Haha lets make everything unusable for a day that's going to be funny

>haha lets make everything unusable for a day that's going to be funny


Fuck off, this is comedy gold.


>doesn't know how to have fun
I bet you read books

ur mums comedy gold

If anything they didn't go far enough.

this is how it's done

I don't expect a frogposter to understand patrician humour.

holy fuck, and they made it a red board.

I want this to be permanent.

These are the only 2 boards I post on, it's fantastic.

Implying you get anything of value out of Veeky Forums anyway.

Hahahahhahahaha holy fucking shit its full of pony porn


I'm sure half of it aren't even /mlp/, but /pol/ posters (and posters of other boards) who are just trolling

tfw you realize fit and lit were the same people all along

>implying Veeky Forums is usable anyway
>manlets haha when will they learn?XD
>29 non fit related thread with 400 replies

>can't spend one day off an anime imageboard, on a saturday no less
You may want to get a hobby.

Delete this.

welcome to the most annoying day of the year.

this needs to be permanent
Every goddamn racemixing/praise black men/cuckthread is being paid back

What's it like in miserable cunt world?

You forgot the 5 obligatory "REEE fat people exist" threads

I like it.
Veeky Forums
Veeky Forums
are the only boards I visit regularly.
I wish they would combine all three.

Holy fuck this prompted me to work out and read more. Thanks

manlet detected

i dont get it how you can hate on this. This is how organic memes come to grow

Only board that is unusable right now is /pol/

>right now
As if it was any better before the merge.

Good taste

Did you get cuckshamed user? Im so sorry


Shit taste

Best merge next to /cock/
that board is literaly going to cause heart attacks and obesity rates to sore!

you can still make threads and respond as you normally would



simply ebinXD

where's /av/ and /getout/

This, mods can seriously go fuck themselves

Agreed. In one day every chan committed suicide.

just browse /pol/ for the day and jerk off to pony porn

Honestly, this. Y'all uptight mfs need to chill. It's not like anything really meaningful was going to happen on either board anyways.