>driving on unpaved surfaces for pleasure general

gay things that people cry about if they arent in the op:

things that are encouraged itt:

things that are discouraged itt:

trying to descend a hill in your 3wd toyota suburban
probably some shitposting about bumpers
some cool memeing


Other urls found in this thread:


>comfy rolling

what toyota is this?

>toyota OP
>no suburban general
what are you, a racist?

Hope you don't mind that I reposted your Saline Pic Xterra. It deserves being seen in the new thread.
Did you visit the hot springs in Saline?

uh.. an american one?

There are also some of the best petroglyphs in a canyon that I keep secret on the route you took.
These very large birds are just an example. There is so much else there to be explored . . .

>buying a toyota not made by nips

Where is tayburb?

Oh damn, I missed out on those. Were they in that canyon that the road goes towards and then nopes out on? We hit all three hot springs. Uppermost ones were nice but people got weeeeeird at the lowest.

Pic is pretty typical of the road. Fun crawling. Wish I had more time but I'm a Utahrd so It's a long ways away.

he drives a ranger you faggot

>burbfags pls just go already

That's not what I asked.

>yotafags pls just go already

>implying i like toyota
>implying what you asked even made sense
>implying youre not a faggot

Where the fuck is tayburb you yotacunt

but user
i am taybro

No you're not. You don't have a "y" intentionally placed in your photo name.

GTFO summerfag.

Rolling comfy on the job.

What TAYoda is that

>fake tayburb
what has /ORG/ become?


What's the difference between the three cabs? Standard, armored, and IED resistant?

Couldn't tell you, I'm driving a standard for a civilian government agency.

thats a cute doggo

Well that's boring.

>he's not even getting shot at

I'm getting paid to go wheeling in a quarter million dollar truck that can go anywhere.

thanks m8

But you don't get to shoot terrorists.

>that can go anywhere.
Careful, yotafags will say it's too big.

>not posting user's shop cat

>it's only big relatively to the moon lad, so your argument is invalid

You guys are as bad as the yota kind

>it's only big relatively to the moon lad
What in the fuck are you talking about?

Cute Kot, user.

Towed my friend's VW buggy to El Mirage dry lake yesterday. The lake itself was closed but it was still fun to drive around on all the empty trails.


>buying a toyota

projecting much fuccboi

We Lexus now.

Sorry for the existence of the roads but I've been too busy to test out the lockers offroad. ):

But it's here and it's got a leak in the gas tank!

You're not me.
I'm you.

I can spot a Steyr dashboard from a mile away! Is that an old 90s?

Also to answer your question, the light medium off road vehicles are for troop support. They don't have much armour or armour mounts and are for easy towing by the medium logistics vehicles which are for tank support.

The heavy logistic vehicles have 15tonne hitch capacity which can actually tow like 50 tonnes making around 950 ft lb torque. They are for armoured division maintenance and are able to tow treaded vehicles and fully lift them. They're the only ones in the Steyhr logistics vehicles that can be armoured with IED protection, IIRC.

Unles they've put out new models in the past 5 years?

And they said my nerf bars wouldn't protect shit.

Who said that?

someone, I don't remember, we got in a conversation a few months ago when someone posted their yota with nerf bars and we were talking about how shit they are compared to true rockers when it comes to taking hits. Granted I didn't put all the wieght on these but it would have for sure bent up to my tub if it did.

So ugly it's cute. I want a VW baja bug or something

Well, that person's an idiot. As long as the bracket off the chassis is strong enough (which it should be), you should be able to jacket the entire side of the vehicle off the ground from those sliders.

Is it possible to mod suspension so the leaf spring will be at the top of axle, not the bottom? Looks like it will give a lot of ground clearance.

yeah, that's known as spring over axle, that does offer more clearance. It's a little harder than a regular lift because you have to cut and weld on new leaf spring mounts. Plus with a vehicle with more power, you can get axle wrap on your springs

Yeah. The Canadian LSVWs have that and are incredibly uncomfortable as a result.

Those and (I think) the Suzuki Samurai are the only vehicles I can think of that have that design. They're just incredibly uncomfortable and therefore aren't really made much for the civilian market.

Why would anyone even want leaf springs on their suv? I just don't get what was going through the heads of jackasses who designed those suspensions. Like... lets fuck up their ride comfort, suspension travel and safety for... for what exactly?

a lot of pick up trucks with rear leaf springs come like that. It's like manufacturers have no idea it exists. Spring under is far superior, it protects steering components, and honestly, once you had lockers and a fairly large tire you need it to be underneath if you don't have anti wrap bars which would just defeat the purpose of the spring under clearance.

