Post, rate, ask for and give advice

(collection not mine)

just ordered these. pretty hype

anyone know ID on the second shoe from right?


Trying to get the rick's sold since they're beaten to shit

I just lost my high heel shoes in the bus last weekend. Anyone got recs for high heel dance shoes that are not made of leather?

very mono, but solid

get some color

lose the CP's. your attire screams numale/cuck

t. jealous poorfag

>jealous poorfag
GATS and rafs >>>cuck projects

Damn the airmax' look dope

I like rotating CPs and MMMs as basic white shoes. CPs work nicely for casual friday at the office. And nobody here recognizes them anyways.

The thing with really nice shoes as MMM's shoes is that you want to wear them all the time. Rotating often between 2-4 shoes makes that possible, so it sounds reasonable.

Years worth of collecting, missing a pair of wolf grey jordan 1's I got a few weeks ago

They're fucking white shoes mate

numale core sneaker

basically just a uniform for cuckolding and liberalism

Alternative to gats anyone.?

I need it for sexual puposes.

>years worth of collecting
>collection consists entirely of hypebeasts trash released within the last year

Sorry, meant to type "a year's worth", meaning that's what I copped in the last 12 months.

i like the green adidas shoe thingy

They're EQT support 93/16's, definitely one of my favorite models.
Too bad they only make versions with synthetic uppers now. I'd really like to get another pair, but unfortunately the few colourways that are made with suede are sold out in my size.

Not a lot of individuality in dude's collection, and he really wants attention posting it every thread. It's a nice set of Adidas for sure, but it's very late to the party for how hard it's trying.

>and he really wants attention posting it every thread
I post my collection whenever stumble upon a shoe collection thread, what's the big deal? That's literally what the thread is about.
I like the discussion on sneaker related threads, that's why I post in them pretty often.

>Not a lot of individuality in dude's collection
Yes, because the basic set of a couple ricks, rafs and some Margiela GATs that usually get posted here really shows individuality.

lose the trash in the front and this is pretty solid

the brogues are pretty childish and should go too but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you rarely wear them

Sold my gats since I rarely wore them, they're a great sneaker but they just weren't for me. Will most likely sell the racers for either the white or the grey nike flyknit trainers. For those that ask, black boots and black oxfords are Jack Erwin, brown boots are Allen Edmonds, and the black slip-ons are Greats.


Hesitating between these 2

so, white ?


either cop the traditional black with white stripes campus, or cop those white mountaineering ones in blue, the white pair you posted is just awful




thanks, the blue pair is nice but unfortunately sold out on, eh. will look around for it.

bottom left?

You're precisely what makes sneaker collecting an embarrassing hobby. Stop trying so hard.

Ah what the hell.

Not pictured:
Work shoes (oxfords, etc.)
Beater slip ons, running shoes

Decent, but a little boring

I like the variety in both of these collections

Here's my active rotation. The three guidis get the most wear, followed by the shorter boots. I use the GATs as beaters, and only break out the julius boots when I'm motivated enough to build a fit around them.

Gat slip ons just came in, hella comfy

Count the memes

Do you have any fit pics with the Air Yeezys?

I think I need a bigger shoe, I only have blue puma suedes and black chucks at the moment.

Thoughts on white AF1 Lows? Would probably buy them second hand since I'm poor. Are they too memey

No but I can certainly make sometime in the next day or so. Actually I would like if people actually posted fit pics with their shoes in shoe threads.

AF1s are not memey. I'm personally not a fan of AF1s--just don't like the silhouette, always found the midsole too chunky or something. But just my taste and I'd say if you get Forces consider high tops. A real chunky low top just looks Herman Munster core to me.

Or consider Dunk lows instead.

get 'em forces boi, it's always a yes

Never heard of the Dunk lows before but they look awesome, thanks for the suggestion. I'll probably try and get those or the AF1s in low, not a fan of high tops personally since I never know what kind of pants to wear with them.

Cool, do you know if they fit TTS? I'm scared they won't fit and I can't return them.

I've rarely seen decent fits with the air yeezys, since most are just rappers wearing them with loose jeans and a t-shirt. Thanks in advance!

