"So user, what do you do besides lifting and reading?"

>"So user, what do you do besides lifting and reading?"

i don't read

in my spare time i ask strangers on the internet why i don't have a gf

>tfw no gf

Other than work and sleep, those two things are basically all I do.

Reading is for faggots.


Do I look like a fag?

I help retarded children, it's okay I can call them that.

So you live your own life?

There's more to life than those?

I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong user, I was expecting a twink about your size and must have gotten you confused.

Only because you're in it.

So you're a retard pretending to help retards by helping non retards

Y-You, hopefully.


>what do you do besides netflix and starbucks you lill basic bithc??

*tips fedora*

>"Well, sometimes for fun I go on this website called Veeky Forums and talk with other dudes about fitness and literature. It's actually like a second home to me now."

Well you see m'lady. I have an automotive hobby that I tend to in addition to reading and lifting. I can tell you all about cars and engines mlady. I am also learning guitar online. SUCK MY DICK NOW

>gets divorced

I don't read lol. My main hobby is lifting.

i also play videogames. lets fuck now

I draw things no one cares about, like tall ships, neogothic skyscrapers, rigid airships, and castles.

Nothing, because those are the only two hobbies you need to be attractive to women


I play competitive fighting games and play classical guitar

>neogothic skyscrapers
That's a thing? Neat

post neo gothic artwork

Reading and lifting, I suppose.

I learn train schedules

Yea, y-you too.