How do i get in Veeky Forums

how do i get in Veeky Forums

only wear black

I got in when I was 18 and I dressed like shit.

You have to look like you belong there. The bouncer, I don't remember his name, he isn't an asshole he's just good at profiling people. If you're a degenerate at heart, can listen to hard techno for a day without seeing the light of day, are at easy with faggots having buttsex near you, etc, then just dress like you would always dress to go out to a place like that.

No I didn't get it, it's not my kind of place but I know enough about it.

be this guy

wear whatever you want just dont check your phone in the queue
theyre really not into people filming inside and a large part of turning people away is from them having smart phones on them because of the camera

don't be a fucking poser

If you have to ask, you probably don't deserve to get in.

I've been there a few years ago. Wasn't much to say. Lots of gay sex. Lots of drugs. Music was ok.

Become the screaming lord and/or Dave from Sheffield, but you can call yourself Ice, Ice Ice Baby.

> wear black from head to toe
> don't look Sven in the eyes
> don't smile , don't talk and don't look like hobo
> if possible don't go alone
> don't be jerk and don't ruin someones trip inside if you ever get it

I hate that there are so many faggots in techno scene, like the majority has that fucking bitch ass attitude

As a german i can say that berghain is highly overrated. If you're looking for an authentic underground techno/house rave experience you should visit smaller clubs.

Berghaim is a gay club fyi

Going there next month, any recommendations? I'm a degenerate so also thinking of trying kitkat

dress like Antti Salonen, act like youre gay & mildly depressed

not german but def try radler & currywurst

>implying I have to act

>> if possible don't go alone
doesnt make any difference if you go alone or not just go on sundays during the day and dont look at your phone while waiting.

>> if possible don't go alone

>> don't look Sven in the eyes

>> don't smile

all objectively wrong. Also there are like 10 better clubs in Berlin.

you get in if he likes you, theres no ez guide

in general, works for all berlin clubs:
dont be too loud, annoying
dont overdress
be prepared to wait
know the lineup
know at least a bit of german
dont be upset if you dont get in


Tourists can stay at Berghain and Watergate :^)

Didn't even attempt Berghain but went to Suicide Circus which was great. Nice intimate club, easy to get in to as a foreigner (i'm english), great music, good atmosphere, no queuing up for hours.

Going to try Berghain in the future though, I think as long as you're actually going for the music, and not just to say you've been to the club, you shouldn't have to try too hard. From what I've heard the bouncers have a good idea/sense of who wants to be there for the right reason. Dress as you normally would I guess. If you aren't into techno, don't bother.

For the entire life Veeky Forums: all black
For the new Veeky Forums: all seinfeld

you have to look like you're ready to go elbow deep in some guy's arsehole

me and my mates went there at like 1am

we went in groups of twos, no queue - they got turned away and me and my mate got in, had a fucking great night, did my first pill and gurned my jaw off for the next 6 hours

>If you aren't into techno, don't bother.

this is exactly bergain's problem. Because too many people where this doesn't apply slip through for some reason. The club's reputation became its downfall in my opinion.

Best club in Germany is Robert Johnson tbhfäm

my Live at robert johnson 5 6 7 8 cps just came in the mail.

>goes to gayclub

i have never been to a club guys
how does buying drugs there look like?

>tfw going there every we

ffm is so boring but at least theres rj

they dont actually say no to a lot of ppl (maybe %5 get turned away?)

if you're worried, just dont go at peak hours when/they're at cap. I've never been rejected, but i also dont even bother trying if theres a huge line.

Hot opinion incoming: Tresor is five times better

i moved to ffm a while back and i actually quite like it. It's not that big, but the public transport and the whole infrastructure is top notch. Robert is the best club in the area, but Tanzhaus, AMP and Silbergold are also quite nice at times. Also so many good museums.


I believe he means Jeffree Star-type glitterfags, not pic related

urgh i hate those two tryhards

>muh nazi symbolism

When waiting in queue, finger your ass little bit from time to time, but make it look like the most common thing everyone does

>West Germany Eagle
>Nazi symbolism
eeeeeennnnnddddd yyyyoooorrrr llllliiiiifffffeeeee


first pill of what, you phumfucker?

looks like very illegal, dick4

i fucking hate techno and i've been at berghain multiple times. All did was to be friendly to the bouncer not act completely autistic like everyone in front of me in line did. Only time i enjoyed it was when i saw Prurient play there


herrensauna bois

went there, wore slim black jeans and a black tshirt. thought that would be enough. nope, its all next-level degens that get in.

what's degenerate about kitkat?

are you gay?

that sure is a sizzling hot opinion
sucks that it's closed
sometimes, my father will sit me down by the fire and tell me stories of this grandest of clubs

cosplay as van darkholme

But user, I was there like two weeks ago, it has reopened

Always buy beforehand.

what would be the reason to not be allowed to get in ?

