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Will a meet finally happen?
Can I make an op that isn't shitty?
Is this the greatest state for mods?
Will the rust demons leave us alone?

The answer to at least one of these questions is no.

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I would be so fucking depressed if I lived in Ohio. Good luck with your life.

>I would be so fucking depressed if I lived in Ohio. Good luck with your life.
fuck you

Cincinnati checking in, I'll show up with my (boyfriend's) Miata.

Hey thanks for the response. I'm about to grab a couple Yuengling's and relax in my pool. Be thinking of you.

low cost of living, bud.

Because no one wants to live there.


>Live in ohio
>Learn to undercoat vehicle
>Put extra work into rust prevention all around car
>Develop higher sense of value for your vehicles
>Be able to laugh at highest concentration of ricers in the world
>Pity all other niggers not in our glorious fly-over state

>Cincinnati checking in, I'll show up with my (boyfriend's) Miata.
Where at? Norwood checking in here. Could use someone to roll the streets with up here, all my friends live Harrison.

Cincinnati workcuck AM bump.

Fuck Ohio


Either of you ever go to the C&C @ Fuel? Also, what do you drive?

Cars and coffee? I've wanted to go but I'm usually too hungover to move. Mazdaspeed 3, very bright blue. If you're in the kenwood/blue ash area a lot you're likely to see me since it's my daily.

I'm in Price Hill
I haven't had time to go to a c&c in a while.
I drive a white Cavalier wagon.

i lived in ohio for 16 years AMA

Price Hill Chili cruise in when?


I know each neighborhood in cincy has their good and bad spots but since OTR went through a big change, is price hill still a place to get stabbed? Or did it take an OTR turn

I prefer Camp Washington's chili, 2bh.

Pic related to thread, was shitposting, looked up and saw this cruise into the lot.
It's not Millvale bad, but it isn't Madeira nice either. It's improving, but not like OTR did/is.

Fuck millvale, I worked at a metal finishing plant when I was 18 there, on third shift. Got mugged after a month of being there at gun point, quit that shit the next night.

Yeah. I stay the fuck outta there. Not safe for anyone. Even the dopefiends only go down there while the sun's out.

Let's hit up a cars and coffee soon, I've only been to Fuel on Saturday's but I'm up for anything in greater Cincinnati where I won't get stabbed.

Tis the season, what events are coming up?

>>people living anywhere in Ohio except Columbus

I grew up in Ashtabula but holy fuck there's literally nowhere else to live in Ohio except Columbus if you want to actually have a job

937 fag here
I'm bored

You ever think that's for a reason?

>relevant in any way to Ohio besides being the capital
Columbus is boring af. I'd rather be in Toledo, Dayton, Cleveland, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Youngstown, or even Detroit. Literally an artificial city with no soul. Also has a low as fuck population density, despite being the "largest" city.

I'm gonna guess, Xenia?

Closer to springfield

Speaking of Columbus...

This weekend.

I'm there often since my parents are in Eaton, I'm usually up in Akron for college.


Every Saturday morning @ Fuel.

I am sure there are others but that's the only one I've been to.

I have to work this Saturday :(

Is fuel in the heart of downtown or off on the outskirts? I know it's Hyde Park but I never really go down there, I absolutely hate driving in the city. It's bad enough being on the edge of Norwood for me.

fffff well it's every week, so maybe sometime soon.
I definitely wouldn't consider it "downtown". It's near the river East of the city. Coming from Norwood you wouldn't have to worry about driving in the city at all.

No it's East by the river (North by a compass) of Downtown. You could take 50 or 52 there off of 71 and avoid downtown altogether.

Ballin, might go there saturday morning and hang out. CBM speed 3 if anyone goes, feel free to say hi and hangout!

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming

Free bump from someone two states to the west.

Newport Checking in

Lurking for meetup

Mooch-o Grass-I-ass
Cincy meet up when?

Who does track days in Ohio?

I am starting this year with Cincinnati SCCA, looks like they are using the Trader's World parking lot.

Hopefully soon I'd love to take a few hours off of work to do one at like target right across the river or maybe jungle jims

National Trail Raceway bitches, make it happen (I'll be at the Mopar Nats)


The hell do you even have meets? In toledo ricers just sort of cluster by coincidence.

As a group for Veeky Forums?
Not yet.

>Jungle Jim's
In Fairfield? This seems relatively fair due to it's close proximity to multiple highways. I might also suggest Cincy Mills, due to it's centralized location, while still being away from OTR/Downtown.

Plus we could probably park inside the mall.

Cincinnati checking in.

Proud mericcan landbarge racer.

Cincinnati Mills would be pretty cool. The general decay makes for some neat photos. The mass through entrance that goes to the parking garage has a drop ceiling that fell out and now there is a bunch of exposed framework, piping, and stuff.

hay guys just moved to the state. I live in Niles right now. Where can I bring my shitboxes?

I've lived here for 18 AMA

Why would you leave.
How you liking it?
Cleveland is probably your best bet. If you feel like booking it down to the other corner of our state it looks like a Cincy meet might happen soon.

I used to date one of the bartenders at the wine/beer sample bar in there, so I could maybe hook the group up with cheap beer/coffee!

Or that

Now we need a date.


I used to live way up north by the lake and had to drive down the boring and deer-filled RT 11 to the Niles mall when I wanted to go to a mall that wasn't as dead as the Ashtabula mall.

Five or 6 or I dont know how many years but there was a place near that mall called Inner circle Pizza that has really good chicken bacon ranch pizza, then they shut it down and turned it into this sports bar with super shit pizza. It was the only place in Niles I liked to eat, but now I live halfway across the country and the pizza is just as shit.

Were the lima fags at ?

I know at least one of you unoh tards is on here

We need a car group that doesnt meet on only sundays.

The jobs all left those cities. Columbus still has them.

Needs to be at least 2 weeks out so I can put in some pto.