An exception would be like on the toyota pick ups, they just have the little 2.4l 4 cyl that won't torque around the axles. Or any under powered vehicles.

reliability, strength, and cost effectiveness. They can also be designed to hold a ton more weight then a coil or air shock. Such as why they are on suv's and trucks.

is the blue heeler's energy as bad as everyone says? That's the only thing keeping me from getting one.

>reliability, strength, and cost effectiveness
So basically poorfag's choice.
>be designed to hold a ton more weight
That's like exactly what one would want to do in his wrangler or samurai!

I get leaf springs on the rear axles of trucks, yes, they carry loads and shit. But what retard thought it would be a good idea to put them on all axles of small offroaders.

Flex. They have a bit better flex compared to coils of the same length. The problem is that once they get too tall, they take up too much length to be worth it on samurais or wranglers.

However, once you're past like 38s, they no longer become that much better or cheaper. Besides, most people who go above 35s have the money for coils and 11 different shocks anyway.

>poorfag's choice


Anyone have a late 90's/early 2000's Blazer? Been wanting to get into the off road meme and they seem really affordable in my area.

I don't know. Honestly. It all comes down to cheapness in the end though. Because manufacturing coil suspension is harder.

Now this is one of the most retarded brotrucks i've seen.

>Flex. They have a bit better flex compared to coils of the same length.
Nah, mang, not buying that. They do hold load better, but not the flex. Unless leafs are thing and skinny, but then they don't hold load any better than spring coils.

>Unless leafs are thing and skinny, but then they don't hold load any better than spring coils.
this is how people did samurai and cj-7 lifts for cheap back in the 2000s

they have worse flex. Coils have better down travel and spring rate tune ability. But leafs are fucking amazing for modding already leafed vehicles for stretching wheel bases on the cheap, or lifting on the cheap.

for exampl. you can swap STOCK jeep wrangler yj springs onto a suzuki samurai for a small amount of lift, and to stretch the wheel base for basically 3 hundred bucks. And get a ton more flex.

why aren't portal axles a bigger thing

Cost and complexity.

It's another set of gears you have to worry about

expensive as hell, and not very well known or widely produced for a bunch of different axle types. I would love to get some and put 35's on my jeep without upgrading axles, but they just don't make them. Plus think about how custom they would have to be to fit different steering and axles for different vehicles.

On a recent DED episode fred williams put portal axles on a dana 60/80 I forget which one, but heres the episode.

youtube.com/watch?v=3KZPlwvaNR8 skip around to find them

wtf why is there a lexus in /org/? go back to Veeky Forums

goto 2 minutes in for portal axles

is leaf springs vs. coil springs the new ifs vs. sfa



>So basically poorfag's choice
So, to drop the poor fag status you have to spend more on a less effective item?
>Nah, mang, not buying that.
One of the biggest benefits of leaves is they have a more constant spring rate and travel under a broader range of loadings. Without the aid of an adjustable airbag (which introduces a new set of problems), a coil spring rate won't cope with such variables, progressive or not, any where near as well as a leaf.
And FYI, the leaf sprung Jeeps and Suzukis you speak of have long been coil suspended (in all but the most obscure commercial applications) once coil technology was more proven from a reliability perspective.

unlike IFS, there is no advantage for leaf springs other than cost when offroading (weight capacity aside, of course)

well when it comes to vehicles under 35 inch tyres, you can either upgrade leaf springs for $500 or spend $3000 to upgrade coils. Or you can spend $3500 to upgrade coils and reach 38+ inch tyres.
sure the coils will be "better" but for the price differential, there's no point.

what weight is a jeep or samurai undergoing when rock crawling? other than the weight of your wallet.

When are you bringing it stateside? I'll supply the beer...

>what weight is a jeep or samurai undergoing when rock crawling
You completely missed the point I was making. I was making the point that the mentioned vehicles were leaf sprung at a time when simplicity was king, and relatively unproven technologies offered more pitfalls than rewards. Same reason Landrovers and Landcruisers were once leaf, then progressed to coils.
>there is no advantage for leaf springs other than cost when offroading
And consistent repetitive performance. It also removes the requirement for suspension links/arms.

>You completely missed the point I was making.
so i did. thanks for explaining it better. i was agreeing with you regarding "cost", then
>It also removes the requirement for suspension links/arms.
yes it does. hence simplicity and cost.

but my other point still stands: if you had $10 000+ to spend on an upgrade, leaf springs past 38 inches would not be advisable.

theyre very energetic dogs, if you can dedicate an hour or more of actual play a day for the first few years theyre pretty good and calm down a lot.
but part of getting them to calm down is they either need a job at home or to go with you wherever you go and to be mentally engaged to be happy.
and to keep them from getting destructive as pups they just need to have mentally engaging toys and time with you
she chills out really well on leash or with the saddlebags on but if you turn her loose in the woods she'll just go play all day.