If you're in a group of 2+ people

>not act completely autistic like everyone in front of me in line did
explain more on this

i don't get it. why ? it's a club, not a library. who actually goes to the club alone ? no one. i don't think normies are comfortable going anywhere alone

i don't really like social interactions, small talks and i can't make friends. is underground club a good start for me ? i mean i'm a /mu/tant, i can appreciate a good techno music

>don't look Sven in the eyes
it would be pretty hard to do considering he's not a doorman since years now

It might be, depending on what your expectations are. I'm usually pretty bad at meeting random people, but I got fucked up in Tresor a month ago and met a cool chick who was into the same obscure shit I'm into, was pretty fun.

>I got fucked up
explain. whenever i see that sentence, i translate it to extroverted shit like frat parties where you know everyone or can easily be friends with everyone

Oh no, nothing like that. I went alone and got drunk, that's pretty much it. Clubs are always better when you're drunk :^)

>gurned my jaw off for the next 6 hours
should be pretty clear

does meeting a cool chick feel regular to you ? or is it like "did i just meet a cool chick ? wow, fuck, what should i talk about next ?"

Not at all, I'm pretty autistic when it comes to people. Funny story actually, she bumped into me and made me drop my drink, went full sorrysorrysorry mode, and offered to buy me another one. I was pretty buzzed by then, and we just kinda started talking. Alcohol is the cause and solution to all life's problems, after all.

Get in where?

Can anyone recommend some actually underground clubs in berlin? berghain obviously isnt underground anymore. im going to berlin for an undecided amount of time and I need somewhere to get down

Actually let me expand on this (same guy).

I'm looking for a club where I can just literally dance all fucking night with whoever else is there. Not looking to impress anyone, not even looking to hook up. I just wanna fucking dance. Where do I go?

It's not that hard, Ive gotten in multiple time in basic black tee and shorts.
Its all about how you carry yourself, don't be a poser and be confident/humble to the bouncers.

also don't go just so you can say you 'got in', because thats just fucking pointless

You get on a train or a bus to Offenbach and go here:

Berghain, seriously its very easy to stay more than 10 hours; Saturday night to Monday arvo is your best bet.

:// About Blank is also good for long stints

Griessmühle is alright too

Renate is also an option but i wouldn't rec it

(there are a lot more but there the big one off the top my head)

im gonna go and party like a degenerate for a few days in the fall, where do you guys recommend?

my only requirements are that it's in europe, easy to get drugs and the parties doesn't end too early

You need to be gay as fuck.

berlin or anything east of it

Me to a tee. Loved suicide circus and will be there next time in Berlin. Would like to try Berghain out though.

Obviously, but finding stuff in a new city where they don't speak your language can be tricky. Found stuff easy enough inside.

>eeeeeennnnnddddd yyyyoooorrrr llllliiiiifffffeeeee
this is not the wabsite for you, sweetie

summer techno festivals are the best time for this imo

i got in in november: i was wearing: high waisted jeans (cuffed), urban camo shirt (tucked), a leather choker, bomber jacket


It sucks that USA doesn't have clubs like Germany does.

There's Low End Theory

>german and kinda old
>must be nazi

Ok but what is the best club in Tokyo?

pic related

do you actually speak with bouncer or what?
how does this "meeting" look like?

>wait 4 hours to have this guy tell you you aren't getting in

pretty brutal.

Yea cause you've dressed like a techno try hard.

You're supposed to go for the music, when they see you in huge groups they think you'll just fuck around and take selfies.

If you're a girl that's fair play, if a boy, then you've tried hard

quick info on berlin clubs (not actually from berlin though)
- try berghain at least once for the experience
- if you dont get in, walk to kater blau
- if line is too long or you don't get in, go to suicide circus (they take almost anyone)
- if you are old enough try sisyphos, but don't expect to get inside

remember you can try again a few hours later

He usually asks you your age and if you know the lineup for the night. You should speak some German to him so it looks like you aren't just going to say you've been.

ye brings out the 135 bpm techno heads i dig it

is quick chat acceptable? i know german and true(tm) techno scene

And they say face tattoos can't be Veeky Forums

rotterdam, drugs obviously everywhere, maassilo, ferro dome, annabel are the three clubs i enjoyed, idk about parties ending early bc i don't usually stay past 5 anyway.

Yea he's a door man not an agony aunt bro, you should be fine cause you know German and just brush up on the lineup for the night. Also expect tos EE some weird people in there.

I wish I could club and dance

thanks man

But would the let me in if I don't speak German?

Can i join Veeky Forums?

Bigger faggot than 90% of people at berghain

why cant u

this was a good thread. clubbing should be a regular thread