Would Veeky Forums bully someone with glasses like this?

would Veeky Forums bully someone with glasses like this?



I fucked a girl with these glasses

Was she hot
Are you

Im a 5, she was a 6

Can you post a pic so I can determine if I want to be fucked by you so I can place the order on these, thanks

I took the little quiz thing on the Warby Parker website and got recommended those exactly.

That's exactly how I was led to them, what are your thoughts?

They have another pair that I like a lot more but they're a bit smaller than this and it bums me out.

I did the home try on kit with these frames. They're solid for what you're paying for, and they look pretty damn good too.

I was just killing time on their website, I don't wear prescription lenses and was looking for sunglasses. I think they look good, but wouldn't go well with my face.
Pic related is probably my next pair.


This folding thing is pretty fucking dope, never seen sunglasses like that

Normally don't like that trapezoidal nose bridge thing but they work well here

Guess I'll take the dive then, thank you!

I think that's why I like them so much. Them being Steve McQueen's favorite glasses doesn't hurt either.

People with these glasses are the biggest cry bullies

What glasses does Chad wear?

If there was less tilt in these they would be total normalfag glasses

i like 'em

They'll be here next Tuesday thanks for the guidance Veeky Forums

chad has perfect eyesight.

warby parker is pretty good, those are a bit numale though