Post cluster and others guess what you drive. I'll start

Post cluster and others guess what you drive. I'll start.

a shitbox

110% accurate



Ae86? And here is pick of current dd

Its a mazda of some sort

Toyota Yaris

I think that's actually an Echo...


rx7 or a golf maybe

It's a twingo



I got no clue

1987 Civic Si

Not like its a dead giveaway.

Oh I wonder what it could be? Possibly a SVT?


2014+ corolla?

Just sold this car



Yep a '99 to be exact

Some diesel. Don't know enough to guess.

I had a 95, not much changed ...



4th gen prelude





easy mode

nissan z from the 80s


2010s dodge or chrysler
avenger, caliber?


You should do something about that flat tire.

it's cold outside

This is a cool image even tho I know having unique internet stuffs shipped to me and then taking a picture of them in an fun irl situation is underwhelming personaly, but can gradually realize much later that I am actually being a part of historical internet culture,, my 4chin internet culture. And for that is the reason why I am happy to be here and there snap/create a fun photo here and there that only homies I engage with online will understand, because it's in part of making boards, and your own life THRIVE.
I sometimes think, "man I'm lonely, what am I doing with my life" or "I wish I could 'Be something' more than I am right now" but I actually slowly learn that I am a part of something. My work on my car, my bike, my pc and technology, my cartoons, games, and other varied interests and antics are not all for nothing, they are bits that are building me, and bits that I leave behind. And this place here is my club, my hangout, my pass-time, and I love looking through to other people's opinions that arent any more or any less important than mine. I love enjoying the little inside jokes, gags and quirky images someone I feel like I could know on a good level shared with me. And I love having the appreciation for those things, and showing it on top of showing and sharing my fun stuff, and to that, I say... Nice Twingos.

So add air to your tires.



Its dodge tho,

Not flat. Pressure sensors are broken. Too costly to replace atm.

definitely not a diesel

Definitely slow as hell
>4500 rpm redline

slow yes but she does rev out to 6k

But which one.

obv a focus


A very shitty 924.



That is correct, but it's not as shitty as it could be. It is at least the S model with the 944 engine.

But yeah overall it is a bit shitty.

hiding trip

either sentra or frontier


min 90s 3 series




Supra de dupra. Good for you


Not my picture, but my car

Try again

its an fd

4 cyl foxbody?

Late 80s jeep?

What are these numbers next to the mileage supposed to represent?
Just curious.

its the trip meter. the bottom one is miles till empty


Honda Prelude

OP already said it was a 87 civic si but close

t. person who's never driven one

you'd know it's so slow it would only break traction if it were driving on butter. That's why I'm getting an sc ;>)


yep, thats right. an 01 325i






ah e28 right?


Shit pic but wv

Shitty image quality cause my phone lens is smashed sry guise

the wheel and dashboard should give me away tho


Fiero with a cluster replacement kit

Viper. Definitely a viper. Says SRT right there



As a b5 audi owner, I feel happiness knowing others feel it has a superior dash cluster


>80s jeep

nope, its a foxbody

Leon Cupra


Most boring cluster ever created by man

Correct you win 5,000,000 internet shekels

Damn that looks cool.

What are you talking about I drive a memeR2


Mine should be easy as balls.
Ignore the ghetto slapped-on temp gauge.