Alpha Industries Parkas

Ok anons, gotta get myself a new parka from Alpha Industries before my voucher expires. Which should I get, the J-4 or the M-59? I live in Ausland if environmental setting would make any difference.
Pic related is the M-59.

and here is the m-59.
Also wondering, would black or olive be a better color choice and do both come with the "remove before flight" tag?
Any experiences with the parkas would be appreciated.

OR I could get the diplomat for super cheap.

they all come with the tag but you can clip it on or off if you don't like it

Oh cool, I don't know if I will like it or not so that is good.

does anybody have experience with N2B one? quality?

Is it a voucher for a free jacket? How'd you get it?

This stupid red thing oh my god.

But user?! How else are plans gonna be able to tell I'm wearing high-and military gear?!

people walking around with the red alpha industries tag is the cringiest thing ever
trying to act like ai is a flex piece is pathetic

I thought this was my girlfriend from the thumbnail, don't scare me like that

I have an M65 and I have no idea how to pull it off. also should I get the sleeves/arms tailored? it's way too wide

Yeah. What do you think about patches?

user, it's time to realize something you should've realized long ago

they can be good on milsurp stuff and bombers
don't buy a shitty dumb one though

Not free, just cheap. Got a half price thing a while ago that I forgot about.

>that second review on the J-4
It's a pity that Alpha makes these cheap ass fashion jackets now. Anywhere to get something similar, but better quality? Aside from actual milsurp, that is.

Whats the difference?

What's wrong with milsurp

Getting close to cutoff time, probably gonna drop on the j-4 cos I need a little less black.
J-4: warmer, no waterproofing, some coating to make it appear worn. Detachable fur.
M-59: supposedly less warm, waterproof, no coating. Snorkle hood.

I believe the j-4 is inspired by the m-59. Im quite torn because I like the m-59 in black and the j-4 in olive, not sure which to get.

Well I copped the j-4 in the end, might post on a recent cops thread in a week or so if anyone has an interest. Now its time to find a nice patch or two to put on it.

anyone know any parkas that are actually semi-waterproof (atleast 15k-15k?)