What car-related swag do you have?

What car-related swag do you have?

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I get sent a lot of shit from amg, hats, umbrella, some huge calendar, racing gloves and balaclava, mug, carbon keyring

too much

Not pictured is a bunch of subaru ambassador goodies that they give me 4free to give out to people, and a bunch of car logo hats

a car.

I've got a twongo keychain, does that count?

Not sure if this counts, but my car came with a small model of itself when I bought it.

where'd you get that twongi?

Bad decisions vinyl

>you came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker

>A N G R Y H O N N I N G


Do you put it in your engine bay at cars and coffee?


Everything I own is car related tho

can I join the faggy ass carabeenarr club?

The center caps for the rims were upgraded to have the manufacturer's logo. So my car carries the swag instead of me.

I liked the dealer so I left the dealer license plate holder alone instead of replacing it with a blank surround. Because I wash and wax the car and it is always perfectly clean inside, the dealer shouldn't be embarassed by me shilling for it.

nigger where did you get that wat strap???

oh my god that's so cute.
japan only

I build model cars as a hobby and have a bunch of corvair and Pontiac swag littered around

Crouton on hood.

How does one get all that? Email or some sorta sponsorship?

BDSM keytag. That's literally it.
I want a white cup with toyota emblem on it and red text under it that says "toyota"

i love you.

Focus RS also came withrough a die cast model. I'd post a pic but I'm outta town.


Source on your wallet OP? I want one.


I would feel like an asshole if I had something car related and met a guy that was more into the same thing as me and he didn't have a single car related thing on him.

Why aren't you drinking from a Trueno mug?

because even though i like the ae86 Im not a fucking weeb like you are.

panda colored 86's are so played out its not funny.

Because i have a spurdo mug to drink cofe from.

Your pic's upside down m8


Beer store bottle opener?


bought an amg

Just bought the M-Cross Bifold. Thanks!

>the answer is literally in the post you quoted

No problem man, will look great with your shitty plastidipped debadged 318i

>good looking wallets
>all based on shitty german cars
No thanks.
I would have bought one if i never knew they based them on shit cars

Plastidip will have to wait another fortnight with my wallet purchase, and the anodised valve caps I bought yesterday.


Custom special service tool for oil pressure sending units on Hyundai lambda engines.

is that just a cheapy box wrench ground down to fit?

Looks like the wrenches they sell at Napa.

I made a similarly butchered tool yesterday to adjust doors out of a woodworking clamp, grind it all down, grab it out of the vice, the tool slides down and burned a crescent into my hand, feels great

Glad to help. I have a GTI wallet. It's high quality. Might seem a bit stiff when you get it, but it'll break in.

Which interesting interior would you like to see?

I have a couple Ferrari watch, looking forward to buy an Alfa Romeo one

That's not the point.
Those patterns shouldn't be associated with cars at all.

Where to cop.

I'm not a fan of BMW's patterns. They look like airport terminal carpeting in 1992. VW's plaid, however, is rad.

>What car-related swag do you have?
not some cheap shitty chinese wallet

>ferrari watch
Do you have any idea how cringey wearing ferrari merchandise is?

>those socks
>not throttle/anti-throttle

I guess if you see someone wearing one of those socks on their right foot with a different sock on their left...kek.

>Poorly made
Looks like a BMW to me.

Dats a pretty cool key chain accessory, bro where'd you get it?

>What car-related swag do you have?
No money.
That's what I have.

Not that guy but I searched "rotary keyring" on Amazon and the first result was exactly what he posted.
>mfw mazda sent me a magazine with an 8 page article all about their rotaries for their 50th anniversary

Holy shit is that a cloth wallet? I bet it has the fucking velcro on it too. Goddammit that's disgusting.

A fuckton of diecast models
and ones you build yourself, I love making the kits.
And an Aston Martin USB

That is some nice looking chrome. How comfortable are the Carlyle wrenches compared to craftsman rps?

Indian, actually

Lol why does BMW trigger Veeky Forums so much

BMWs are aspirational products, and most Veeky Forumstists realize they'll forever be out of reach. To make themselves feel better, they substitute their grief for anger and take it out on those who have what they'll never had and attack the product itself, all the while trying to justify why some $3000 1990s shitbox is what they really want in life.

lol wut.
BMWs are cheap shit.
And trash.

I mean I have a 1989 3 Series that I bought for $2300
I don't really get it, I always try to drive like a normal person, never get too hektik in traffic or anything. I just like the car, I like a lot of other cars too.

>and trash
Why do you even say that? It hurts my feelings.

>Why do you even say that? It hurts my feelings.
Then go file another libcuck discrimination lawsuit.

where did u get this

Are aluminum tire stem caps worth getting or does the problem of galvanic corrosion make them an eventual liability?


Fuck off outta here, swfaggot

Nothing wrong with people seeking different ways to enjoy cars and driving.

nips didn't even get the best colours



>What car-related swag do you have?
The car-related swag sold by the car company is pretty sucky and excessively high-priced. A lot of it is also not practical.

They ban/delete this post this guy's post for nudity

Don't ban this guy for saying the N word.
What kind of double standard is going on this double n board.
I am absolutely offended.

Don't ban this guy for the "f"word

They let people make fun of Subaru owners! Can you even imagine if he talked about vaping? They would have promoted him to janitor.

>$250 for a wallet with the Porsche logo


They don't give a fuck