Belt general? Just post effay belts/buckles/etc

Belt general? Just post effay belts/buckles/etc.

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That's dope af

Hahaha I'm broke you fucking shill I can't buy that shit




love 2 steal nwo valor

MA+ Cross belt


poorfag alert

>tfw when you have that belt and the matching ring

Cool ring, but I don't like how dark the belt head got. Looks like it soaked in piss overnight

Weird lighting but they're the same shade of gold

what do you wear with the belt?


I like this one they've put out.

If I wasn't such a poorfag Gucci would be one of my favourite brands.

aliexpress is your friend pal


i thought about copping this but the buckle is just too big

How much my friend

£510 / $690


v nice w2c

ID the derbies mother fucker

A nice pair of True Religions and a button up

Gucci's belts are god tier

>The phrase "L'Aveugle Par Amour" has quickly become an established part of Gucci's identity. Literally translating to “blind for love,” it encompasses the idea that love blinds you-a concept that speaks to Alessandro Michele's romantic vision and inspirations. The phrase is engraved into a textured and studded plaque buckle on a smooth leather strap.

Would cop but too poor. ;_;

since you asked so nicely, Raf Combat SOle Derbies