Obviously there's the unarmored variant, but there's also two different armored variants.

>unlike IFS, there is no advantage for leaf springs other than cost when offroading
But a leaf sprung SFA has more travel than double wishbone IFS. How is that not an advantage? And what advantage does the IFS have?

Because in theory they're perfect to armchair offroaders.

In reality there's a LOT of cons that some with them and it's nearly impossible to justify those cons for the cost when you can just run larger tires instead.

1. we're comparing SFA to SFA leaf springs to SFA coils. i still don't see any advantage to SFA leaf springs other than their enormous price advantage.

2. independent suspension has the benefit of desert running. solid axles have the benefit of being better on all other terrain.

to my knowledge, steyr didn't make any of the armoured LMTVs for Canada. prove me wrong, but i just haven't seen any in ontario.
the general consensus on light medium vehicles is that they're support for infantry who would rather carry the extra weight in terms of cargo / trailers than in armour. this is why nothing but the heavy logistics vehicles are really armoured. this is also why there are armour mounts on the AVGP caterpillars. if they're doubling as innafield logistics vehicles, they want to use the extra weight for the field antennas or comms instead of 2 tonne anti-anti-material armour that is constantly attached.

What kind of jobs do you mean? Not sure how I could keep her occupied since I live in a house in a suburbian neighborhood.

I might go with my second choice. GSD.

they need to have a yard or something to protect or some other animals to look over, ie not locked up all day.
dont get a GSD if you dont have a lot of time, they get neurotic/destructive if understimulated

I have time, but not blue heeler time. I've been told by various people that a GSD is a good middle ground

id look for something more independent and self sufficient personally, might not be a big doggo but its no good for you or the dog if you cant provide the care needed.
i bring mine to work with me some times if the gf isnt around too

>steyr didn't make any of the armoured LMTVs for Canada
Who cares about Canadia?

Is this taynigger from onterrible?
Are you serving in the forces or do you just autistically follow the army around?

>or do you just autistically follow the army around?
*autistic screeching*

Well. Canadia didn't have armoured LMTVs and I tried giving a valid reason as to why.

Kinda both. I used to be an aerofaggot until my love of sleep overtook my love of airplanes. Plus I always was looking at the ground vehicles.

[spoiler] I probably wouldn't have enlisted out of high school anyways but I'm just making excuses, heh [/spoiler]

I did do some contracted jobs with two bases in Onterrible a few times over the past two years. So it's nice just to see their military reserve fleet out of CFBs around southern Ontario.

>pic related
>the current g-wagen fleet from like the 90s
leaf army on front and rear leaf suspension

Oops. Forgot the picc

G-wagens on leaf suspension. Muh leaf army.

I suppose. I really want a big doggo tho :(


You really want some big D in your life, don't you??

Best 4 door pickup to make an overlander rig out of?

>decent mileage/range
>small enough for trails
>big enough for gear and 3-4 people
>can haul dirtbikes without towing
>high reliability motor with decent power
>decent aftermarket
>not ridiculously expensive for the year

2nd or 3rd gen 4runner

>can haul dirtbikes without towing

Okay, Tacoma

Frontier is just as good if not better for less money.

Wireless propshafts?

Go with a 5.3 trailblazer

>4 people
Yeah, no.

Pretty much same size as the taco.

If the frontier cant fit 4 people neither can a taco.

Having rocksliders fitted to my truck this sunday, gonna make driving over rocks not so stressful

Neither of them are going to fit 4 people in anything close to what could be considered comfortable.

>decent mileage/range
Please define. Decent could be 15/200 or could be 30/600

>small enough for trails
Please define. For most trails this could simply mean "Not an RV" while for a very select few you could be limited to a Wrangler or at least need bumpers and sliders.

>big enough for gear and 3-4 people
How much gear? 4 people limits you to a crew cab but if you stick to 3, don't have much gear, and you don't like the 3rd person then you can squeeze by with an extended cab.

>can haul dirtbikes without towing
How many dirtbikes? Is this going to be separate trips or do you need the vehicle to do all of this at once? Dirtbikes OR gear is easy. Dirtbikes AND gear is a bit harder.

>high reliability motor with decent power
>decent aftermarket
Both of these are easy to find. Aftermarket might steer you away from the Frontier.

>not ridiculously expensive for the year
Well that throws the Tacoma out the window.

Yeah. That's a good idea

Peep the piece of granite propping up muh trucc by the skid.

>10 hr car ride with 4 people in this Ferd Randy
Surprisingly comfortable as long as the back two people don't mind having a foot in a crotch.

>Frontier is just as good

Can we get a handler in here to corral this retard?

Well I would. But we banned wranglers a while back, didn't we?