What's the heaviest book ever written?

What's the heaviest book ever written?

>Understanding Women

Your sex life

Oh wait sorry i thought you said lightest

woah slow down there chief.

>browses a board about literature
>can't read



That's actually a fairly good question.

Probably the unabridged version of The Stand

Probably a book written on stone tablets m80

On lit only foot notes will give you proper gains

Recognitions by Gaddis is really fucking heavy, even the paper back Dalkey Archive version I own weighs a lot.

Encyclopedia Britannica?

How to understand women

10 Commandments


It has an event horizon.


if we had a scale measuring this merging's aceptability from anons, and it was measured in 7 stages (3 from neutral to loving it, and three from neutral to hating it, and a true neutral stage)
You would be a solid 5
>Care almost 0 about the change
>Actually tries to think about how the boards could combinen (the op stance on lifting books)


The subject of your book doesn't affect it's weight dumbass

If your squat isn't at least two encyclopedia sets you are small time.

i didnt get it at first, but now i do



I think that's a very philosophical question but in my opinion it is not about the weight of the book but the weight of knowledge it contains.

The myth of sisyphus

>but the weight of knowledge it contains.
= density of knowledge (hence the expression 'dense' books)

density x volume = mass

(That's why you fags think short stories are deep, byw), because:

density= deepness

that way we get

Deepness= mass of the book/volume it is represented

Deepness=mass (sor of)

Therefore, we can conlude that hemmingays' baby shoes story is the heaviest book ever written

I should see if my school library has that