Air Jordan 1 lows (or highs) are also pretty nice. The sole isn't as bulky as air force 1's, but other than that they're pretty similar.

>not a fan of high tops personally since I never know what kind of pants to wear with them.

You can wear them with anything pretty much!

They go best with light/pastel kind of colors. Trying to find some good pieces like that. Just did a mock up grid (I don't have but might get the shirt) but I'll try to throw something together and post a fit pic.

Imagine caring that much about white shoes
Take a deep breath and relax

If my wardrobe is mainly darker shades of blue/purple/green, do you think all white shoes would look stupid? Pic related is similar to a jacket of mine, for example

>lose the trash in the front
If he should lose something it should be top right shoe.

Love the bottom right gradient shoes.
Many memes, but the nicer type of memes.

This is a Veeky Forumsshion thread not /pol/ you dope.


>Cool, do you know if they fit TTS? I'm scared they won't fit and I can't return them.
well, i have 3 pair of AF1s and they're the same size as my other Nikes, which is UK 8.5, from Stan Smith i also wear UK 8.5, from Old Skools UK 8.5, from Reebok Classics UK 9



>this fucking faggot put embauchoirs in his fucking Goyim Projects

I can't stop laughing.

From which season are dyed Ann D. low tops?

Theyre so UGLY. Shouldve copped the reg ones w/ laces.

Topman. Not even joking. The quality is the same since gats are fucking overpriced low quality shit anyway.

Got to actually take a group photo since I'm trying to figure out what to bring with me to college

you know you're a basic bitch when you have both common cucks in your collection. Get some taste and buy ann D, Qasa, Raf Vandals, and the such

What size are you

you dont own GATS do you?

Nice except for the bright red shoes lol, are the raf stan smith's different to the regular smith's other than the R on the side? They look great

Vans and Yeezys? lol roasted


I do.

Not him but OG GATS are ridiculously uncomfortable. MMM GATS are an improvement or the 2017 adidas version if possible

What's the 3rd from the right ?

I like these

Post black sneakers niggers

I dunno. I've had og gats for years and never felt they were uncomfortable.

tts US 9.5 but some of these are sized up and down.
>inb4 manlet

superstar 2s are basically my grail at this point

are the EQTS 9.5? I'm a 10 and you'd have to size down on em. please sell me it


>Other than that they're pretty similar
I'd say the aj1 is definitely a bit narrower than the forces, so watch out on that

Nice collection, though I hope you're not the type of person who spends all their money on shoes but doesn't have the wardrobe to even make most of them work.


we're on Veeky Forums here
people just buy whatever flavor of the month shoe sees the most hype and think they're hot shit with it

Oh yeah, the sizing and fit is different I hear. I only have Jordans, which I went a half size up on due to the narrowness of the toe area. On air forces I think you generally go tts or half down.
The Jordan 1 silhouette is also a bit sleeker, not as clunky, which I like

Are Old Skools a good everyday shoe? Need something versatile and comfortable, and that would go well with non-skinny chinos/jeans

name a shoe and I show you a fit :)

back to Tumblr with you

the ugliest one

Reebok classic leather solids
amazing shoe

what are the sandals? /op

get black sambas

Not mine.

What are some good looking non-slip shoes to wear in in a fast food kitchen?

nmds are trash

NB or death.

some people fall for a meme, and some people fucking comically pratfall into a pit for a meme

Are NB a meme?
They're comfy and all their styles I can get in 2E so I just stuck with 'em. The blue and white ones are the 5th and 6th pairs of that style I've bought.

Seeing that you'd even offer that makes me believe you have the wardrobe, but it'd still be cool to see a fit with the patchwork SFBs

>this is a Japanese hentai artist's collection

u cop the air yeezys retail?

those are some nice boots

what shoes are those?

i like the racers. what colorway is that? i've never seen it before

Hello newfriend
I suggest you learn to reverse search images.

id on black shoes?

I've been thinking of getting a pair of desert boots. I have trouble choosing the colour. Is beeswax a good choice? Should I get one size smaller than my usual?