What's the most effay way to pick people up?

What's the most effay way to pick people up?

Maybe she should approach people instead of waiting for them.

Beatrice-Benedick tsundere mode, where you constantly act like you hate each other and volley insults back and forth, only for her to get slightly drunk at a party and push you against a wall and start making out with you.

Way to save an image from another live thread on your phone and post it to bump another thread off. Good job.

But then she'd be a slut.

What usually works for me is being silent and distant as fuck

If im in a bar with some friends and girls ive never met i just shut up and let people make me conversation, then at the end of the night i just ask any girl where she's going later in a zero fucks given way

Works 1 out of 4 times but hey it gets me laid

60% of the time, it works everytime

Literally the only way I know how to flirt

this is how misha collins got married.

>Works 1 out of 4 times but hey it gets me laid

Ask 8 girls and you should be set.

Still a 10% chance of going home alone


>Veeky Forums does statistics

Everybody loves sluts

No you idiot.

Lol funny he's right though you little shit bet you think you're smart huhu

Only retards and idiots don't love sluts

if you're good looking, Veeky Forums, have a car and/or a place with no roommates, you literally have to do nothing. go out with friends and they'll come to you.

I've never had to ask a girl out.

picking up people is not effay in itself
the true way is to let relations emerge naturally

Exactly and the world is filled with idiots


live in a major city and you don't even need the car

>just be urself

with your arms