they won't attract to another girl simply because she's pretty.

It also explains why men can find other men aesthetic so long as you say no-homo. A multitude of other scenarios can be described.

This theory obviously leaves out homosexuals because they are an abomination to god.

My theory is different: the female is the attractive. Women are pretty attractive, since they are entirely female. Even women see the beauty of the female body (which is why so many women claim to be bisexual). Men are, to an extend, both male and female. Women can be attracted to them due to their female side. But being actually attracted to a man is much rarer than being attracted to a woman.

Also, i need to add to this, that this is just my own aestheticistic rambling. It has nothing to do with the actual real world.

Social gains are fickle

men do have and X and a Y for a reason

>[Overwatch related image in OP]

shill thread
possibly from /pol/ but I will not be surprised if these kikes regular all the boards