What model would you use to build an inconspicuous fast car that can blend quickly with regular traffic outside North...

What model would you use to build an inconspicuous fast car that can blend quickly with regular traffic outside North America. Think for example of an illegal racing event that gets busted by the cops so you need to lose them.
It needs to handle well at high speeds so I guess that pic is kinda unrelated.
It shouldn't be too expensive but engine swaps count. Think of the euro equivalent to the Impala from Drive.

>common car
>good chassis with good cornering abilities, preferably on the wider side
>can be made to be fast

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why build when you can just take a c63 and then debadge it and put a c300 badge on

V12 swapped 508

>C class
think of something blander
but will it fit?

golf with the biggest fucking engine u can fit in that little bitch the nape piggs and so on and so on

R35 GT-R rebadged/body kitted to an Infiniti G37.

>nape piggs
what did he mean by this?

>good handling

Bollocks. Clios are horrible cars, terrible handling, rubbish interior, unreliable

There are much, much better hatches out there

Did you read the post?
>It needs to handle well at high speeds so I guess that pic is kinda unrelated.

EG civic with a few simple mods.



I'd buy a Chevy SS
Or fuck, even a v6 accord if you're poor

>help me get away with illegal shit from illegal racing to moonshining to being a getaway driver

>i sexually identify as a pig: the post
>outside north america

Oh I missed the part where you said you were a faggot
Aren't high velocity assault cars banned in whatever irrelevant country you live in? Anything over 1.3L is pushing it for you guys

>08-10 wrx
>2.5i impreza hood and badges
>Black fmic

Said the guy who can't get a manual Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde because of safety regulations

>implying fast cars can help you get away with crime in the age when even third world countries have choppers in their police forces

A few years ago there was the "black Bora gang" in my country, I don't think they ever got caught. Rumor has it that the owner was a guy who had another VW Bora for drag racing at the racetrack. They'd get plotted license plates from other black Boras and use a different one for each heist. Similar to the Opel Omega/Lotus Carlton gang from '90s England but with a much more common looking car (and probably even more unique in terms of the mechanics, since it was tuned by themselves so it was basically a one off).

pretty pointless in a high speed pursuit

Essentially you're asking what kind sleeper car we would have?

>dodge colt with 4G63 swap, and evo III 16g turbo if on budget


What would u say about Vw lupo swapped with audi 4.2 engine?

not just sleeper, but a car that can blend in and hide in plain sight

Cool story

Just get a slightly old civic and keep all your rice to the engine bay.

good post
i agree

Black, grey or silver Audi A4 or S4. Styling isn't flamboyant, and how many black A4s do you see in a day.
Get the wagon for an even more unassuming car, no one ever expects them to be speeding.

>implying the quattroformaggi is relevant at all
lol mate, it doesn't even have mods from main tuning houses.

It's true though. I know the Bora (older gen Jetta that keeps being sold in Latin America, for those who don't know) is far from a rocket, but the thing is the police here doesn't have very fast cars.

Alfa Romeo was tuning cars before tuning houses were a thing. Hell, Enzo Ferrari worked tuning race cars (as an employee!) for Alfa Romeo. QV is a lot more meaningful than ///M or /////AMG, even more so than V//

merc cops





Some sort of kia/Hyundai, they've invested my town to the point where every other car is Korean.

Does the Cerato handle well?

Small truck like an S10 or a ranger


"The Driver", huh?

>that pic

i can think of opels right now
opel vectra a/b
>swap in red top 2.0, upgrade suspension and brakes, add forced induction
opel omega a
>swap in whatever you like because if lotus managed to stuff in a twin turbo straight 6 then i'm sure you can whatever you wish too

these cars are nowadays only driven by old people, no one will suspect it to be quick

The straight 6 was standard, they just added the turbos and tuned it. And a car that old would be hard to blend in.

so something newer then? what about škoda octavia, plenty of good vag engines to swap in. i was going to say passat but those are too heavy, you don't want to be too heavy and have only about 200hp max. you also don't want something overpowered or it will overheat quickly and you're done for.

>old civic
>put a turbo on it

Shouldn't something overpowered be able to stay cooler at the same speed?

2012 civic :^)

1) get car that's popular as a taxi
2) paint it in taxi livery
3) plastidip it in your color of choice
4) get a magnetic taxi light for putting it on the roof and taxi plates if they look different than the regular ones in your country

When you have to escape, get to a secluded location, strip the dip, slap taxi light on the roof. Alternatively, have a friendly semi with a ramp run near you and use it as a mobile secluded location. Think F.L.A.G. Mobile Unit.

