What are some good comics that I can fap to--I mean, that have mature stories...

What are some good comics that I can fap to--I mean, that have mature stories, with mature characters and mature relationships. Specifically, mature, loving, consensual sex between a man and a woman in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.

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in b4 "saga is cultural marxist tumblr trash"

Beat me to it

Well, surely not Saga. They're all fucking perverts.

It's like someone broadcasting my innermost desires... poor fellow.

How can she not appreciate the aesthetics of a good trainer gag?

Not everyone is into your weird rope shit, Susan!

Would you let someone as unstable as IV dom you?

>IV wants to fuck alana
what have i been missing in saga?

Yes they are, they just don't know it yet.

> IV is repressed as fuck
> blackmailed into joining the gang
> takes a drug
> realizes he has weird mixed feelings for Alana because he finds her attractive both as a woman and a mother
> too much of an autist to act on either
> attempts to kill himself and force her to adopt Squire, she and Marco mistake this for a rape attempt

Have you tried Miss Don't Touch me?
It's full of turn of the century French Prostitutes! And maids! And a couple of dominatrixes! Yep, all fun and good times.

Also a trap.

>cheer by forview

>the late stake by weaver

R8 my taste /co/

Looks interesting, do you know where I can find a DL link?

i think we can call it just trash and be done with it

i guess i should have expected to enjoy a recc from someone who also likes Cheer, but for some reason i wasn't

cell related gave me a good laugh; expecting to enjoy the rest; thanks user

>Yep, all fun and good times.


> trash

It's not good anymore, but whether it's actually trash will depend on how BKV ends Prince's and Sophie's arcs.

do you mind if the man is another woman?

as an aside, does the costume designer ever get any?

>good times

It's also worth checking out View's other comics: Never Mind the Gap, Space Pulp, and Scrub Diving (which is currently wrapping up).


It's a bit /hc though :D

Meh. The story is good and touching, the art is incredibly well done, but all that expositional bullshit about bdsm really pissed me off.