One of these, it's been a while

One of these, it's been a while

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ain't got any, but this one is funny as fuck

W2C GF like this



>that's not tap water
holy shit

post that >not drinking 100proof smitnoff and smoking after every shot




i dont come here for like 8 months and now sleazecore is a thing

what is this suppose to be? ive never had a gf so Idk

tfw want to create one of these pics but have no imagination nor ms paint drawing skills

Yea and it's great being a dirtbag

Rip ms paint


Lmao best one one I've seen in a while



Can we get something like this but with a more outdoorsy style?

yeah get used to seeing hawaiian shirts and black skinny jeans

it's the same fit everytime





This hurts

btw his jacket says "fag" in kana on it

Hey man not cool

does that mean hawaiian shirts are gonna be dead on here? i wear a lot of them because I live in a super warm climate and skinny jeans + hawaiian shirt looks much less out of place than like all black. I've been thrifting them for years

>I should keep drinking. That will make this easier.

>if i ran now nobody could catch me

>why not just run home



>these songs aren't boring enough play some oneohtrix point never
holy shit 10/10

literally me here



I'm convinced you made this to attack me

>I wonder if I'm really bisexual or just incredibly lonely

Tyler is that you?

stop it

this but fatter


Nope :^)



my fucking sides

>soprano "series" six and not "season" six
>uk blokes trying to pull off sleazecore

>>I wish Lenny Kravitz was here
top kek

/r/ing dfw


too many of these are me......

race me faggot race me right now

God I hope not

>i should have abs but I don't

"im having a good time but i cant get over this gir fuck"
i sent this verbatim last week fuck me up senpai

>I wonder what my japanese running friends are doing right now
how the fuck

Especially standing in the corner of your room with a cup, after having masturbated a couple of times.
Seriously, stop doing that.

i used to be like this lol



how do i not be like this?


>hustle bones doing what?

Read real philosophy



fml. except for the outfit this is so fucking relatable

aaaaaaaaa stop it

every single time


How to achieve this look


>fuck college seems too much like high school but at least people knew who i was then


>I wonder if I'm really bisexual or just incredibly lonely

and the faggots in waywt gas it up every time


tried to lift the autism away now I am the Veeky Forums version of this


>are people looking at my legs


very accurate

Nietzsche would be a good place to start. Veeky Forums will be more of a help than me, though

wata is my musicfu



What the hell is this?

[spoiler]He should've died in the end.[/spoiler]


>are they ignoring me because im 5"2?

Was a male or a female? I never found out.


what year was the peak of culture and why was it 2007?

Nietzsche is never a good place to start. Quite a bit of his work is in response to other philosophers, so reading him right away won't make too much sense. It's probably best to read basic plato first and then skip to the modern era. Start with descartes, then hobbes/rousseau, read up on Hume (Wikipedia or something), then extensively read kant and then nietzsche. Although, if you just wanna be basic, read camus and sartre and call yourself a philosopher

>leaving out the medieval philosophers/theologians/theosophers

can pseuds leave this board

sepera is a legend

just go through it in chronological order starting from Thales, it's not rocket science
skipping the entire middle ages just because you hate religion is the most moronic, pseudointelectual thing to do, apart from just reading trendy stuff you've heard of from tumblr


>Fucking janitor keeps deleting my Bane threads
I kind of miss these threads