Veeky Forums brags that every women wanted their bulging muscles

>Veeky Forums brags that every women wanted their bulging muscles
>0 women at the gym

>Veeky Forums hates women
>90% women at the library

Feels bad to be cucked by a nerd, eh?

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>0 women at the gym

obviously never been to a gym.

>0 women at the gym
In what universe?
I see girls at the gym all the time, hell all those meme classes are packed with them

women at the gym

>0 women at the gym
good bait

the women that are at the gym are the women that you fantasise over and make pillows of

0 women at the gym

wot m8

also Veeky Forums is 99% nerds

>50% women at the gym
>100% homeless people at the library


>90% women at the library
because the only people at the library are landwhales

Veeky Forums does not like the odor of sweat, user


Cardio bunnies attention bunnies and fitgirls all come hoping to see Chad lift

You've never been to a library, have you, naughty big boy

I guess that includes the sweat from sex as well as exercise


I'd rather go out with a self-obsessed Instagram whore with a toned ass than an emotionally unstable skinny girl who thinks she's sooooo deep because she reads a lot.

Veeky Forums cares more about romance over humping. No one discusses erotica around here

Nerd girls have no time for other Chads and Jamals when you are away :)

Whatever. I'm only sticking my dick inside her. I don't care if she's a whore, because I use protection.

On the other hand, do you know how tough it is to get with a nerd girl? Sure, she's not that much of a whore, and she's actually looking for something serious.

But it's only a matter of time before that book-worm starts to have her dumb ass mood-swings. Library bitches are as generic as gym sluts. I can guarantee you that most of the girls you are referring to have a beanie cushion and Christmas lights in their room. They read all day and drink their dumbass tea. It's fun to go out with them, because they like to do romantic shit which I happen to enjoy. I'd rather go for a nice dinner than to the club. But being in a relationship with them is torture. They're constantly doubting everything, and their depression is so fucked and doesn't make any sense.

Those nerd girls are always having an existential crisis about some bullshit reason. They think they're so deep because they've read some Edgar Allen Poe or some other bullshit poetry. They LOOK for drama. They drain your energy all the time. They drag you into their fucking dumbass moodswings and expect you to be as emotional as them.

They live come from painfully average middle-class backgrounds, but somehow act as if they had a traumatizing childhood. For every hour of romantic cuddling I get with a library girl, I get 5 hours of her emotional mood-swings.

Fuck that, I'd rather be with a slut who's at least consistent with her behavior.


>0 women at the gym

My library is filled with stinky immigrants using the internet.

The difference between fit and lit is that fit thinks muscles is all it takes to to get women, and lit despises women to the very core of their existence and will break their minds using philosophy and logic.
And if that doesnt work you beat them.

Our librarian was a soothing girl thought. You gotta hear her giggle.
Damn, it is a sweet sound that you can discern no matter how loud the crowd. I can't imagine any rough sex with her

>0 women at the gym

Time to get out of your bedroom man.

Veeky Forumsards confirmed for never leaving their houses

Library, bookstore, park, seaside, sometimes even museum. Our favorite haunts.


I bet you think you're so deep and introspective.

jesus christ, you pretentious cunts make me sick.

I live by the sea. Of course I go to the beach to read.
Being inside a room all day is psychologically harmful

Oh good so you can be Stacy's "emotional boyfriend" while I wear out her little snatch. Teamwork!

>0 women at the gym
I wish.
I want to open a gym called Guy Heaven. Guys only!!!

Veeky Forums. hates. women

Both lies. And if anything there's more women at he gym (and I don't even go to them).
Women do not care about literature, they care about what is popular right now.
Sometimes I wish I was gay.

Any college student go to the library to study
Can't imagine any women going to a place that reeks of the stench of gay juice

>to study
Yeah, but again, it's just for study. It's not because they care about it.
And yeah, they go to those places, at least it's more usual for them than going to the library because "hey, I want to read some books because I actually like to read".

>Can't imagine any women going to a place that reeks of the stench of gay juice
And yet they do! in droves actually

>Implying a Man's natural scene permeating the air during a good workout isn't arousing to Females

Do you even nature?

They study because they do care.
And there is no shortage of women who fear for their academics

I worked at a warehouse once. Nope
All the women stayed on the other area and never came to our place

if u have tough luck with women, u'll have zero luck with gays. They're next level shallow

Dude I could have a homo come to my place and give me a bj in 2 hours flat.

women at the gym
lol, come to Florida some time

>returning my copy of SS to local library
>mfw lanklet struggling with a large stack of books walks out without tipping librarian at desk
>qt at desk laughs at him with me as he leaves and we fuck in the back after her shift ends

there are a lot of women in gyms, and libraries are mostly full of minorities using the computers to update their normiebooks and bask in the air conditioning

Librarian is a job ruled by women. I highly doubt that women go to the library simply for the air condition. Women like that go to the mall or starbucks

those women are drawing porn about you.

Who the fuck reads in the library? It's full of schoolchildren and hobos.