Good luck attempting that with the pigs on your tail. That stuff belongs in an action joint, not in the real world. Nor in an action film, either.

>implying engine is the only thing that needs to be reliable

You know there are tons of components on your car other than that engine that can go bad right?

Lexus LS400/430/460. If you have the factory air-suspension, and factory-looking wheels, you could raise the vehicle to oem ride height, and slip right passed the fuzz.

No one expects a comfort-mobile, if it's modded right. Throw a turbo/supercharger on there, and you can have one comfy highway cruise with power on demand.

This is my plan for my next purchase (minus the forced induction)

>implying unimportant stuff matters as much as crucial stuff

Shit, I debunked my own argument.
I forgot I was making a defense of Renault.

Around Los Angeles a C class is a pretty standard car.

But is every other car a C class? I think that for LA an Impala makes more sense. Remember this is about losing the cops and being unrecognized by them after the fact.

>body on frame so unnecessarily heavy
>will look weird if lowered and on performance tires
Shit choice

Pointless comment

>park somewhere that covers one entire side
>peel the street facing side
>put on taxi light
>now you can peel the other side without looking too weird
For extra dissonance you could get a tint and roll your windows down in "taxi mode".

>make spaceframe chassis a la nascar
>drop fiberglass shell that looks like a common car
>discard shell after escaping in what now looks like a dune buggy

It's a car, not a lizard. Shapeshifting complicates things.

this gave me an idea

forget about blending in with traffic, blend in with the street. Your biggest concern will be the choppers if you get something fast enough that you can quickly lose the driving pigs.
Get a murdered out car in asphalt gray, then get some clear matte wrap for your windows. Now you can get as eccentric as you want in your choice of car. Just remember to kill your lights if a chopper is nearby.

Fiero with a bodykit, drive in a exotic-heavy neighborhood. Not even memeing.

I think you'd have a hard time hiding 2 ton of metal flying along a road from a chopper, regardless of how you paint it.

RE what OPs talking about maybe an upper model renaultsport with the cosmetics taken off?

Use parking slots, tunnels, bridges, vegetation to your advantage. Besides if you're fast enough you can get out of sight before the chopper makes it there. Of course not any tunnel will do it unless it has multiple exits and/or opposite traffic without a hard barrier in the middle.

t. Michael Mann

Chevrolet SS model

Even Mercs are more common here, I wish I was kidding

Silver Chevy Cruze

>strip the dip

That takes well over an hour to do, it doesn't peel off as easy as you think.


Even if the taxi trim consists of this?

>gm icecucks think they can outrun anybody when their z06 can't even outrun a sedan in a roll race

Struck a nerve I see

This but factory trans in LS400 cannot handle more power.

>Think of the euro equivalent to the Impala from Drive.
Oh you

swap the tranny then
pic related :^)

That's what a sleeper is, no?

Nah, an sleeper just looks slow while being fast. Pretty much the opposite of a ricer. It doesn't need to be common and generic, just slow looking. Think Volvo 850R.

Have friends driving around the place with cars of the same model and color than yours. Make one of them speed to bait the chopper, use another as a road clearer. If the cops pull it over use their distraction to continue in that road and have another fleet car become your new road clearer.

I don't think that you can get a gm with the 3.6l in Europe that isn't a Cadillac.
Just get a car with a v6 like the passat or a turbo opel.
Also 300hp with a fwd and a shitty slushbox isn't that great. They used a pretty powerful v6 for a year because the ecotec was a bit gutless and too noisy for a old people mobile.

ooh that's a spicey meme

>for a year
They used it in every Impala after discontinuing the SS

Now the base model get the ecotec.

Low power, sad!

VW Up! with a Porsche engine in the back and a RWD conversion
Also get rear disc brakes

sounds like quite the hoonmachine

Sounds like you could rip some quality fukken hektiks with that



>implying it doesn't happen all the time
see the Lotus Omega gang
pretty sure they had choppers in the UK in the 90s

Buick Regal GS, I rest my case

That's American and not fast

its an opel and its faster than most car in america. Its pretty much a cobalt ss turbo for old people.

>under 300 HP


>VW Up
>good handling

errrr I haven't seen many Ups roll over

Nissan Juke with R35 engine swap